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The Little Bear Movie


  1. Deoxys 386 Author

    Fun fact: a cougars (mountain lions) fur isn’t tan like the one in the move and their faces aren’t white. Cougars fur have a light brown color and their faces have a little white not a lot .

  2. Elizabeth chisum Author

    15:30 –16:44 well that’s one thing I didn’t expect as a little girl. I never thought the Little bear movie would involved a villain which was a carnivore (a mountain lion). But it was a good movie.

  3. Sarah Salanu Author

    When i was little ♥(2006 )i still love it
    Then my brother and i sat on the couch waiting til my mom brought us chocolate milk and watched it with my parents &my brother

  4. BJ Webb Author

    I Watch My iPad And I Got A Elmo Toy In July 15, 2015. I Never Watch This In My Chlidhood. I Only Watch Wow Wow Wubbzy, And The Backyardigns. In 2013. And The Loud House Premiered In May 2nd, 2016.

  5. Awesomedi Author

    Ok, I loved this show growing up. But am I the only one that seems confused that little bear just runs into a wild bear? This brings up so many questions, like are they the bear equivalent to nudists (or are they homeless?)? Why does little bear live a human lifestyle instead of a wild one? What makes little bear's family different from cub's? I know its just a cartoon, but now I really want to know.

  6. SuperCreeperStar Author

    Oh I don't like the wilderness especially I can't see any of if quack don't worry duck you'll be all right thank you you'll love it out here once you get used to it I'm trying to but it's not a very friendly oh isn't this just beautiful I can't tell how beautiful it is I can't see any of it s so quack Poppy peck

  7. ADJ9856 Author

    Ahh, nostalgia, this was a beautiful movie. How have I never seen this?! This was one of my top favorite shows when I was little and I've never seen or known that they had a movie!

  8. Fire Fly Author

    That opening piano theme has memories coming back to me of my mom and brothers just living it simple in a run-down apartment back in the days lol, but memories man..this show used to come on every morning.

  9. Free Dolphin Author

    I don't know why they didn't wrote Cub a female…he should be a female cub,it would work wonderfully with the wildness and the story and everything,and I'm pretty sure it's done by a voice actress anyway…still,a beautiful cartoon and thanks for uploading all of them!

  10. Katelyn the White Werewolf Author

    I bet if the show comes back they should add Cub Little Moose Petey and Poppy and Trouble the Mountain Lion into the show where Cub Petey and Poppy are added as part of the gang and Trouble becomes the main antagonist and he has a major role in the show.
    Cub Little Moose Petey and Poppy are great characters and they would be perfect as the new friends of the gang while Trouble is the main antagonist.

  11. Hotel Hibiscus Author

    Humans over complicate things with pollution, war, gender, politics, money, power, abuse, education, competition… we have destroyed nature and the beauty in the world in the race to be the best. It could all be so simple… if only we made it that way 😔 It doesn’t have to be this hard…

  12. Allter09 Author

    I havn't watched an episode of this in years, and I just sat through this, doing nothing but watching this. It's not the end all be all of cartoons, but it's worth stopping and watching something wholesome in this toxic world we live in. Even for a little while.

  13. thecoolerx Author

    it was not as entertaining as I remember maybe I grew up to much for me to enjoy it, just got one question was this made as a story finale? or a season finale? I mean was this the last of the show that was made? cause I can't recall seen cub in any episodes, or maybe he never came back I don't know but still just curious to know.

  14. Paul Neumann Author

    I had forgotten about this show; it was one of my favs when I was a kid! This makes me kinda nostalgic for those days.

    Am I experiencing a mid-life crisis?!?!

  15. Jackie Chan Author

    I used to ask my mom (who was very lenient and I admit spoiled me) to stay home from school and I would say “I don’t feel good” and watch this show alllll day lol

  16. cmoneytheman Author

    last time I heard the rainy song I loved it I didnt hear it much back in the day but it was so nice I didnt forget I guess cause hearing it hear agian and it sound as relaxing and smooth like It did back then

    I use to think that was little bear singing but I dont know maybe it wasnt

  17. Tidbit Tuffer Author

    I don’t know why but this reminds me of Babar the elephant. Maybe it’s because little bear and his family embrace living the way humans do while they are still feral animals living in the wilderness. Sticking to their primitive ways. Also Paddington bear!

  18. Lyd Smash Author

    Little Bear was one of my favorite shows as a kid. Cartoons today aren’t calm like this anymore, they always have to have some sort of action or magic involved. Things like this are great for babysitting multiple kids, especially for the ones with special needs.

  19. Billi Boyer Author

    Im 16, I remember waking up early to catch this show. I use to come home from school and watch Franklin The Turtle and Ruby and Max. I'm so glad that I grew up with these shows instead of the cartoons today.

  20. Hospital Queen Author

    I wish more cartoons were like this. I hate how every cartoon network is putting so much LGBTQ in almost every cartoon show. I don't hate the lgbtq but they don't need to shove it down the kids throats in order to share that kind of relationships. It's the parents job to teach them not the cartoons.

  21. Cfan67 Author

    Wholesome. This really is a tranquil and beautiful cartoon. Love Little Bear and Franklin and Kipper…those other series were beautifully constructed and had heart. <3


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