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The Man Behind Hollywood’s Monsters

– [Narrator] This Great
Big Story was made possible by Wells Fargo, established
1852, re-established 2018. When it comes to horror movies, there’s an actor who
is so good at his job, his performances stay with you like a nightmare you
just can’t wake up from, but trust us, he’s a really nice guy. (sinister music) – [Interviewer] Could you give us a clap? – Let’s go. I’m Javier Botet, and I’m an actor. – [Narrator] And Javier’s
been in a lot of movies, you probably just didn’t see him because, well, he looks quite
different most of the time. – I feel very comfortable
in monster roles, I’ve been in “It,” “Mama,” “Conjuring 2,” “Crimson Peak,” “Slender Man.” – [Narrator] And let’s not forget, he’s been in “The Mummy” and “Alien,” too. – I’m very skinny; I’m two meters tall and 56 kilograms. It’s not a problem of
eating, ’cause I love to eat; it’s a personal condition;
it’s called Marfan Syndrome. – [Narrator] Javier’s career started when he met a prosthetic
makeup teacher in Madrid. This led to Javier’s first monster role in the movie, “Beneath Still Waters.” – That was my first makeup,
my first work in a real movie and, well, after that,
all the makeup artists start seeing my work and start
proposing me in other roles, and last year I’d been working in eight or nine different shows. – [Narrator] There’s gotta be some behind-the-scenes gossip then? – Yeah, well, I was in Crimson Peak, I was out of all the makeup, and I was the last day
with Guillermo del Toro, and I see Tom Hiddleston
and I say, “OK, see you, “it was a pleasure,” and
he said, “Who are you?” So I said, “I was your ex-wives.” “Oh, OK, OK, OK …” “Sorry, I didn’t recognize you.” – [Narrator] But don’t
pigeonhole this guy. He might be a monster most of the time, but he’s got dramatic range. – OK, guys, are you ready? Really love what you do, ’cause it’s going to be
a hard and long journey. Be prepared, you never know what’s gonna happen. Don’t be shy; don’t let
the fear paralyze you. So relax, you know what I mean? Woo! Whew! (laughing) If I can ask for something, I would love to be a big Sith, I will rule the galaxy. (lasers firing and humming) – [Interviewer] That’s amazing,
that’s amazing, thank you. – [Javier] Thank you.


  1. kindafoggy Author

    While many of the movies Mr. Botet has been in are "scary" movies, by far the most disturbing was "2 Pigeons". A very difficult watch.

  2. Ben Thompson Author

    Read title and first thought was " This guy responsible for Weinstein!? But not that kind of monster. Weinstein jumping out of the shadows would scare the poo out of me more than any role he has played no matter his obvious talent

  3. Joshua Snyder Author

    Some used to think President Lincoln had Marfan Syndrome. It has since been debunked, but this is the first person I have seen who has it. I can see why the assumption was made given Lincoln's frame.

  4. pmcall221 Author

    Is Wells Fargo trying to carpet bomb good will with feel good sponsorship? Cuz it ain't working. You're only bringing down others with you.

  5. Lokesh Thakur Author

    the first time i saw the creature in the attic in REC, i was like i gotta know who this is, he wasn't famous back then, and i managed to find and add him on FaceBook, sadly he deleted that account after mama, probably got famous and received too many requests.

  6. Jokeritu Author

    I just love how he is making best of his condition. I'm also very big horror movie addict and his roles always amazes me. He adds so much to those movies with his body.

  7. Rogers Pictures Author

    Javier is just too good to play as each role as a creature or monster, he's really good at very creepy movement. He might be creepy to play a role as a monster, but he is also a good man. The Man behind hollywood's monsters. I understand if some people don't wanna use CGI characters, just to make some movies good and easy.

  8. Melissa Ewing Author

    Bad news but if he keeps healthy he could live longer. On google the average life expectancy for a guy with MFS is 40 to 70 hes 41 so oop

  9. Jurassic Park Author

    I wanna be like him a nice guy but scary as fuck That’s like my dream right there Seeing people smile with who I am but scaring the shit outta them of what I can be

  10. Animation ID Author

    I have marfan syndrome too, I have no life, no work, embarrassed to go out of the house and always wear a jacket if forced to leave the house.hate my self.

    /sorry for my bad english. this word translate from bahasa to english


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