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The Mandela Effect in Movies

Here’s a fun topic: Have you ever remembered
something, only to find out that you’re wrong? Like the spelling of ‘Berenstain Bears’, which I did
a whole Angry Nerd episode about, but just to recap: Many people remember the spelling
as ‘Berenstein’ with an E, only to find out later it’s spelled ‘Berenstain’ with an A. When I made the episode I was fooling
around, I was making entertainment, but I DO remember it spelled with an E. I first noticed the correct spelling when I was
reading one of the books to my daughter. I thought it was strange, but I probably hadn’t
touched a Berenstain Bears book in over 20 years, so after all that time I just figured
my memory was faulty. But then I heard the same thing from so many other
people and learned that it was big on the Internet, and lots of people remember the alternate spelling. This is called the Mandela Effect,
named after Nelson Mandela, who people falsely believe died in prison in the 80s. The term applies to all memories
that turn out to be wrong. The man from the Monopoly games, Rich
Uncle Pennybags, had a monocle… right? But no, actually he didn’t! Curious George was always getting into
trouble, swinging around by his tail… Oh wait, he didn’t have a tail! Come on, no tail? Really?! There’s many interesting theories, some of which suggest
that false memories are proof of an alternate universe. So if you remember Berenstain with
an A, you’re from this universe, but all us who remember the E spelling,
we crossed over from an alternate universe, some time between our childhoods and now. So if you have a friend with a conflicting memory,
then your friend isn’t actually the same friend! The Mandela Effect has tons of examples in geography,
food products, historical dates and events, but I’m gonna focus on movies and TV. There’s a famous example that came up recently where
tons of people remember a movie called Shazaam, with a genie played by the comedian Sinbad. Sinbad replied to all this and said there’s
no such movie, it never happened, but then somebody found a picture
of Sinbad in a genie costume and it turned out he played a genie,
but it was for a special TV broadcast where he was hosting the Ray Harryhausen
movie Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, on TNT. But anyway, this could have been the
cause of some of the false memory, but more likely it’s because
Shazaam sounds like Kazaam, which WAS a real movie from ’96 and had a genie. But the genie was Shaq. Sinbad wasn’t in it anywhere. It seems obvious that everyone’s
remembering the movie Kazaam, but they insist that it’s two separate movies,
even saying Kazaam was a rip-off of Shazaam. Last minute update! I’m working on this
video here and, uh, April Fool’s Day happens, and Sinbad actually makes Shazaam!
At least a two-minute clip. And I really commend him for that,
for being in on the joke. So now, Shazaam does exist. Partly. I should also note that there was an
unrelated TV series called Shazam, and I just found out it’s also the title of an
upcoming movie based on Captain Marvel, but it’s one of TWO movies based on Captain
Marvel that are both coming out in 2019! I… am so fucking confused. Anyway… Well, all this time I thought we were talking about
a completely different movie, Space Jam! I confused two real movies, probably because
they rhyme – Space Jam, Kazaam… They both star basketball players –
Michael Jordan, Shaq, they both came out the same year,
and both had flashy effects. I’ve never seen either of them,
so my brain combined them. The movie I had in my head had a genie with
Looney Tunes characters running around. And… it was called Shazaam. So I had it all messed up! Speaking of Looney Tunes, you know
it’s spelled T-U-N-E-S? Like music tunes? I always thought it was T-O-O-N-S like
cartoons, doesn’t that make more sense? That’s another one lots of people
remember, and I agree, it’s strange. Here’s some of my own: In National
Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, during the scene when Clark Griswold
is trying to get his Christmas lights lit up, he gets mad and beats up a
Santa Claus lawn ornament. In my memory he hits it several times before
it flies off the sleigh and lands on the ground. Then he gets on top of it and continues
punching Santa in the face repeatedly, as the family stands there watching him lose his mind. The scene basically plays out the same, except
he only gives Santa one punch and one kick, and then after Santa flies off…
he never touches it again. So my version was even funnier,
but it never happened that way. So you never know, maybe there’s a lost
scene or a different version out there, but most likely it’s just bad memory. In the ’89 Batman movie, there’s
something I remember vividly. When the Joker is throwing money out to the
crowd and one of the dollars lands on his hat, I remember getting a clear look at the
face of the bill, and it’s the Joker’s face! But whenever I pause that scene, I’m never
able to make it out again, so was I wrong? I never forgot earlier in the movie when he’s pestering
Vicki Vale, she asks him “What do you want?” And he stops and thinks about it for a second in that awkward
kind of beat that only Jack Nicholson could pull off, and then he says: “My face on the one dollar bill.” I find that to be one of the funniest moments
because the way he says it is sarcastic, like he’s trying to be a wiseass. So when he throws the money, I thought
it was a follow-up to that scene, just a little in-joke or an easter egg,
because you know the money had to be fake. If movie studios print up money that looks realistic, that could
be considered counterfeiting, which is a serious crime, so it made sense to me that they would
do something funny, like put his face on it. Upon further research, I found
that in the comic adaptation the Joker actually counterfeits all that money,
and it actually DOES have his face on it! Plus, in the movie the crowd scene was cut shorter. Supposedly there’s a deleted portion where the crowd discovers the money is
fake and has the Joker’s face on them. So maybe I’m remembering that,
but I can’t find this deleted portion, nor can I get a good look at any of those dollars. Maybe his face is there, maybe it isn’t, but with all
those dollars flying around it could be anywhere. This kind of thing can happen often
when you’re doing movie reviews. I first noticed my goof with the Joker dollar when I was
doing a series of Batman reviews many years ago. If it was a movie I was really familiar with,
I’d skip watching it, I’d write the script first, then I’d record my voice, and then I’d
look for all the clips and add them all in, so here I am talking about the Joker
dollar, let me go grab that clip… Oh wait, where is it? I can’t find it. But I remember it? Oh well, I’ll just cut that part of the review. It happened again with my recent King Kong videos. I was talking about how Kong was originally
meant to be in Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster, and then Godzilla took Kong’s place. And I was pointing out how there’s occasions
where Godzilla sorta acts like Kong in that movie, He picks up the girl, Dayo…
but that’s not what really happens, he never picks her up, he just stares at her! But I distinctly remember, he puts her in his hand
and I even remember how the effect was done! There were two shots, one was from
Godzilla’s perspective, looking down, and she was blue-screened onto his palm. It looked very poor, you could imagine, and the other shot was looking at
Godzilla with Dayo in the foreground, so, this shot, she was actually holding
on to these life-sized Godzilla claws. Again, they were cheap and
it was just the tips of his claws, it wasn’t the whole hand like in the original Kong. And Godzilla’s face was in the background,
either with a rear-projection or a blue screen. But I guess it never happened, I
looked at the DVD, the old VHS tape, and it’s not in there, so… I must be wrong! Also, I mentioned the scene in Peter Jackson’s Kong,
where there’s skeletal remains of other Kongs. I thought this was a nod to the original,
because in the original Kong, I remembered seeing a skeleton
Kong in one of the backgrounds. It was in the cave scene, and it was visible
some time before Kong fights the plesiosaur. It was tucked away in a dark corner,
almost blending in with the rocks. It wasn’t very noticeable, but I thought I saw it. All these years later… it’s gone! This is one of those instances
where I wonder if I hallucinated it, because back when I noticed it, I brought
it up to a friend immediately, I said: “Yo, I was watching Kong last
night and I saw this skeleton!” Memory can be faulty, but how did my
memory screw up something that quickly, unless my memory OF the memory
is screwing it up, I don’t know. Have you ever had any moments like these? Let me know if you happen to
share any of these same memories, and let me know your own
examples of the Mandela Effect.


  1. Matthew Madruga Author

    I think it's just the kids using the Sh from Shak, and just messing up kazam because it's weird word to people in America.


    i clearly remember there bieng a big trouble in little china sequel, but when i tryed to find it it was not true…. maybe i mistook escape from la…..not sure.

  3. E.O.W. Author

    well, it's just that there are two captain marvel, one is a marvel hero, the other a dc hero, although the dc hero was renamed Shazam to avoid confusion, despite being the older of the two.

  4. whitestripee Author

    One big mandela effect is the interview with clint eastwood on the letterman show. Letterman asks what makes clinteastwood so cool and he doesn´t say anything an flicks a cigarette from his chest pocket to his mouth.

    Turns out it didn´t happen but I know i saw it!

  5. kbbbbbb Author

    I remembered there being a whole subplot in Godzilla 2000 about aliens possessing humans, then again, I could be mixing it up with the many other films where there's a plot like that. I also remember at the end, when Godzilla knocks the "GODZILLAAA!!!" guy off the building, some sorrowful music plays with a slow motion shot of the guy falling off. Turns out the scene I remembered never existed, he just falls off and Godzilla rampages to the classic Godzilla theme.

  6. Jacob Zimmerman Author

    The Shazam super hero movie coming out has nothing to do with Captain Marvel (or at least not Marvel's Captain Marvel), since it's a DC hero. The 2019 Captain Marvel movie is Marvel's Captain Marvel.

  7. DimensionalMaster Author

    I remember watching power rangers series called time force and I thought the two main characters kissed but I saw the series again and my memory was actually wrong

  8. Chris R Author

    Most of these false memories seem to be based around simple mistakes. Mostly things falling outside of the norm being mistaken for things that fall within the norm.
    For example Looney Tunes being misremembered as Looney Toons makes sense because toons is more often associated with cartoons than tunes is.
    Memories aren't actually stored in their entirety within the brain. We remember bits and pieces that we use to recreate the memory later and we fill in the bits that are missing with whatever makes the most logical sense. Well what happens if one of those bits and pieces your brain recreates later as opposed to remembering outright isn't the most logical thing you'd expect it to be?

  9. Bray_MG Author

    my example was when I was a kid and on the SNES and Sega of Mortal Kombat the background of all the statues of the mk fighters were all frozen like it was made for sub zero when u face him and of course yrs later I never saw it again.My Mandela effect lol

  10. Typical Canadian Car Guy Author

    Everyone remembers star wars episode 5 Luke I'm your farther. Darth Vader doesn't say that he says: No I'm your farther.

  11. Tom Majestic Author

    I always knew it was Looney Tunes, thanks to my Dad. He is one big fan of the animated shorts and loved to point out those things. Warner Bros. Looney Tunes was to sort of parody/rival Disney's Silly Symphonies. WB also had Merrie Melodies too. All music related to the titles. If I remember right MM had a more Disney feel to it and LT was straight up, well, Looney.

  12. Dargonhuman Author

    I love arguing with the nutjobs who think the Mandela Effect is caused by alternate realities or CERN ripping holes in reality. They're so full of themselves and so utterly convinced that they can't possibly be wrong that it's truly hilarious to see how much they twist things around to be right. It's like, "Dude, just admit that you're wrong. It's okay, no one's going to judge you for it, we're all wrong from time to time."

  13. MELEKH HA OLAM Author

    I thought as a child and into adulthood that I'd seen someone get shocked by sticking something into an electrical socket, but it never actually happened. It was just that being warned about what could happen made such an impression that I imagined that scenario taking place right after it nearly did. I didn't continue believing it happened after I was told it hadn't like the self assured douche nozzles who arrogantly think that it couldn't possibly be their shitty memory and/or their minds filling in blanks with imagined confirmations.

  14. Alan Hendricks Author

    A friend and I once argued about an episode from Batman – The Animated Series. This particular one was about Man-Bat but later on nearing the end it turned out it was the scientist's wife that accidentally cut herself and became infected with the Man-Bat serum or something like it. My friend was convinced being Woman-Bat as a predominantly THE villain but I stated it was a once off episode of it, the actual one would be Man-Bat, even in comics. About 4 years ago I watched the series again as an adult and my perspective of it has changed when I saw it when I was ten years old. The same goes with two movies like Neverending Story and Willow, they are good movies but not how I remembered it. Must be the outdated special effects.

  15. Longplayed Author

    My Mandela Effect: In Star Wars 6 on Endor, there is a scene where an Ewok gets crushed by an ATST! I swear I've seen it on video then. Over the years, I have met some people who thought they had seen this scene as well. 😀

  16. EternalBooda Author

    Much like you, James, I used to make movies when I was young. It is the most damning, humiliating, and mind-blowing experience to look back at my old videos and see that they are different from how I remember. I made them, dammit! You mean the words and inflections I use to describe the videos to my friends aren't at all how I said them in the original? It's maddening.

  17. Evil Roy Slade Author

    Hey James, I remember the same weird blue screen effect going on in Godzilla with a female character, only I remember it taking place in Son of Godzilla. It happened when the lead female actress was near the coast at some point on some rocks and witnessed Godzilla rise up out of the ocean. The camera did a Faraway shot of her sitting down on the rocks and screaming while looking superimposed. We used to have that movie taped from TV on a VHS. I'm unsure if this really happened in the movie. I think that old VHS tape might still be at my parents house period. LOL

  18. Praetorian Dragon Author

    I think some of the Mandela effect moments can explained by poor animation quality in 80s and 90s cartoons in which studios didn't give shit about consistency and just dumped all the work on some Asian animation company probably with poorly translated guidelines

  19. djayricky Author

    Golden Crisp cereal is a false mandela effect but it always bothered me how they changed the name of the cereal and no one else seemed to notice.

  20. Doctor Feinstone Author

    I never had this memory but many people remember the Tom hanks film "big" having an alternate ending with Elizabeth Perkins wishing to be a kid again and being introduced as a new student in hank's school. in the actual ending, she just drops him off at his house, he turns back into a kid as he walks toward his house, looks at her one last time, she smiles at him and then drives away.

  21. Jedwardo : The Wall Author

    In Jamangi The one with robin Williams I remember at the end They were in water and rhino came and FUCKING SMASHED THEM

  22. FocusedFelix Author

    Until your Berenstain bears video, I would have staked my life that it was "stein" – hell, my mobile autocorrected to "stain" as I'm writing this. I had a huge collection of those books, and read them frequently as a child. Cue glass shattering on that one.

    I would have also sworn that Chevy beat the living hell out of Santa. When you brought it up, I was vigorously nodding to myself before you showed the stills.

  23. Mist ErSecurity Author

    Cats VS Dogs (2001 Movie) went to 'Cats & Dogs'– never knew until Nostalgia Critic did a review of it.

    Also, I remember the monopoly guy having a monocle.

    For others; it's Febreze, Skechers & Charles Schultz

    I assumed one day (my grandma always got the "Sunday Comics") that they misspelled his name.
    Then I thought that Febreze and other companies with now different labels were "just under new ownership and wanted to appeal to that 00s gimmick of arbitrarily shortening everything to be trendy". I learned later that they were never the previous way.
    I wish I could go back just for the sake of observing every little detail so I can have peace.

  24. AntDog1984 Author

    I swear I remember once randomly looking up Sinbad's career bio on IMDB at some point for no reason and seeing some genie movie in the 90s. WTF man!!! I need to go take a walk……

  25. Menacing Mecha Author

    When I was younger I watched my Dad play the start of RE4, and I distinctly remember the game opening up with Leon going into a large, two story house at night time during autumn. Inside, the player is attacked by that enemy with the chainsaw and the sack over their head, triggering a QTE in which the player jumps onto the chainsaw, then out the window, breaking the glass.

    Fast forward to when I finally played the game myself earlier this year, and that scene is instead in the village, with one of the random locals on the ground floor instead. There was even the same dialogue of trying to talk to the villager before being attacked, except instead of a QTE, it went straight into regular gameplay.

  26. Dark Fox GT Author

    When remembering movie scenes, my brain usually flips certain scenes or perspectives around like a mirror, like Morpheus holding his sword in his left hand and his auto-pistol in his right, swinging around to his left and shooting the truck, all the while the camera is facing him from his front and left.


    I remember playing Tekken 5 in a game store on a showcased xbox 360 long before Tekken 6 came out. There have been so many "mind glitches" like these that just get automatically erased after I put all pieces into place.

  28. Chris Ward Author

    speaking of scenes from cartoons and movies that are different that what you remember. I remember a certain episode of Tom and Jerry, the thanksgiving one I believe. where Tom is chasing jerry and the other mouse, well jerry uses a bow to launch a candle at Tom and it hits his tail and burns him up. but years later I see it again and it doesn't happen the same way. can anyone explain this?

  29. Steven Rowe Author

    different captain marvel's hahaha captain marvel is a Marvel super hero, DC also had a super hero called captain marvel (Marvel's is a female character while DC's is a male) but he also goes by shazam. so Marvel has captain marvel the girl, DC has captain marvel/shazam the guy. completely different characters though.

  30. Heironymus Blitzen Author

    I've had plenty of moments like these, mostly films I remembered with scenes that I thought were positioned one way but it turned out when I watched the film again, those certain scenes were flipped horizontally. So I might remember a character being on the left of the screen only to find out that the character was on the right all along. I think the Mandala effect also explains why many people get certain movie quotes wrong. The famous one being Casablanca, where some people thought Humphery Bogart had said "Play it again, Sam" or Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry saying "Go ahead punk, make my day!". Watching those scenes is enough to clear up what was actually being said.

  31. Eric Schell Author

    This is why I never took history class of any kind serious. How am I supposed to take the word of what someone is telling me, if we sometimes can't remember how an event went down two months ago, let alone hundreds of years ago with information passed on over and over again, and how many of these stories are made up but we just don't know.

  32. eo Author

    Did a film maker who has actually made a full length feature film just say movie studios can't make prop money because it would be a crime? wtf James.

  33. JCI1990 Author

    These arent bad memories. These are thing that have actually happened. You remembered these things correctly but the forces of CERN have messed with Antimatter have changed the fabric of time and it seems as if things have gotten swapped between 2 dimensions

  34. Ice Hydra Author

    Quantum physics allows for the possibility of tangent universes, and observing particles changes the particles relevance to the observer. (also all particles are wave-forms in addition to being particles, and wave-forms are radiants) Just saying…

  35. Seegtease Author

    "Surely you can't be serious."

    I remember the reply as "I'm always serious. And don't call me Shirley."

    Apparently there is no "always" there, just an "am".

  36. Andrew Seymour Author

    This is a Doosy. There is an Arnold Schwarzenegger that has a scene in it that people say they don't know it, but it sound familiar and no one can remember the name of it. The scene is.. Arnold save this guy that is in a cage, but the cage is surrounded by creatures that will trap you in their arms and suck you dry to the bone. Arnold just walks right past them and lets the guy out of the cage. When the guy gets out of the cage he runs and he ends up running into a creature and gets sucked dry to the bone. I have been told it is Conan or Red Sonya. I have watched all 23 movies many times and never have found this scene. Please help.


  37. COYADD Author

    The thing about Joker's face being on the money: I have previously heard that the Joker's face is totally on the money in that scene. You're most likely right.

  38. fanime1 Author

    Not sure if this counts but I'm DESPERATE to find ANYONE who remembers this. It's driving me crazy!!!! Ok I grew up in the '90s and I remember when I was little around Halloween time, there were these trick or treat stop motion (claymation) shorts. They always went the same way. It was in profile view with the boy on the left and the right side was a close up of the house. The boy would say "Trick or Treat" when the neighbor's hand came into the shot and grabbed the boy. He would always die some different way. The episode I remember most was when the hand grabbed him, and when he threw him back out, his body was cut up in a cartoony way. My mind is telling me this was from Mad TV and it makes sense. I don't think I had cable at the time and they did do stop motion shorts. But no matter how hard or long I search, I can't find ANY proof of these shorts' existence. It's driving me insane because why would I make this shit up as a child. I remember it so vivedly and want to find them again. If any one has any information, please respond!

  39. Xarfax321 Author

    When I was a kid, the TV network broadcasted a kids show called "Kloak" ("Sewer"). It was about this guy who was trapped in the sewers under Stockholm, because there had been an transdimensional-alien invasion of the sewers. The Aliens had managed to capture Time itself in the Sewer and they would never grow old and never die.
    And the show was about this guy and some kids trying to defeat those Aliens. It was epic and awesome, kinda like a swedish Dr Who.

    And APPARENTLY I was the only one watching it! No one in my age remembers it!

  40. dxmanforlife Author

    mines from gtasa. I found a sniper on top of a roof near a hospital. but when I played the game again when I owned it. I can't find the sniper or the building.

  41. Gaber820 Author

    I swear I remember it being Berenstein and Looney Toons.. i had to Google to make sure you weren't pulling a late April fools… Jesus it's no joke… I am in a different dimension. Same as James.. that's kinda cool… I guess.
    love the channel
    very cool video

  42. Alessandro Fierros Author

    I remember seeing Disney's Aladdin as a kid in the movie theatre. Distinctly, I remember seeing the genie's lamp crumbling at the end. When we got the VHS of it, the scene was completely different; nothing like that happens to it. I thought, maybe, it was an alternate cut of the movie. I believed that for decades. About a year ago, I saw The Duck Tales movie, where that exact thing happens to that genie's lamp. Turns out I combined the two "freeing the Genie" scenes from those two movies. I guess my brain just works like WinZip and combines common elements from movies. Just like when Bruce Willis saved the world in Deep Impact…

  43. Katelyn Jewel Author

    Interestingly enough, while Looney Tunes does have the "tunes" spelling, Tiny Toon Adventures doesn't. I do wonder whether or not that was a mistake by the creators due to mis-remembering of the spelling.

  44. ForceMaximus84 Author

    In the comic book adaptation of the Batman movie, Knox and Vale grabs one of the dollar bills and it does have Joker's face on it.

  45. ForceMaximus84 Author

    Personal Mandela Movie Moments:

    When I saw "Star Trek VI" in the theater, during the Klingon trial and they play the Captain's personal log, I remember hearing Kirk say, "Those are the words I've spoken!", as if he's surprised by that and Chang doesn't even ask if he did say it. He just blurted it out. Played out differently in the home version.

    When I saw "Black Hawk Down" in the theater, I remember seeing a scene inside one of the Army humvees, Tom Sizemore's character is holding onto a bloody ear and was sad. When I watched the DVD, no sign of that scene.

    In both cases, I thought I was going nuts for thinking they were different from what I remembered.

  46. Devin Koritzke Author

    The biggest one for me is that, in Empire, I always thought Darth Vader says "Luke, I am your father." But he actually says "No, I am your father."

  47. John DelCupp Author

    Mine is in god almighty. The bedroom scene he makes her chest grow in the bathroom. The part I clearly remember but can't find now is the morning after he's drinking coffee in the kitchen and she walks in saying it seems like her boobs looked bigger

  48. Nik Regnart Author

    Shazam based on Captain Marvel!? Dafuq? Marvel and DC both had heroes called Captain Marvel… DC changes theirs to Shazam… Would've probably been a good video, but I couldn't bring myself to finishing it after that….

  49. JoeyPsych Author

    Yeah, I have one, I remember that muhammed ali died shortly after his last fight from brain injuries. Now this on itself can be a false memory, or maybe some other boxer died like that. However, when the will smith version came out, I remember the ending of the movie, where there was an entire funeral scene, because he died so young and all. Then, a couple of years ago, when it was in the news that he died, I asked my girlfriend how that was possible, as he had died 30-40 years ago. And she replied that she also thought he had died back then.
    So I told her about the will smith movie, and I wanted to show her the funeral scene, because I was 100% convinced I had seen it, it was only a couple of years ago I had seen the movie, so it was still relatively fresh in my head, but nowhere in the the movie ending was there any funeralscene. To this day I am still confused about this, it absolutely makes no sense to me.

  50. rodney young Author

    Your memory just sucks (So does almost everyone else's). It is extremely rare that people remember things the same way when it comes to events months to years in the past.

  51. Mike Jordan Author

    Do people remember this?! I remember growing up, the Police Academy movies would play on t.v. They would often show scenes that were not in the actual movie. Ironically, not even the Police Academy DVD's have these missing scenes.

  52. Mike Jordan Author

    Sorry for this but… I have another one. I seem to remember when watching reruns on t.v. that the Lone Ranger wore a Badge and that his mask was figure 8 shaped.

    Neither are that way now.

  53. jaQobian Author

    The creator of this video lacks full knowledge of this phenomenon. I urge anyone interested in compelling evidence that this Effect is real to come to my channel for a greater explanation and understanding.

  54. Ben Carpenter Author

    I remember seeing part of Nelson Mandela's funeral on TV. A few years later, here he is, alive and well. Also the Berenstein bears. I tripped when I saw that I always thought it was Berenstein not stain wtf

  55. Daryl Quincy Author

    No one thought Mandela died in prison. I remember him being released. I've never met anyone who thought he died in the 80s. There are false memories but for it to be called a 'Mandela effect' is utter nonsense, despite the great X Files episode.


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