The Most ANNOYING Pictures of 2017 (feat. MessYourself)

How’s it going friends, it’s RobertIDK here! I’m here with my good friend, Brandon aka. MessYourself. Ey… That’s your catchphrase. *Slow motion replay* EeeeeEyyYyyyyyyy And we are looking at the most annoying images and gifs aka jifs, I prefer gifs (guh) I prefer gifs. Okay! “The way my wife changes the toilet paper roll.” How does she change it, sir? AHHAHA! What a lazy woman! It takes two seconds to put this SHET on! No pun intended. If that was my wife I’d just divorce her, honestly. “The floor at my doctors office… where I go to get treatment for OCD!!!” Okay, WUHT DUHSHIT! DIS IS NOT IN ORDER! DIS IS NOT SYMMETRICAL! THIS IS 𝐖𝐑𝐎𝐍𝐆! Hehe… If I were a little child I’d be trying to jump from each blue… thing to the next. “My sister’s screen protector…” OKAY! Oh God. It’s for the wrong phoneee! (Brandon) Ohhhh…
(Robert) Return that shit! Bo Burnham – Straight White Male
🎵But my wife bought me the brand new iPhone with an iPod Touch’s case (This case doesn’t fit the fu-) 🎵 Okay, you can see the size of it before you put it on, you ninny. Heheh, “ninny”. Okay. “This Scrabble wrapping paper.” Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… These aren’t real WORDS! What- these aren’t… The- THESE AREN’T FULL WORDS! You…you see this shit? You know what’s going on? (Brandon) Yeah… this Christmas Carol… uh… What is missing a seat? It’s Titsmas Carol. Tist… Tistmas Carol! (Brandon) What the shit is a Tistmas Carol, huh? (sing) Have yourself a merry little Tistmas… Wait (x5)… Santacntaclaus? WHAT THE SHIT IS THIS?! Santa… Santacntaclaus? WHATTT? (Brandon mimics Robert) Snowr? Reinreindeer? Ain?! (Dafuq does that mean) (Brandon mimics again) What kind of sorry… …idiot did this shit, okay? “The numbers on this plot are wrong.” Wrong. 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 9, 10, 10 (realizes) WHAT THE SHIT IS THIS?! (Brandon smiles) Okay! What?! “Can you bring scissors on a plane?” I don’t think so…. I believe that counts as a weapon of mass murder. (Brandon) Yeah. Ohhh… (laughs) Oh my god. It’s almost going into this individual’s drink. (Brandon) No, I would chop off that girl’s hair. I don’t care. Yeah, pull that shit. See how she likes it. Uh… I don’t know. Maybe she would like it. (song plays and Robert ponder over his words) (Shows funny clip) “This five star folder”. Four star?! You have five star binders here? (Brandon) No. (IDK) Oh, we do. Yeah, it’s a really popular brand, actually. “This sink at work”. Oh, it’s a video. (laughs together) (Robert) Ah, shit… (Brandon) The water’s going everywhere. “Someone stuck a piece of lead in my eraser at school today.” What the shit? (both) Oh no… Just right, maybe she was a mess take it out and stab the person with it. (Disclaimer pops up) Like, if you knew someone did it, why are you still trying to erase with it? You should take the lead out. Shove it up this dude’s ass. (RoBeRt DoEsNt CoNdOnE ViOlEnCe) “The reason I woke up this morning.” Why did you wake up this morning? (Shocking realization) (Shock and awe) Ok, what the shit? Can you imagine a light on your face?
(Screams at an edited light) I like that. Well um, I like my face. No, I like it- (Screams) I like it when there’s light that wakes you up in the morning and- (Brandon) No, that’s direct light like how strong that light is. “There is a bit of fabric sticking out from the cupboard.” Well… What does the cause of that fabric my friend? (Brandon smiles) Is it a kitty? (Brandon) Wait, what? What’s going on? Its… a… GHOST! It’s a bloody ghost, Robert! Ahhhh! (Robert is speechless) Huh! When he opens it, it goes back in. When he closes, it sticks up. What’s going on? (Robert) I’ll tell you what’s going on, this is A PIECE OF SHIT! (Inflated Brandon’s face) Spooky. “This coffee shop selling unwrapped Little Debbie cakes as store-made pastries.” Those are Little Debbie cakes? I’ve never seen one. I’m not a Little Debbie cake is. (B) Yeah, I know. (R) That sounds like some bullshit. Well, who cares? (Robert) Well, no because, it’s like if someone reuploaded your video, and it was like “hey and check out this video I’m posting”. “I got charged per onion ring and not all the rings cost the same amount.” That’s funny. (R) I’m sorry, what? (B) One 13th of an onion ring. (R) Charge for onion ring? Why would you even do onion rings like that though? (Brandon) Listen man, don’t be too hard alright. It’s probably their first day working in McDonald’s. (Robert) I like to call them Funyun rings. (Brandon) “The way this person holds an Xbox controller.” (When a PlayStation player holds an Xbox controller) (Robert and Brandon slurs) There’s no triggers. You think you can play Battlefield without using the triggers?! (Brandon) Triggers. When they were holding that controller they’re probably thinking… (Batman) Where’s the trigger? Where is it? (Robert mimics Christian Bale) (Batman) You never give it to an ordinary citizen! (Whereee) You know… (Brandon) Yeah, I did know actually. (Batman references) “I work at chipotle.” (More Batman) “Okay this kitchen drawer in our new apartment.” What’s so bad about it? There’s no handles. (B) Well, I feel like that’s their problem, you know. (R) Yeah, well, you can install it. (Both) Oh geez… oh geez… Well, that’s it. They just took with know about that’s its import planning. Yeah, you bought too big of another now. (Meme) You bought the first system… …no one damn well, better system was on horizon, and now I’m lose paying for now. Who’s paying for it now? YOU. You, that’s right. (Brandon) That’s your problem, you dumb shit. Well, and they didn’t put a handle on the damn drawer. I would see that and I would think, “That’s not a drawer,” (B) Some people are just stupid. You dumb sheep. Yeah, like you. (Robert realizes his stupidity) Open my eyes. I try to see but I’m blind. “Russian cursive.” (Many gasps and swears) Come on now, that can’t be real. (R) Oh, I think I can read. It says, please subscribe to RobertIDK oohhh thank you. (Self-promotion) No Russian person will ever say that. (See You Again plays) Let them write down. There’s gonna be comments on this video. I hope you realize from people saying “I from Russia and I watch your videos Robert…” “…and you’re awesome and Brandon is a piece of shit,”. (Brandon fights back) Actually, I’m Russian and I can translate it says that… (Brandon tries to speak Russian) “Two people somehow found this helpful.” I can’t review this item for I never purchase it… (laughs) Yeah, that’s the scum of the earth right there. (Brandon) That’s helpful. Don’t they gonna admit. Yeah, it is pretty helpful. “This gum packet bothers the heck out of me.” It does? Huh? Okay, what the shit? You know what? Now, it’s probably assembled by a machine, and you know machines aren’t perfect, okay? They make mistakes just like you and I. (Obscure references and jokes) “It’s been ‘updating’ like this for 30 minutes.” Wait, wait… it’s like… (Will Smith appears) He’s like “I can have a leg in one hand and I’m rarely though,” (Smiling) No one will know the reference, but it’ll be funny. (B) You’ll put it in. (R) Yeah, I’m putting it in. “It’s been ‘updating’ like this for 30 minutes now.” Oh god, this happens to me all the time. I hate this. 100%. Then let me use the goddamn machine! (Brandon) It always happens at the worst time (Robert) Don’t well… don’t turn off your computer. Oh, am I supposed to just turn off my emotions? (Savage) “This guy’s tattoo.” I’m excited to see this. (reads) Tattoos have to be meaningful. Oh, that’s a great tattoo. Spongebob. I agree with this. Like, get what you want to get, you know… (Brandon) I don’t. (Robert) You wouldn’t get a meme tattoo? Memes aren’t important to you, Brandon? You stay up at night watching dank meme… …,compilations. (Brandon) I do. (Robert) Laughing your ass off. (Brandon) I do. That’s true. Let’s get matching memes tattoos today. (Robert is happy) (Meme tattoo montage) (Awkward silence) Okay. “This isn’t right.” Okay?! What the shit?! (It’s basically Robert’s tagline at this point) It’s a loaf of bread, but there’s nothing in it. “Websites that block private/incognito mode.” Why am I not allowed? Why….why am I not allowed to do it? (Robert) Because they need your personal information. (Conspiracy theme plays) Dude, that scary if you think about it. (Robert) Now, I don’t have to think about it. You know it’s scary. I’m scared right now, so I- so guess what… what, wait… (Stutters) (Laughs) “So guess what one I put in my coffee warm!” Uhhh… Buns, apple, juice, ones, milk, filigrees… (Robert) And they accidentally put the apple juice into their coffee. Well, make another coffee you blind bitch. (ooohhh) It’s not their fault that you can’t read. (Brandon) They look the same though. It is that full. (Robert again) That one has apples all over it. I’m about to go after in the absence of… “Truck drivers who think they have to park all the way back.” (Robert) Okay?! (tagline) Truck drivers… (Talks too fast) My fat ass cannot get by them. (Brandon laughs) It’s probably a long truck, okay. They probably didn’t want to block other cars and potentially caused an accident. Which would be more dangerous than you just having to walk a little bit around the truck, okay? Yeah? How hard it is to just take one step to the left? Instead, this person found it so annoying that they took a picture? And posted… (Robert interrupt) They took a picture and post it online. Dude, I do not subscribe to that kind of behavior. I see this shit every day. I do not let it bother me to the point where I have to take a picture and post it online and let it become… …a significant part of my day. Like, sure maybe they could have gone a little bit farther up… …but they probably have a long vehicle, and they weren’t trying to cause a traffic… …ACCIDENT! Where there’s no one else on the road! Anyways guys, that was some annoying pictures. Hope you enjoyed. Let me know what you think as always. Thank you so much for watching and have a good one! (snaps fingers) Okay… (Tagline) What?!

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