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The Most Conceited Stars In Hollywood

In Hollywood, a little self-confidence goes
a long way — and a lot goes even further. A huge ego is practically a job requirement
in showbiz, and the industry is full of stars who could benefit from a generous slice of
humble pie. So, here are our nominees for Hollywood’s
Most Arrogant Celebrities. Quentin Tarantino loves himself Director Quentin Tarantino thinks that he,
quote, “can do film criticism as good as anybody.” “Probably not Pauline Kael and maybe not
Andrew Sarris, but after that.” And the reviews are in! Quentin Tarantino simply loves a good old-fashioned
Quentin Tarantino movie. “I know how good it is.” During a 2009 interview with Charlie Rose,
Tarantino watched several key scenes from his own filmography and admitted: “I was kind of getting off on my own work
there.” Later, he goes on to call Reservoir Dogs “kind
of a perfect movie.” However, that’s not to say Tarantino’s arrogance
can’t be hugely entertaining. In 2013, an interviewer asked Tarantino whether
movie violence could ever inspire real-life violence… and the hot-headed director really
wasn’t having it: “Do not ask me a question like that, I,
I’m not biting, I refuse your question.” “Why?” “Because I refuse your question. I’m not your slave and you’re not my master.” Yikes. In the end, the whole interview is about as
brutal as that notorious ear-cutting scene in Reservoir Dogs. JLo’s got an ego Here’s an example of Jennifer Lopez’s
acting chops, courtesy of the 1997 thriller Anaconda And here’s Jennifer Lopez in a scene from
the 2003 disaster Gigli: “First of all, do not say my name in this
room, all right? Second of all, you’re out of line! This is a professional operation and you have
no right to intrude here.” Not exactly Oscar-worthy performances, are
they? Nevertheless, Lopez has such a healthy sense
of self-worth, she was happy to diss the likes of Madonna and Cameron Diaz in a notorious
1998 Movieline profile. Lopez said of Madonna: “Do I think she’s a great performer? Yeah. Do I think she’s a great actress? No. … Don’t spit on my craft.” Cameron Diaz didn’t fare much Better. Lopez calls her “… a lucky model who’s been given a lot
of opportunities I just wish she would have done more with.” Sorry Madge. Sorry Cameron Diaz. Now watch a modern master show you how it’s
done: “I love you, yes! But I am not a doormat! I’m your wife! I’m your wife!” Adam Levine’s healthy self-esteem Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine wants to set
the record straight. In 2014, the “Girls Like You” singer told
GQ: “I’m not arrogant. I’m cocky. It’s different. Cocky is playful.” He also told the men’s mag: “I’m confident. Some people don’t like confidence. They resent confidence.” Anyone who regularly watches The Voice gets
to witness Levine’s wellspring of “confidence” rather often: “Maybe next time you’ll think twice before
you sandbag me.” “No, not a chance.” “Now we’re even, it’s great.” “All you do is make it worse.” “No, now we’ve even… oh you want to
keep going? Okay!” Ultimately, Levine thinks his arrogance is
just par for the course. In 2017, he even asked The Boston Globe: “You wouldn’t be a complete band without a
slightly cocky frontman, would you?” All of this is a lot to digest, isn’t it? Ariana Grande: Oh baby Well, here’s a new one. According to In Touch, pop star Ariana Grande
reportedly “has to be carried — literally carried
like a baby — when she doesn’t feel like walking.” Grande’s rep reportedly told Gossip Cop that
story is “fake,” but the New York Daily News pointed out some pretty persuasive photographic
evidence on Instagram. “Goo goo, ga ga?” Meanwhile, Grande once reportedly licked the
goods at a donut shop without paying, and she did it while declaring, “I hate America.” No wonder Alexander DeLeon of rock band The
Cab called her the “most stuck up, disrespectful person I’ve
ever met in this industry.” That would explain why Grande’s life coach
allegedly quit because of her attitude. Bradley Cooper, is that you? There are plenty of rumors out there that
suggest Bradley Cooper can be a “diva.” And they’ve dogged the actor ever since
a Brazilian newspaper claimed he ignored fans while shooting The Hangover 3. Cooper was reportedly “quite late” to set
on the regular, and he allegedly wasn’t remotely friendly to fans or reporters, either. Who knows if the story is true? It certainly lines up with an except in Jennifer
Esposito’s memoir Jennifer’s Way. The book includes a blind item that a lot
of folks think is about Cooper. In one section, Esposito describes a rocky
relationship with a man who was “…funny, smart, cocky, arrogant, and a master
manipulator.” “Not good. Not excellent. Perfect.” The New York Daily News points out this mystery
man basically has to be Bradley Cooper. After all, the Star Is Born director was briefly
married to Esposito from December 2006 to May 2007. Well, if this tidbit really is about Cooper,
it sounds like the relationship was a complete and utter disaster. Esposito says this foul fellow could “flip
on a dime,” and had a “mean, cold side.” Oh dear.


  1. Yim yam ca tim tim Author

    I think the only one who should not be on this list is Bradley cooper and people in the comments Do not have YouTube be your source of information

  2. Melissa Smith Author

    I can't fucking stand Adam Levine or Maroon 5. I want to shoot my radio every time one of their fucking songs come on the radio.

  3. Dr. killpatient Author

    Bradley Cooper & JLO's success in Hollywood baffles me to this day. Exactly, who are these people keeping their careers going ???? In my life I can't name one Cooper, or JLO fan.

  4. 84Elenai Author

    That Tarantino reply was perfect, since he has been asked about that particular subject repeatedly for the last twenty years. Get over it: best ZASCA ever! Well done Quentin and, yes, you are the best, so you should be proud ✌️

  5. James Entroscasastronomicaltroscaso Author

    I agree with teratino about the movie violence thing. Some people try to trap people like that so i could understand the paranoia behind it. I would say no though because people have the ability to control themselves and using other "influences" to use as a " reason" for violent occurrences is just stupid

  6. James Entroscasastronomicaltroscaso Author

    (Cont.) If a person is easily influenced by violence he shouldn't have a job (customers tend to be violent as well as some managers), shouldn't take a walk outside (random animals fighting or people arguing) pretty much should stay inside the house if someone is that easily influenced by anything. A movie is a movie and as a martial artist fights don't even look like that in real life, the outcome is sad and depressing especially when family is involved. So if a movie makes you want to fight somebody you are a very naive and in dire need to evaluate your state of mind

  7. GIRTH BROOKS Author

    Quinten's movies are soo stupid. How do people think his gore filled wastes of film are any good? He also looks like a toothless goof who got teased and goofed on in high school.

  8. Matthew Vanek Author

    Quentin has the right to be proud of his own filmography because hes amazing at what he does. Plus he’s very very knowledgeable about cinema in general. And Adam Levine is def more of a doichebag than cocky. Plus the carrying thing with Ariana Grande like thst is ridiculous lol. She had a life coach?? Lol really?? Maybe we should deport her somewhere too if she hates America. You don’t have to live here. We won’t miss u, life will go on.

  9. ELMER Pacheco Author


  10. Qui VB Author

    But they criticised B. Cooper the year that he lost his father ( if you watched carefully )…Until this year every interview he gave he became emotional if someone said about his father

  11. Wendy F Author

    J Lo talking smack about Cameron D – WOW. Bradly Cooper isn’t a surprise – he looks like he has a temper. I’ve heard Toby Maguire, Edward Norton, Julia Roberts and Christian Bale aren’t nice, which sucks because I like all the guys.

  12. Anton Santiago Author

    I believe the most conceited actor is Bradley the lady n truly manipulator cooper . A man shud never be conceited only a lady . Brad Pitt n Leonardo are better person . Not a one woman man I think his luck will end soon .

  13. Carolyn Rombardo Author

    J.Lo….acts about as good as she sings..her shows r awful..n Grande sayin she hates america ??….what a gracious way to thank the people who made her a celeb..hollywierd is notorious for arrogance

  14. Liza Alexis Author

    Cooper’s douche, he can’t spend 5 minutes alone, with a new chick every 6months. Marital status nor children slow him down. He’s an old fashioned PLAYA. Oh, and his acting sucks… he plays himself in every movie. Yawn…

  15. William Saunders Author

    why does adam levine keeps taking his shirt off .does he think hes some kind of strong man he looks weak and tatoos do not make u tough clown

  16. tammyot Author

    Absolutely had Enough of this channel. You lie and also are honest. No wonder why celebrities get such a hard ride!!!!!! You are lying to the public!!!!! Are you an actress / actor? Are you a singer?!!!! Stop talking about things you know NOTHING about!!!!!!!

  17. sameer ahmed Author

    Tarantino was answering that kind of questions since early 90s……everybody knows his style but still people bothered him with same kind of question even after 25 years


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