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The Most Creative Baby Announcements Ever「 funny pictures 」

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  1. Funniest Pics Author


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    ✅ The Most Creative Baby Announcements Ever「 funny pictures 」
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  2. Crystal Kitten Author

    Well if your having a baby.. a Cat will be a perfect pet to have because cats love babies and they will protect them too and they will always be nice to them 🐱❤👶

  3. Neko Animates UwU Author

    If I get pregnant I will have a warning sign saying “ warning baby inside so fragile coming out at [instert day month and year]”

  4. Mariola Stępińska Author

    Oh thats soooo cute i cried in all of them because ir is just soooo adorable an dcute i cant wait to have kids im so wxited !!!!!! All of them are just so cute the most is loading 50% iys half way through ohhhhhh Like if u agree!!!!!

  5. Coco's Madland Vol.1 Author

    0:15 thats child abuse. You can't just put your baby in a cage and put a note that baby get killed and then let the child cry. Calm it down first.

  6. meira lebowitz Author

    When my big sis told me that she was pregnant she showed me a shirt that said best aunt in the world with sister crossed out

  7. Lance Hoskins Author

    When I'm pregnant I'm going to mail a box with a balloon inside of it with a positive pregnancy test tied to it to my mom and dad. What do you guys think? (Btw im a girl commenting on my dad's account)

  8. Bunny films Author

    if my bunny lived long enough to have a baby i would shave some of its fur to say 'lil rabbit coming through' and then she died befor she was even pregnant


    When I'm pregnant I want to send a card to my family and friends with me being pregnant and the caption "AHHHHHHH"
    and then" whoops I did it again "plays.


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