1. Faba Papa Author

    Did you also watch "the labyrinth" from Henson? The one with David Bowie? This movie scared me as fuck as a child, but in a nice way! One of my favorite movies👌

  2. Catrina's Extras Author

    Ah yes, The Dark Crystal. A childhood favorite of mine. I'm shocked I didn't get scared. I still love the movie despite the flaws and plot holes. I have one more thing to say about this movie; H m m M m M M m M m m M m m

  3. Sofia Kukricar Author

    I'm now watching it on Netflix, and they have a series of it called The Dark Crystal: The Resistance. OMG HMMMMMMMM JAMES U NEED TO WATCH THISSSSSSSS

  4. Blue Gypsy Author

    The tree persons are called “Urskeks” …still LOVE this movie, even though it bombed at the box office, it is regarded as a cult classic…the ones that scared the hell out of me were the animated versions of “Watership Down” & “Animal Farm” (NOT SAFE FOR KIDS).😱😱😱

  5. T1544767 Author

    1:00 Let's see, you were born in 1996, and this video was made when you were 21 which means your taste and opinions on movies haven't matured yet (no offense), so you'll come to have a deeper appreciation of The Dark Crystal some time in the year 2022-2027.

  6. Smith Sisters Rentueb Author

    i watched the new dark crystal TV show and the main characters are Rian and Mira. Are you kidding me. Why can't they keep the original names for the gelflings.

  7. Vilmarie Heroux Author

    My mom really didn't care what I watched has long has it was from the kids section in the library…and guess what was in the kids section? Coraline…yea that movie scared me for life,so I watched it in my basement and this was a unfinished basement even though my dad was working on it at the time so I watch this scary movie IN THE DARK,but my sister was with me..until she LEFT ME and I watch THE WHOLE MOVIE frozen I couldn't move BECAUSE MY FEET WERE NUM so I had to drag my self up stairs and cry to my sister(because my mom wasn't home),and I was five at the time so yea never again
    Solve ur videos!

  8. Tania Dobbin Author

    I've just discovered that Netflix has added the dark crystal…

    I like to believe that it's because of this video even tho James made this like 2 years ago xD

  9. ColorfulGrey Author

    my dad wanted to watch the Netflix show with me but once it started playing I was like “wait a minute, WAIT A MINUTE” and watched this video instead


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