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THE OATH Official Red Band Trailer | In Select Theaters October 12. Everywhere October 19.

How did this reasonable, mild-mannered… …husband and wife end up like this? One word… …family. Fuck you, Pat. – Fuck you.
– Fuck you. – Fuck you. Fuck, you.
– Fuck you. Seriously… -…seriously, hold on…
– Chris, stop it. – …hold on, seriously.
– No politics. Mom, mom, this isn’t political… …I just want to say real quick, real quick… …seriously, Pat… Mmhmm. Fuck you. Shut the fuck up! Today, the government announced… …something they’re calling… …”The Patriot’s Oath.” A state sponsored initiative… …to have American’s sign a loyalty waiver… …to the President. The deadline for signing,
is the day after Thanksgiving. What is happening to the country? Let’s try to avoid that conversation… …for the next three days, okay? Hello! Hi! If these mother fuckers bring up The Oath… …I’m going to lose my mind. Turn on the news. What did he do? He lit a copy of The Oath on fire. Where are you getting this information from? “@fatasspatriot” Okay, he’s a good source, “@fatasspatriot” He’s verified. He’s a verified fucking idiot. My brother, I love him. I bet they signed The Oath like that. You know I’m a feminist… …but his girlfriend is a ‘lil c– You are not using that word in this house. You can use pussy, trash pussy… …but you cannot use that word. Abbie’s a trash pussy! Ok. That’s fine.
She’s a trash pussy. I’m Peter Yeun. We’re with the division of Homeland Security. We received a report that you were impeding… …a private citizen’s choice to sign The Oath. Do you guy’s have a warrant? I just think the three of us should go for a ride. [Screams] [Thud] [Scream] [Scream] [Screams] [Gunshots] Ughhh his head’s all fucked up. Did I do that to his head or
was his head like that before? Now is time for practical solutions. Okay, how’s this going to end? I don’t know; we can go to Mexico… …maybe we become Mexican nationals? I speak a little bit of Spanish. I will learn more. How the fuck is that practical?!


  1. Tom Petty Author

    I didn't even crack a smile on this trailer -_-, however my gf thinks it looks good. So looks like I'll be watching this trash ^_^, no I'm not whipped.. I just love my gf even if she has horrible taste in movies.

  2. Retrovibes Author

    Well, it's a good thing the budget is so low, because not a lot of people are going to pay to watch this. People want to escape reality, not have to suffer through more political BS.

  3. isturbo1984 Author

    In my family, we are all either centrist or don't give a crap about politics. But we got one nutjob (my aunt) who is always trying to push sexist anti-men and racist anti-white bs down all of our throats. A fascist disguised self described as a liberal who doesn't know the meaning of either. We have to just nod at family get-togethers or else she starts "Reeeeeeeeeee~"

  4. 10mmGlockUser Author

    I'm sick of the left wing actors I don't care about their political view I want to be entertained without the anti Trump lies and hate get over it Hillary list no one liked her except for socilist ran states that's why she lost the majority of the state's voted for her except for the wacko California get over it geeeeesh

  5. Brian Roush Author

    Those fuckers will definitely intrude on your rights. Just like the government will do if you decide to disobey there orders or laws. They will show unjust force on you.


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