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I have some good news. You’re pregnant! No! No! I’m finally writing my thesis. Oh. Here we go! We are at war, gentlemen! Grant funding levels are at an all-time low. Statistically speaking, you’re more three
times more likely to get cancer than you are to get a grant funded by the NIH to cure cancer. Ah, Cecilia! How’s the thesis going? Good! Everything’s in place. Good! All I need to do now is actually write the
thesis. Oh? It can’t be that hard, can it? What about the latest results for the conference
next week? I have them here, sir. Ah, have you double checked them? Yes. Triple checked them? Yes. Quadruple checked them? In research, your results don’t have to be
perfect. They just have to be better than the competition. Smith! Sangeeta. That’s Dr. Sangeeta Singh. She and Smith were
lab mates in grad school together. Cecilia, you can’t marry your thesis. You
need to find some balance. My sabbatical just got approved! What!? You better defend before I leave. I enjoyed your recent work lately, Brian.
It’s so applied… and accessible. Why is what you have done significant? What
have you been asking yourself all this time? Why am I in grad school? At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself,
“What do you want to say?” Hands! Hands! Hi. Hi. He is a nincompoop! Drama! These results are all very interesting. But,
what do they all mean? Why don’t we ask the expert in the room? Where am I? Uh, this is your lab? I knew that.


  1. Ari Ojanperä Author

    What about the latest results for the conference next week? Smith: I haven't answered. Have you double checked them? "Yes!" Triple check them! "Yes!" Quadruple check them "…..yes?". This is my most anticipated movie of the year! Coincidentally, I also have to finish my PhD by the end of the year. 😀

  2. Marianne B. Thériault Author

    Just wondering, on the kickstarter it stated jun 2015, we're in august and still I just see that it's coming this fall and for screening at university ( which happen to not be in one in Québec ). But for those who supported for online streaming, when is that supposed to be ?

  3. Phil W Author

    I thought Prof. Smith's line was supposed to be a bit of dark humor, on 3x more likely to get cancer than a grant from the NIH to cure cancer. Then I looked up NIH success rates for grant funding and found out they were 18.1%. Never mind Prof. Smith, you were right again (with a bit of rounding up) in a very unfortunate way.

  4. sanoiro Author

    So true.. so true… The first movie was delightful. The second one I believe it will be even more so. Now if you want the epitome of a broke doc student, see a Greek doc student. Nowadays, I think I want to change my future plans onto being a baker… 😛

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