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The Real Reason Hollywood Stopped Casting Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox rose to fame playing type-A
personality and chef Monica Geller on the pop culture phenomenon Friends. When the iconic sitcom went off the air in
2004, she seemed poised to achieve even greater fame on the big screen or on TV, but her career
hasn’t flourished as much as fans might’ve expected. So, why won’t Hollywood cast Cox anymore? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons her
career hasn’t been as hot as anticipated lately. Losing the part Cox nearly kicked off her post-Friends career
with another starring role on a mega-hit series. The actress was in the running to play Susan
Meyer in ABC’s prime time soap opera Desperate Housewives. In fact, she was reportedly producer Marc
Cherry’s first choice for the part, but she had to pass on it because she was pregnant
with her daughter Coco at the time. As a result, the role went to Teri Hatcher,
and Cox missed out on the next big thing on the small screen. “Aw, what are the CHANCES!?” Instead, Cox’s first major post-Friends role
was in 2006’s ill-fated comedy Zoom. “Let’s get this party started!” The movie was a commercial flop, grossing
only $12.5 million worldwide against its $75 million budget, and was also panned by critics,
scoring a dismal 3 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. She then made her highly-anticipated return
to the small screen in 2007 as Lucy Spiller, an unsympathetic tabloid editor, in Dirt. But the intense FX dramedy struggled to find
its footing—and an audience—during the uncertainty of the writers’ strike going on
at the time. The show was met with a lukewarm critical
reception, and its ratings steadily dwindled. With production halting mid-second-season
due to the strike, the network unceremoniously canceled the series in 2008. And Cox’s next series would nearly suffer
a similar fate. A rocky new start After Dirt was canned, Cox focused on developing
Cougar Town, a quirky comedy which featured her chugging wine with her pals in a small
town that seems to revolve around her. The show was undoubtedly her biggest post-Friends
success and actually earned her first and only Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress. But just like her previous efforts to reclaim
her spot on the TV throne, the show struggled to find an audience throughout its entire
six-season run. The show almost always seemed on the verge
of cancellation, suffering from difficult time slots, fizzling ratings, and mixed reviews. Even an attempt to revitalize the show with
a new home at TBS in 2012 failed to bring any new energy to the show, and it was ultimately
shuttered in 2015 without much fanfare. Behind the lens After Friends, Cox began amassing a body of
work behind the lens as well, with mixed results. She served as a producer on several shows,
including Dirt and Cougar Town as well as Daisy Does America and Celebrity Name Game. She also tried her hand at directing, helming
several episodes of Cougar Town before making her feature-length directorial debut in 2014. The film, titled Just Before I Go, was billed
as a dramedy but failed to impress critics or audiences. Reviewers slammed it as filled with crass
jokes and uneven attempts at emotional resonance, while audiences never showed up to see it. To her credit, Cox refused to let naysayers
keep her down, telling the Wrap: “I’m never more creatively fulfilled than
when I’m directing. I love immersing myself in every aspect.” But if her inaugural movie effort was any
indication, she might want to be more choosey with her future projects. Back to natural Courtney Cox was as fresh-faced as they come
when she got her big break on Friends, but in the years that followed, her face started
to look remarkably different on-camera. In 2016, the actress came clean about her
prior use of Botox, facial fillers, and laser treatments, and admitted that the procedures
made her look “fake.” “I think there’s a pressure to maintain [your
looks], not just because of fame, but just, you know, being a woman in this business …” “Sometimes you find yourself trying and you
look at a picture of yourself and you go ‘ooh, God.'” She ultimately decided to let her fillers
dissolve, allowing her face to return to its natural state and restoring her confidence. Cox certainly isn’t the only actress who’s
dealt with the pressures of trying to find the fountain of youth in Hollywood, but if
her interventions rendered her unrecognizable, it very well could have hindered her career
progress at the time. “People are… can be pretty mean.” Personal projects In addition to raising her daughter and staging
impromptu Friends reunions, Cox has also been devoting much of her time to changing the
world. The actress is a supporter of a number of
charities, but the cause closest to her heart is the fight against ALS. Ever since her friend, publicist Nanci Ryder,
was diagnosed in 2014, the actress has done her part to raise awareness about the disease. Cox has also worked closely with OmniPeace,
which builds music schools in Rwanda to help empower children who are living in poverty,
and the Dignity Campaign, which aids mothers in prison. Meanwhile, she’s taken her personal passions
to the professional realm as well, having recently directed the music video for Joel
Taylor’s “Two Sides” and beginning work on a new documentary series about the pregnancy
process. Perhaps one of these new adventures, which
may be nearer and dearer to her heart, will mark the start of a new career revival for
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  1. Christopher Mercado Author

    I never cared for her and hated the way she looked at all the plastic, but seeing this changed my mind. I'm glad she went back to her natural look and is content wt her life rigth now. I wish her all the success and happiness

  2. pincmin Author

    She's doing fine, and she's doing many interesting things, but as for her acting career, the industry, as well as the audience, are very ungrateful.

  3. Water Flower 2518 Author

    She was so gorgeous but then she had that plastic surgery she was prettier the n Jennifer Aniston but she was also pretty

  4. Lucy Hurst Author

    How was she poised to hit it big after friends? None of the others “friends” movie careers have ever been massively successful, and she is a very samey, poor actress.

  5. Sendra Kes Author

    How i love to slap these beautiful woman who couldn't be satisfied, especially not realizing they were chosen in the first place for the way they look, they're originality, now look what happened? Terrible, she now have resemblance with Jarred Leto. Be amazed that any men would get arouse by Cox looking like the Death character in Supernatural. Obviously, these actress cannot be stopped going through the knife no matter how beautiful they already are…so word of advice at least…go with a reputable surgeon, even if they're cheaper as long as their work was known by other actresses with great result, cos i'm pretty sure Cox's surgeon is expensive…yet a tragic result.

  6. Umar Mehmood Author

    Actors and Actresses do get cast like WTF why they stop casting they haven’t stopped check there upcoming movies you need to shut down Nicki Swift

  7. Donald Marshall Author


    I watched your "Video ARTICLE: -iii< O.K., however you may yet have to "drawl me a map," and explain WHY HOLLYWOOD STOPPED CASTING HER. I am sure that, as is true with most children, Courteney grew-up wanting to know if she was yet a young girl or could she be called an adult LADY. Forever, she was waiting to be a "mature" LADY. Today, 2018, she is maturing into the defined "beauty whom" Michelangelo artistically captures is his painting of a lady (SIMONI [LINK: ]).

    [SECTION ONE] Hollywood appreciates beauty, but the media and fashion designers place to much focus on what beauty is, or is not. Many roles (acting parts) in television, movies, etc. are based on "CHARACTER ACTING." In "character acting," the actor, or actress is to be able to personify and portray the character of a person being described in a script. If an actress is asked to portray the character of an "ugly zombie woman," the beauty is in "how well" the "ROLE" is performed. In the script, the "Ugly Duckling" (Zombie) becomes touched (made aware, awoken) by an "angel-of-maturity," then the "ugly duckling (zombie) turns into a "SWAN" (beautiful LADY). Would you want to be a "young duck" or a "beautiful swan?[rhetorical].

    [SECTION TWO] Courtney is an attractive lady: [i] she has beautifully defined facial features, [ii] her physical posture is admirable, [ii] her shape is eloquently proportioned, [iii] her weight to height is complementary (complementary [[definition of complementary]]; -> [a.] to be compatible, [b.] to blend in and enhance others, [c.] excellent camaraderie) and [iv] her personality does radiantly glows with well developed social skills (she is brightly skilled in communicating, while mingling with other); Courtney is an accomplished and honored professional.

    NOTE: Notice the difference between the "spellings" and definitions of the words:
    ……[i] complimentary (to give praise of kind regard) and
    ……[ii] complementary (to fit together, engage)

  8. Tegnet Author

    I can respect how women are under "pressure" to stay young in Hollywood.
    But personally, the reason I haven't watched any of her stuff after Friends, is that I found her to be the worst of the actors. I mean, it was probably the live audience and that had to pause after jokes and wait for the laughter to stop. But while it felt natural with the rest of the cast or they played with it… Cox just felt stiff.
    I'm sure she's better without a live audience… But, in my mind, I just developed a disliking for her and she's branded as a bad actor that isn't worth watching.

  9. Richard Arena Author

    Friends update: Emily punches Ross. Phoebe goes on tour with smelly cat.
    Chandler goes to Yemen.
    Rachel and Monica wrestle.
    And Joey forms a thought.

  10. JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again Author

    I hope she makes a come back… What I think with her and David Arquette broke up is when she started to go downhill they seem good for each other…the show she did cougar town was pretty decent 6 season isn't nothing to sneez at …alot of the times they fade out from the spot light & become directors … I be trying to tell girls your natural beauty is your best asset don't mess with it!

  11. Petester65 Author

    Courtney Cox in Ace Ventura Pet Detective 94' was absolutely picture perfect drop dead gorgeous that led me to watch friends 94 thru 04. I will always love "Monica Geller" no matter what.

  12. James Carter Author

    Time….Time is working on you all right now……enjoy the ride……it doesnt last long……one day your young… day your Old……lol lol ….and with no do overs….

  13. Monique Noverola Author

    What about the B.S. when these always say "why Hollywood stop casting"a person that hasn't been in anything in a while.then they tell you everything they accomplished from birth and till current and they are doing fine.

  14. Kaiki Deishu Author

    I liked Jen more than Courteney, she has exotic, oriental type of face especially in first seasons, she always reminded me princess Jasmine from Aladdin movies, while Courteney had just conventional type of face, I liked her most in 3rd season, my fav her look is that episode with Metaphorical tunnel, I am Bea, I drink tea, won't you dance around with me lol

  15. Seema Nihar Author

    She didn't have to do that but its her choice and I respect that… even after all those critisizems she never let them get to her… She is still pretty and one of the best actors and friends

  16. Andrei Budris Author

    One time she appeared in a episode of shameless. I watched half of the episode before I realized who she is. She changed a lot and I rlly think she's beautiful anyways. So you go girl. You do you. Hopefully your natur you


    if she grew a little fatter she would look better.. dose sagging skin ll have some support.. being overly skinny and being overly fat makes you looked aged

  18. Patricia Loaiza Author

    So Cox developed into a cougar wine sucking degenerated pig.
    She must be sipping on plasma then to sustain the youthful appearance. Tim, Cox and friends please, kindly leave our planet.

  19. Patricia Loaiza Author

    With friends like these, why do you need NUCLEAR WEAPONS, when you have witches and transvesties.
    Bloodsuckers and blindsided.
    The CRINGE.

  20. Jordan Bibiana Author

    It’s so sad that most of the comments are about her appearance. Our society makes the pressure on the woman to keep their beauty in every age and than we bitch about that they had plastic surgery and botox and they look fake.

  21. Tracy Seifried Author

    Courteney Cox is not only the worst actor but the ugliest woman I have EVER seen on tv. She singl handedly ruined the show Freinds and I hope I NEVER see that ugly face ever again

  22. P 1 Author

    She was pretty before she didn't need the plastic surgery … she even said she doesn't look like herself and she regret it after the surgery

  23. MateoPapiChulo Author

    Underrated actress and gorgeous! Glad she didn't go crazy on the plastic surgery. She didn't need it. She's looking better nowadays. I always thought she was prettier than Jennifer Aniston (But when Aniston is a brunette, then it's a competition).
    I loved her in "Dirt." Still sucks that it was cancelled.
    She's a great comedic and dramatic actress. Hopefully she'll get the roles she rightfully deserves.

  24. Jared Hanamaikai Author

    You never won anything good. I am going to crucify you as a way of getting rid of your mediocrity. Fry witch. And it's happening to your so called friends too.


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