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The Real Reason Hollywood Won’t Cast Lacey Chabert Anymore

Actress Lacey Chabert, best known for her
roles on Party of Five and Mean Girls, was pretty fetch at one point, and with good reason. “Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen. It’s not going to happen.” At the height of her fame, Chabert was everywhere,
and it seemed like she’d be the one to shine, but co-star Rachel McAdams became the post-Mean
Girls darling instead. With McAdams and fellow Mean Girls star Amanda
Seyfried landing big movies and co-star Lindsay Lohan being, well, Lindsay Lohan, Chabert
has kept busy with lots of smaller roles, but she deserves another shot at the big screen. So why won’t Hollywood cast Lacey Chabert
anymore? The Gretchen Wieners curse Chabert will always be known as the iconic
Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls, so perhaps Hollywood still sees her as the dimwitted
teen whose father invented Toaster Strudel. Getting typecast is really easy in Hollywood
— just look at the always eccentric Helena Bonham Carter or the go-to rom-com star, Jennifer
Aniston. In Chabert’s case, her entire professional
identity may still be wrapped up in a single film. In 2014, ten years after the Mean Girls debut,
Chabert told Entertainment Weekly, “People tweet me every day hundreds of times,
if not thousands of times [with] lines from the movie.” That’s…not quite fetch. Hallmark, land of the has-beens Chabert has starred in eight — yes, eight! — Hallmark Channel movies, known for their
campy, syrupy sweet cheer. It’s not exactly the place to go if you’re
looking for an Oscar nod. “She was meek.” “Excuse me.” “You forgot your present.” “Until a magical wish…” “I wish that I could be brave.” “…gave her Moxy!” “You know that idea wasn’t yours!” Other celebrities who’ve disappeared into
the world of Hallmark? Dean Cain, Danica McKellar, and Chabert’s
former Party of Five costar Jennifer Love Hewitt. When was the last time you saw them in an
A-list film? That said, Chabert seems plenty proud of her
feel-good gigs in Christmas movies, telling Entertainment Weekly, “They’re like comfort food. You know you’re going to sit down, be uplifted,
feel some emotions, and be left in a good mood.” Sure! Well…unless you like good movies or something. Faith may be holding her back Some Tinseltown circles feel that being an
outspoken Christian in Hollywood doesn’t get you very far. It’s possible that one of the reasons Chabert
hasn’t had much luck in Hollywood recently is because she’s been outspoken about her
religious beliefs and has recently avoided roles that conflict with her faith. Discussing her 2014 film Christian Mingle,
she told, “[My character] finding faith and coming to
a real relationship to God was something that is a huge part of the film and it is something
personal for me.” She’s a mom now Chabert gave birth to her first child, Julia
Mimi Bella, in September 2016. The actress went into full-on nesting mode,
preparing for her daughter’s arrival by getting the nursery in tip-top shape and even sitting
down her chihuahua named Kitty for a preparatory talk. Chabert seems to be over the moon for her
little Julia, and she’s obviously more focused on parenthood more than scoring the next big
role. Turning it around Though she’s been flying under the radar for
years, Chabert has kept busy in countless iconic animated roles, so perhaps Chabert
could dive into animated features full-time, boosting her career with a whole new fanbase. And thanks to a choose-your-own-adventure
gaming app called Mean Girls: Sorority Rush her iconic character is back in the spotlight. Chabert could also take a cue from Jessica
Alba and transform herself into a momtrepreneur, designing all sorts of “that’s so fetch!”
outfits for parents who grew up as Mean Girls fans. “What is fetch?” “Oh it’s like slang… from England.” Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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  1. Heidi Goatgirl Author

    I like Hallmark movies and mysteries – predictable as they are – they are a cozy watch. The actors are stellar, they want to make a clean movie; some may be newbies but for the most part they are feel-good movies you can watch with the family (remember, Hollywood, family?) So tired of trash movies spewing out of Hollywood by the droves – where you need a barf bag sitting next to you and are feebly trying to not to be brainwashed by the x-rated trash. Tired of the desensitization of Hollywood. Good on you Lacy Chabert.

  2. Bryant Walley Author

    Saw the link to this on the sidebar. It looked like one of those things that is so stupid you have to click it to see. That it was. Lacey is first class and her movies show it. I guess the girl that made the video only likes the trailer trash out on the west coast.

  3. Joe Orzech Author

    Right ? She actually has a life she makes up her own mind no scandal no skanky clothing lines to promote no cocain no casting couch keeps her political shit to herself not sleeping with or kissing talk Show host ass busy being an actual mom so no time for protest now that's what I call a real woman that's sexy

  4. Ken Wilson Author

    Lacy is a roll model for my daughters, and I'm glad for it. I cringe when kids refer to the horrible harlots and downright evil celebrities as their roll models. Lacy doesn't sell skin, sexual innuendo, or blasphemy of our Lord. She's solid in her faith and thus is penalized for it when working in the land of Sodom and Gomorrah. A righteous person among the hypocrites, the sinful heathens gets my respect. I believe that she realizes that trading one's soul for the trappings of wealth and fame while our short time on earth is in no way worth the sacrifice of the loss of eternity in heaven. Television helps raise our children in today's world, and I would much rather my kids watch Lacy than I would them watching the likes of her one time costar -Lindsey Lohan.

  5. Mark Clark Author

    I love her and her movies. Hollyweird movies are starting to tank anyways. I don't even watch on video anymore. I love the Christian movies much better than the hollyweird perv movies anyway. Sick of the left trying to perv everything in the world. They may not believe in GOD now ,but one day they will!!!!!!!!!!!Just saying! Have a great day!!

  6. Janet McDaniel Author

    High 5 to Lacey for standing on what "she" wants not what hollywood expects(actors/actress that are treated like dirt)….she is excellent in acting….I love it when she talks under her breath…cracks me up everytime….shes so nature in shows,very professional

  7. Marie Ash Author

    I just have to make a comment on this. I have heard this several times now and I have a real difficult time with it. First of all, true actors don't become actors just to make a film and receive an award. They become actors because it is a part of them. They act to act and make it their career. While all of these fantastic actresses are waiting for their next big role to get them their award, people like Lacey, Candace, Danika, Dean Cain etc. are acting everyday. They are the people we think of when you speak of actors. People who are steady in their careers. They are names that roll off our tongue in everyday conversation. They are a HUGE part of our world where as we may not remember the name of the incredible actress we saw on the big screen two or three years ago. Also, these roles are anything but small. While people are waiting for their next big role, these people who have these "smaller roles" are filming in Africa, Belgium and France… Let's not put them down. They are true actors in every sense of the word! As far as her faith goes, what a relief to find people in the industry that are so real!! That can relate to more of us than you can possibly imagine. She has faith in her God, loves, her husband and little girl, is a working Mom and so many of us adore her!! I tip my hat to each of these actors and want to let them know that whether you are on the big screen or small screen, you are all super talented and we look forward to seeing you in many new roles, movies or TV!! Way to go Hallmark, you're snatching up all the good ones 😉

  8. Ash Smith Author

    She is so sweet like you could just see it. She has a beautiful soul leave this girl alone she is happy and has money is a mommy who cares what the hell you think stupid ass video

  9. Alice Author

    I wondered what happened to her. We don't have the hallmark channel here so I had no idea. It's probably easy money and she can raise a family at the same time and stay under the radar. Who cares if it's not big roles as long as she's happy. Plus she probably has more than enough money just living off party of five and mean girls royalties

  10. Timothy Aldridge Author

    I like Hallmark movies. I'm glad she has the balls to stand up for God. Her witness will be remembered long after the movie industry is forgotten

  11. ShyAnn Williams Author

    Lacey is beautiful inside and out. She is talented and I would love to see her in more movies, Hallmark or not. God Bless her and her precious Daughter. 💖💟💞

  12. ShyAnn Williams Author

    Lacey is very talented. NO ONE'S career should be affected by their beliefs! It certainly doesn't affect the Scientology believers, Atheists or Non believers of any higher power.

  13. Ralph James Author

    Lacey Chabert (as well as Jennifer Love Hewitt) are caramel babies, meaning they each are half black and half white! And guess what? They get constantly outshined by both black and white actresses all the time because that's Hollywood for ya!!!

  14. Jonathan Farley Author

    Wow I remember Jennifer Love-Hewitt was hot back in the day, but Lacey's on a different level. Can't see even one less than beautiful thing about her…

  15. Miriam A Mclennan Author

    I love Lacey… who cares if she’s not in award winning films. Hollywood is not what it used to be…. Lacey’s films are easy to watch… 🌼

  16. Vac Aspen Author

    Hallmark is very good always something on unique and feel good and it can have important moral. She is successful. She probably just avoiding the stupid cuz shae's and degradation of mainstream media.

  17. cybersoil100 Author

    I disagree with this video, I think Lacey has done a great job on the Hallmark Channel. These Hallmark movies will be in high regard forever and are also very uplifting for people. I would rather see Lacey in a Hallmark movie any day than in a big production of Hollywood. I really enjoy her work on these Hallmark movies and I'm very glad that she decided to do them.

  18. Tommy A Author

    Wow so you diss her just cause she's not making "A" listed movies when half those movies that are "A" list suck and aren't worth the film they are made of. Shame on her for enjoying making more family oriented things instead of the trash you call "A" listed find some new stuff to produce then dissing someone for being proud of their accomplishments

  19. mzglamor13 Author

    Yes for doing clean pure movies so sick and tired of that watching these witchcraft evil satanic movies that getting nowhere in life you watch what you do good on her for going with Hallmark and she's becoming a big success with Hallmark with god on her side not turning into a drug mess like most of Hollywood committing suicide I love Hallmark and I wish they played more of it here in Australia instead of having to go to YouTube to watch all the Hallmark movies it's sad that evil is taking over all TV Netflix flooded with so much evil and not clean true story movies with good storyline like Hallmark.

  20. cbalducc Author

    Lacey has been an actress since childhood. She had roles in a couple of TV series before being cast in “Mean Girls”. I support the choices she has made as she has grown older. She doesn’t want the baggage of being a A-lister, which includes living with the cynical belief that the worst publicity is no publicity. Apparently she hasn’t strayed far from her small-town Mississippi roots. Maybe she’ll make a movie in her (and my) home state.

  21. Barbara Sanders Author

    Good for you Lacey!! Never….NEVER compromise for the dirt and perversion that is Hollywood!! God will honour you as you keep honouring Him!! I love your Hallmark movies and you're my favourite leading lady 😊

  22. Ray A Author

    She is awesome on Hallmark, she don't need Hollywood…Hollywood movies suck anyway, cardi b, Katey Perry music sucks, she don't need that life

  23. Angela Griffin Author

    Yeah because the only great movies are the ones that get Oscars or Globes, or that preach to you or depress the hell out of you or that are made by uppity producers, directors, or stars…NOT…

  24. Red John Author

    Change the title to 'Why Lacey Chabert Won't Cast Hollywood Anymore'
    Hollywood is overrated and lacks the originality that it once had.

  25. Chris Clark Author

    Ummm, She was one of the supporting cast Members as the Bride to Be in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and does some Hallmark Films and
    Lifetime Movies. So what, She works when She wants, does what She can, raises Her Kids and is a Wife. Being able to Work as an
    Actress at all is saying something. Plus She's only in Her mid 30's. Still lots of Career Time left for this absolutely Gorgeous Actress.

  26. Theresa Colosimo Author

    I love Lacey Chabert in Hallmark movies, she is very talented and believable in her parts. Who cares about the stupid mean girl movies?

  27. Sir Bobby Jones Author

    She is such a better actress and more pure and authentic in the many hallmark movie roles that she plays in …I like the refreshing fairly clean movies that hallmark has to offer … She's a good actress that is staying true to her faith and family values and to me that's a winner …

  28. Nidia A Author

    Quick to judge all you nonbelievers lol
    😆😆😆… Yet has anyone off you watched Lacey in Hallmark's Christmas 🎄 in July, or Hallmark's countdown to Christmas 🎄🎅🎄 movies. Like "A Royal Christmas" , " A Christmas Melody" staring Mariah Carey okay. So don't tell me that Hallmark stars broken 💔 and B rated stars because people who say that need to go back to school 🏫 lol.

  29. Jana Taylor Author

    So,what I hear is she did everything right. I love her Hallmark movies. They´re always so sweet and fun. The world needs more of these innocent family movies. Hollywood is so overrated

  30. Amanda Ross Author

    She is awesome in her Hallmark movies and is one of my all time favorites. Her work in those movies should not be looked down on or called the "land of the "has-beens"". Hallmark is VERY popular and Lacey is a sweetheart. I think it sucks that some people look down their noses at her work for Hallmark. Just my opinion

  31. Alexis Nunley Author

    I would rather see Lacey on Hallmark. She is a big star and Hallmark let's her spread he wings so she is not playing the role of backup to a 'mean girl.' Bravo to Hallmark for bringing her to our hearts. Hollywood you have missed out. She is a fantastic actress!

  32. Sherry Rook Author

    I love Lacy! Thank God Hollywood wasn’t in her cards she’s too good a actress and person to be working for Hollywood. Hollywood is nothing. Good for you Lacy we love you in the Hallmark movies!

  33. Sachkico A Author

    She's working steadily on Hallmark channel movies. She's doing just fine. This video is so false. We love her on Hallmark channel movies ❤❤❤


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