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The Responsibility of MOJADA | The Public Theater

One of the joys of having worked with
Sabina is that she’s performed this role now probably about 200 times. I’ve
changed to play radically and she keeps radically changing with it.
The first time he did his Medea adaptation, it was set in the Mission
District in San Francisco and now that it’s in New York, he’s setting it in
Queens. So a lot of the text changes just to reflect the landscape that’s around
this family and their experience. As an artist, as a female, and a Latina, it’s
incredible to be given this responsibility. It’s terrifying but
incredibly rewarding when you get to realize that you are speaking about and
for groups of people that do not have voices and nobody wants to listen to
them. We want to give them a platform so that they can actually experience
someone’s soul someone’s spirit instead of just “oh it’s another face on the


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