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The Rise (and Fall) of Hollywood

Hollywood is a crazy world with an even
crazier history it’s conniving competitive and above all
risky I think to analyze movies it’s important to understand the context
surrounding the production of the movie not to mention it’s also extremely
interesting so let’s separate Hollywood’s life into
five distinct eras and see the thievery desperation and failure in the industry
starting with the first movies actually began far away from Hollywood California
all movies before 19/11 like the Great Train Robbery and the first Frankenstein
movie were filmed entirely on the East Coast in fact the all-too-familiar term
cliffhanger most likely originates from a series called the peril of poly in
1914 which was filmed in the former motion picture capital of the country
Fort Lee New Jersey the move to Hollywood happened for several reasons
it was cheaper there was nice weather year-round and California provided a lot
of distinct film locations nothing illustrates this better than Paramount’s
description of the region one reason hardly talked about however is the fact
that these million dollar motion picture industries were fleeing to California so
they could more easily break the law in 1891 Thomas Edison patented the kinetic
graph the technology used to film movies with his patent he had a legal monopoly
on the entire industry even had control over movie projectors and film
distributors Edison aggressively sued many people using his invention going so
far as to hiring thugs to smash cameras and raid independent studios filmmakers
like Fox and paramount had to flee to the west coast so they could make their
movies outside of Edison’s influence so technically any movie made before 1917
not from Thomas Edison’s production company was completely illegal in 1917
the United States Supreme Court ruled his monopolies unlawful and against
public interest it’s interesting how an industry founded on breaking the rules
is now aggressively taking video essays down on YouTube despite their obvious
fair use but I digress shall we try it right food which cigar mr. Gordon by the late 1910s America cinema
transitioned into what we’re familiar with the booming Hollywood industry the
industry skyrocketed a key innovation was the addition of dialogue in the late
1920s which kept the industry afloat popular and innovative throughout the
Great Depression the era between 1917 in the late 1940s is commonly referred to
as studio system Hollywood this is when production companies had decade-long
contracts with actors directors and writers if you think the movie industry
is monopolized now know that five studios had control of absolutely
everything in the 1940s each major company had ownership of actors
directors distribution and even the movie theaters creators could only make
it an industry if they stuck with one company for almost their entire careers
by signing long term and sometimes very unfair contracts out of this era came
classics such as Gone with the Wind Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and the
original King Kong one interesting aspect of this time period is that with
so many movies being made and so many people flocking to the theater movie
companies could afford producing movies with medium sized budgets and scripts
that weren’t necessarily blockbuster material like Citizen Kane and
Casablanca nowadays big companies pull most of their time and resources into
several big-budget movies a year which is quite a shame the end of this era came from another
battle with the courts the Supreme Court ruled against Paramount Pictures saying
ownership of the theaters and distribution of their films was a
restriction of fair trade this loss of control of distribution protected
independent filmmakers but meant to decline in the big industry the next
head to movie popularity was television television hurt the industry since many
people could stay at home to get their entertainment movie viewership plummeted
in the 30s 60% of people went to the movie theaters at least once a week but
since the 1960’s the number has consistently stuck around only 10
percent to combat TV movies had to do what TV couldn’t do big screens and big
budgets the Hollywood epic came into fruition this is when movies got
absolutely insane cinema scope lenses stretched the screen to almost twice the
size of conventional film there were movies like Cleopatra in 1963 which was
the highest grossing film of the year and still didn’t make back its budget
one of his huge hundred-foot set pieces had to be built twice in two separate
countries because the lead Elizabeth Taylor got sick soon the new Hollywood
era broke through starting with Bonnie and Clyde film school train directors
gained major influence in the industry as opposed to the producers of old
Hollywood with low-budget hits like jaws by Steven Spielberg Star Wars by George
Lucas and the Godfather by Francis Coppola producers gave more control to
the filmmakers who in turn produced more provocative diverse and innovative
movies personally I find this atmosphere the most conducive to amazing filmmaking
but it came at a price with such freedom several films got way
out of hand many directors took their power too far in movie budgets
skyrocketed out of control Apocalypse Now is an extreme example there’s a
documentary on the production process of the movie called heart of darkness that
I absolutely recommend I cannot come close to describing the mayhem of making
that movie in such a short video hurricanes heart attacks a coup in the
country they filmed its crazy with Apocalypse Now in 1979 in the box office
bomb Heaven’s Gate in 1980 bankrupting a huge production company producers
tightened their grip on filmmakers which makes absolute sense what happened was
in the 70s all those filmmakers that did get final cut the budgets grew and grew
and each one one after the other had a financial disaster that almost tore down
the studio’s if you treat the movie industry like an actual business it’s
definitely one of the riskiest one movie the public
hates and it cripples the company millions are on the line and with
continuously decreasing ticket sales companies had to adapt now we’re at the
movie industry as we know it today with home video in the 90s and streaming
services like Netflix it’s hardly worth it to drive all the way to a movie
theater anymore so companies make a handful of movies and promote them like
crazy superhero and fantasy movies dominate box office sales because those
are the movies that are worth seeing on the big screen movies like pop star and
the nice guys bomb this year because they’re light comedies and frankly I’m
willing to wait for them to come to Netflix in a couple months what’s
amazing about this era is that it gets easier and easier to make feature-length
movies I bought a used DSLR camera tripod memory card case and editing
software for less than $600 you don’t need a huge movie conglomerate to get
your voice heard and your art noticed Hollywood becomes more and more obsolete
every day so pick up your iPhone hit record and say action thanks for
watching here it is the cool slightly trans for just a bit of a break from the
norm just a little something to break the monotony of all that


  1. Francis Lord Author

    You didn't mention the fact that Hollywood graduated from the studio to the real world, as film cameras became more mobile, then – largely down to the growth of digital technology – retreated back into their nursery.

  2. Theomite Author

    A big reason APOCALYPSE NOW was a production disaster was because Coppola started production just before the monsoon season. Corman was his teacher and Corman had shot in the Philippines several times in the past, but he only went during the 4 months of the year when the weather was mild. Coppola consulted Corman before he left to get his advice and Corman told him not to go because it was the wrong time of year; Corman was right and the production fell behind for that reason (among others).

  3. Thicc Boss 47 Author

    Mr. Critic,

    do you think its possible to review porn seriously? not you but….anyone, is there a decency line that a reviewer would have to cross in order to make his analysis, and…what would the analysis stand from? as a impactful artform? like most films,
    or as a satisfying piece of entertainment? like its meant to be?

  4. electrojones Author

    When you (you, yourself) say you're willing to wait to see a non-action movie on home video, I'm willing to bet you have nothing to offer as a filmmaker.

  5. Karim Naji Author

    Hollywood needs to go digital, maybe they are already trying, imagine if they had their own streaming service, the cinemas themselves would be obsolete in years, and such idea would be shocking to future generations

  6. Jesse Torres Author

    Thank you for acknowledging the out-of-control nature of so-called "auteur" directors. yeah, anyone can make a masterpiece with an unlimited budget and no regard for the well-being of actors. This is a subject that requires revisiting. I'm tired of people praising Coppola, Kubrick and Herzog while writing off their abuse of actors as "the price of art". Fuck. That.

  7. lemmonsinmyeyes Author

    You should do one about Old Tucson, it is more westerns and stuff but it was a big deal for a long time (until some ass-hat burned it down)

  8. Lynn Alba Author

    Not to mention ‼Their is a bunch of pedos running Hollywood,Now it will be way worse,,,all anti American propaganda,,,,china bought most of the Hollywood studios,,,,,They will be telling them what kind of movies they will be allowed to make,💀

  9. Balta Bueno Author

    If someone is trying to make an Indie film just let me know. I'm not looking for any monetary gain, I'm just looking to be part of something meaningful and fun 🙂

  10. bradyspace Author

    Hollywood has good qualities for lights, camera and action. West Coast is sunny. The weather is dry which is important for expensive camera equipment and lenses. The West had a lot of action. Tucson, likewise was also a big film capital for a while.

  11. Maya P Author

    Present day Hollywood is full of sequels and marvel movies. The oscars had a good batch of movies this year but I think things are only going do go downhill. They need fresh faces and new ideas. People making moving short films and documentaries on YouTube, way more people are doing online streaming than they were just two years ago. For a Hollywood movie to be good, than it has to be groundbreaking. Not just ok anymore.

  12. The Smoking Hat Author

    Great video again! Since you mention it…I was wondering, do you get many copyright claims on the videos you make? I imagine you would get that a lot, since you include so many clips from famous movies in your videos?


  13. EveryThingOld Author

    What sucks is if you are someone like me who doesn't really like superhero movies or fantasy movie much then you're screwed because not many good blockbusters are being made anymore.

  14. Joe Fisher Author

    If I remember correctly It has been at least a few years since the last time I went to go see a movie in theaters and on a discount day at that. It was a movie that me & a family member went to go see. I did not remember having any interest in seeing any of the movies available at the time(or as long as I can remember way before then with the exception of one movie), but a family member wanted to go see this movie in 2014. So me wanting to spend some quality time with this family member I opted to go see the movie with them.

    The family member walked in the theater with interest in seeing this movie, & about 1 1/2 -2 hours later they walked out disappointed & disgusted(like I was). It was shallow, & there was too many unnecessary sexual innuendos & situations that felt like I was one step away from watching a soft core porn movie( I have no interest in seeing anything porn related) which cheapened both the movie and movie going experience as a whole.

    I am a huge fan of the first 2 terminator films(saw them combined 100-200 times or more… & counting). Unfortunately at the time t2 was out in theaters originally( in 1991) I was too young to go see it. And ever since I saw the terminator on hbo when t2 was still out in theaters( in 1991) I very much wanted to go see t2 in theaters. So for 26 years this desire was pent up & ever growing inside of me of wanting to go see t2(my favorite film for 26 years atm) in theaters never expecting it to be re-released in theaters up until recently.

    When I first heard about t2:3d being shown in theaters I was very excited/happy/ & looking forward to seeing it in theaters(OH JOY, FINALLY!). I could not stop talking about it one of my family members told me. I don't remember being this happy & excited in seeing a movie in theaters in my whole life(no joke). And would'nt you know t2:3d is not being shown in theaters anywhere in my area, "WHAT A PISSER/IT REALLY SUCKS". All I wanted to do is just see t2 in theaters once in how it was meant to be seen. Don't worry I will be able to see it eventually in 3d in the near future, so not all is lost, it just won't be in theaters for me when I go see it in 3d. GOD bless.

  15. John Klett Author

    It's all about the Tribe and their Agenda. So tired of horror, blood and guts, terror, murder & rape, I mean Silence of the Lambs, cannibalism? An Oscar? Makes one wonder since the Tribe of Bankster moneychanger elites are committed to getting rid of the US in the name of Globalism, destroying Christianity and Christian values, the family, white people, I mean, they admit this in their Talmud, so ask yourself, you going to keep swallowing this Jewish Bullshit? Only low IQ's and morons would buy a ticket to watch brown, white and black people portrayed as idiots while the kinky haired Jew is portrayed as a saint.

  16. Gorgon Don Author

    Western movies are juvenile shit. Like EVERYTHING in the west (food, sport, art, music, health, education, family) that shit called 'profit' has sucked all the positivity from all endeavours.
    If you want to watch quality movies, search under 'World Movies'. If you've been watching western shit, you have a serious treat ahead.

  17. Nonamearisto Author

    You need more than an iPhone and some editing software for a compelling movie. Even if special effects aren't an issue (low-level effects are totally possible for an individual to make), there's still lighting, makeup, good acting, sets, props, studio space, permits to film if the filming is on location, sound mixing and editing, and dozens of other things. Try as one might, it's impossible to make a movie like The Avengers on a smartphone.

  18. maxis2k Author

    While Hollywood thinks it is safer to put all their money into a few big budget films (and sadly the formula still is working), I still think they would do better to go back to the older model of making dozens of medium budget films. Instead of expecting one movie to ride three months and dominate the theater, you can have 6 movies all coming out within 2 weeks of each other. Then keep the one that gets popular in theaters longer and dump the others to video. The risk of one movie failing is also a lot smaller when each movie doesn't cost $200 million to make. If marketed correctly, a medium budget movie can make even more profit.

    But what's really keeping this formula of huge budget movies afloat is the international market. America has become desensitized to the blockbuster. We really don't see a difference between a new Star Wars or a new Star Trek. A new Hobbit film and a new Super Hero film. Because really, they're all using the same formula; flashy CGI, tension-less action/drama and cheesy one liner sarcasm to try and express character development/comedy. Not to mention how utterly predictable the trailers are. So not surprising, ticket sales in America are slowly declining. Why go see all four Marvel films this year when you'll basically get the same thing from seeing just one of them? Basically, this formula is not sustainable. But while this formula is getting old in America, it's just starting to get popular in places like China. And Hollywood can ride this same formula for another decade or two in the international market, where it is still relatively fresh. Plus, the generic Hollywood film looks unique when compared to their own domestic market. So really, I don't see the blockbuster dying any time soon.

    But what do I care? I prefer TV. That's a medium that has a lot more room for diversity and growth. Oh wait…it's become even more formulaic than movies have? Crap…

  19. Devorah Epstein Author

    I'll tell Hollywood why this is coming about, and for free, without having to going to a research firm that will charge an arm and a leg. Hollywood is anti Trump. The problem with that is the Americans love him. They, the people of the United States are doing the same thing to Hollywood that they are doing to the NFL and their sponsors.

  20. Amy Waters Author

    wouldn't mind to see Hollywood go and get back to reading books and having an imagination of our own rather than what papaganda tells us to be

  21. OriginalIntentDoc Author

    "MAINSTREAM: How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda" — a James Jaeger Film. Get the DVD at Watch the trailers at

  22. ripperduck Author

    the problem is as it has always been, a tiny clique of men control content. edison attempted to monopolize the business through his inventions. studios moguls were finally told they could no longer own every element of production and distribution. producers allowed a select few to create content. so what's taken place is a tiny, inbred group of men, both on wall street and hollywood, are still attempting to tell you what you can and cannot see.

    but none of these guys are particularly talented, nor smart. they're good at eliminating competition, but have no capacity to create anything singular nor unique. audiences have given up on seeing anything of value in a movie theater, and are exerting control by just staying away. film making should be regional and not centered in los angeles, and it'll happen no matter what these guys think…..

  23. SorryBones Author

    I live in GA, and things are heating up over here for movie production. There's been at least two movies/shows filmed around the suburbs where I live (Barely Legal and the river scene in Ozarks), countless filmed across the rest of the state (Walking Dead and the like), my buddy was an extra in a school scene for the new Jumanji, and a professional actor gave a talk to my theater group about how he's the first wave of actors moving east instead of west. How fast it's growing makes me think Atlanta might be a second Hollywood sometime soon.

    I hope so. GA needs something other than peaches and obesity to send out to the rest of the country.

  24. Ashley Lala Author

    You forgot to mention that people are boycotting Hellywood because it's a depraved society of morally bankrupt sexual predators and pedophiles. Not to mention the occultic Luciferian agendas they are always pushing.

  25. Louielamson2000 Tran Nguyen Author

    Is Hollywood needed new clothes and shoes.

    Is it right to say, the Hollywood today like a pair of worsening shoes without heels.
    Meanwhile, the Americann film's makers today is overflowing and sinking in the tide of the rubbish cheaper movie, with the gun and the violent movie. Moreover, this is not benefiting for the younger American generation, and society in the long term.
    Nevertheless, is also devastating the American culture, and educational for younger generations.

    Today we are looking back to review's history of Hollywood and independent Filmmakers worldwide, in the past eighty years. Especially in the American, since author Margaret Michelle and her novel 'Gone with the Wind' published became a movie. Since then, Hollywood has become the Capital of Global Filmmakers and intellectual Identified.
    However, today 'Hollywood Rape Culture' and scandals, as well as overflowing the rubbish cheap movie, with guns and violent action movie, is will devastate the traditional culture of the America.
    A question? Will the American writers continue creating great novel, to education for young American.
    Here is four novels and movies is my favorite, I list below:

    1) Gone with the Wind by American novel author. Margaret Michelle 1936.

    2) Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pastermak

    3) The Thorn Birds 1977 by Australian author Colleen McCullough.

    4) The Godfather 1972 by Italian American author Mario Puzo.

  26. Nate DS Author

    In my opinion there are many distinct eras in hollywood with events sandwitched in betweem these eras

    film is invented
    diagetic sound is introduced
    technicolor is introduced
    wide screen is invented
    the haze codes are disbanded
    jaws makes movies events
    movie censorship kicks into high gear due to a certain superbowl incedent

  27. stanfordite Author

    The best way to make Hollywood great again is to bring back the studio system and make it so stars can only make movies for one studio at a time again. The movie industry would be better off it was trapped in the 1930s and 40s.

  28. Haragoth Author

    I feel like so many industries in the US are going away because of both, the failure to adapt, and the immense greed of producers, who have sucked all passion out of the arts and replaced it with marketing statistics. I think that this is why we arent getting really good films that we'll remember for generations. No one is really going to remember the marvel movies a generation or two from now, no one will remember any of the movies made in the last ten years. It's really sad, I get that humanity is evolving towards a better tomorrow, but at what cost?

  29. Wzrd Author

    strange how all those films that went way over budget or never made the money back ended up being icons of greatness in film/animation and inspired the next generation for years to come for both mediums. I mean how many Akira references am I still picking up these days? Lots.


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