The Souvenir | Official Trailer HD | A24

I have not got that much room. You’ve got a foot on that side. That’s not a foot. And I literally am on a ledge. I’ve got nowhere left to go. Do you think she suspects that you creep down to my bed? No I thought we’d put Antony down the end. It’s not that kind of
relationship anyway, is it? If she does, that was
an amazing performance. You’re very special, Julie. I don’t think I am. I know you don’t think you are. I’m very normal really. You’re not normal at all. I feel as though I want
to not live my whole life in this very privileged part
of the world I come from. I want to be really aware about
what’s going on around me. Sorry, sorry. We can all be sincere,
but what’s it all for? So I’m trying to work out
where you two tessellate here. How? What? Why? When? Can you lend me a couple of quid? Yeah, sure. Can I borrow some money? Please? More money? Yes. Oh. You’re too nice. You need to properly get aggressive. Don’t lie, Antony. If you don’t want to know. I do want to know. Then don’t ask. Stop torturing yourself. I’m not tor– Stop inviting me to torture you. It’s terribly complicated. You’re a thief. Gonna have to leave somewhere. Antony, you stole my stuff. Bleh. That’s exactly how
you make me feel. You’re lost and you’ll always be lost. You’ve changed quite
a lot since you came. The most important thing about learning is that you grow. Do you like her? She looks sad. I think she looks determined and very much in love.

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