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The Top 15 BEST MOVIES Of 2017 #JPMN

Let’s begin by highlighting the five movies
that didn’t quite make my top-ten. In no particular order, these honorable mentions
are; “The Babysitter”: a fun and flashy send-up of 80s slashers with endearing characters;
“Baby Driver” illustrated how a top-notch soundtrack can transform a traditional heist-film
into edge-of-your-seat entertainment; “Kong: Skull Island” re-adapted the Hollywood classic
by mixing gorgeous cinematography and harrowing action with thrilling results; “Guardians
Of The Galaxy Vol 2.” may be Marvel’s most emotionally-effective movie yet; and Gal Gadot
rocked the box office with her fierce and beautiful portrayal as “Wonder Woman” – the
best entry in the DCEU by a country mile. And now, without further ado, the best movies
of 2017. “Brawl In Cell Block 99” wasn’t just criminally
overlooked last year, it was also a gritty and gory prison-thriller that completely surprised
me. Told with an quiet, and understated style,
the crime-drama is anchored by a career-best performance from a nearly unrecognizable Vince
Vaughn. Filled with twists, turns and plenty of violence,
this tragic and powerful movie lands in my tenth spot. Part coming-of-age drama, part nightmare fuel,
the second film adaptation of Stephen King’s “It” is as relatable as it is frightening. The richly inventive story; about an unexplained
force that preys on children’s fears as physical manifestations -makes for some positively
creepy moments; all aided by a sterling cast of talented youngsters. Playing out like an R-rated “Stranger Things”
– this was my ninth favorite film of the year. When it comes to animation, this is Pixar’s
world and we’re all just living in it. “Coco” isn’t just a vibrant and respectful
celebration of Mexican culture, it’s also a wondrously unique and colorful adventure
that all ages will enjoy. A fast-moving story that re-affirms the importance
of family and following your dreams – it’s hard to leave this film without an optimistic
smile on your face. I’m ranking it eighth. My seventh favorite movie of the year happens
to be the ninth in its impossibly long-running franchise about talking animals; “War For
The Planet Of The Apes”. From the astonishingly exciting battle sequences,
to the flawless visual effects, it’s the incredible performances from Andy Serkis and Woody Harrelson
that put this picture over the top. A triumphant conclusion to the 21st-century
reboot trilogy. Nolan has done it again. Despite a lack of historical depth or character
development, “Dunkirk” is a powerful and relentless experience that proves practical filmmaking
is far from dead. From the visceral sound-mix of beachside gunfire
to the realistic aerial dog-fights, this is a monument achievement in blockbuster filmmaking,
and the sixth best film of 2017. “John Wick: Chapter Two” isn’t just a sizable
improvement over its tightly-crafted predecessor, it’s also the best pure-action film of the
decade. A furious blend of expertly choreographed
neo-noir gunplay with intriguing world-building. Oozing with beautiful style and impressive
stunt-work, my fifth favorite film is astonishingly fun, too. At number four is “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”. While many fanboys were overly critical of
the latest installment in the epic space fantasy series, I absolutely adored the direction
and risks this picture took. Funny, introspective, and even awe-inspiring
– not even a few plot holes or an extraneous side-quest deterred my feverish enjoyment. A complex, beautifully filmed, and satisfying
adventure – this is an amazing film. Hugh Jackman anchors the excitement in my
bronze medal winner. The directorial debut from Michael Gracey
is a dazzling onslaught of old-fashioned cinema; and a clear affront to stale, historical bio-pics. With beautiful music, defiant anthems, and
colorful set-pieces, this is the type of big, fun, and lavish Hollywood musical we haven’t
seen since “Chicago”. Serving as a powerful tribute and a bittersweet
memorial to a bygone era, “The Greatest Showman” is feel-good, happiness-affirming cinema at
its purest. I thought it was AMAZING. My runner-up is “Get Out”. This fantastically inventive and proactive
psychological horror film from first-time director Jordan Peele challenged my perceptions
of what a horror film was capable of. A unique experience with truly unexpected
twists – it’s the perfectly nuanced performances, invocative commentary, and visceral scares
that really elevate this thriller to captivating heights. And finally the number one movie is… “The Disaster Artist”. When paying tribute to bad cinema, only a
like-minded auteur could truly capture the chaotic brilliance of this plot. But since director James Franco was also responsible
the worst movie of 2017; he understood how to outdo himself to create the best movie
of 2017. Uproariously funny from start to finish, it’s
the earned moments of poignancy about creativity and aspiration that push this film over the
top. An unbelievable true story about the pitfalls
and possibility of unrestrained ambition, “The Disaster Artist” is an inspiring, hilarious,
and heartfelt biopic. An absolute must-watch for all filmmakers
and artists – this was my favorite movie of the entire year. That does it for this “Movie Night” excerpt
– but if you’d like to watch more content, click or tap the thumbnails on the left. And don’t forget to visit the Jogwheel YouTube
channel to see full episodes of this show, alongside all my other videos. My name is Jonathan Paula, thanks for watching
and have a good Movie Night!


  1. Ewan Callister Author

    10 Favourite films of 2017
    1. Logan – 10/10
    2. Blade Runner 2049 – 10/10
    3. Baby Driver – 10/10
    4. The Disaster Artist – 10/10
    5. War for the Planet of the Apes – 10/10
    6. Thor: Ragnarok – 9/10
    7. Get Out – 9/10
    8. Coco – 9/10
    9. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi – 9/10
    10. Darkest Hour – 9/10

  2. Nicholas Borg Author

    1. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
    2. Blade Runner 2049
    3. Logan
    4. The Shape of Water
    5. Baby Driver
    6. Coco
    7. Dunkirk
    8. Thor: Ragnarok
    9. The Big Sick
    10. War for the Planet of the Apes
    11. Mother!

  3. The WahMaster Author

    All of the 2017 movies I saw in 2017 ranked.
    Top is best bottom is worst
    . Baby driver
    . Logan
    . Three billboards outside ebbing Missouri
    . Spiderman homecoming
    . War for the planet of the apes
    . Thor Ragnarok
    . 🎈it
    Get out
    . The disaster artist
    . The shape of water
    . Lego batman
    . John wick vol 2
    . Guardians of the Galaxy 2
    . Dunkirk
    . Kong skull island
    . Darkest hour
    . Kingsman 2
    . Jumanji welcome to the jungle
    . The last Jedi
    . Split
    . Atomic blonde
    . Murder on the orient express
    . Lego ninjago
    . Wonder Woman
    . Power rangers
    . Diary of a wimpy kid the long haul
    . The emoji movie

  4. Sagar Gopalani Author

    My top 10!
    10. Baby Driver
    9. John Wick 2
    8.Wonder Women
    7. Wind River
    6. It
    5. The Disaster Artist
    4. Dunkirk
    3. Get Out
    2. Thor Ragnarok
    1. Logan


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