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The Truth Behind Instagram Pictures

(bell rings) (slow music) (camera clicks) – I’m just gonna take a nap first. (dramatic music) (bell rings) (dance music) – Woo hoo. Get a pic. Uh, you know what, this
really isn’t my aesthetic can I borrow your sunglasses? Okay, there. (camera clicks) Yes, perfect photo. – I’m done. (bell rings) (dramatic vocal music) (slow music) (bell rings) – Okay, okay, move the pillow. Move the pillow. Good.
Alright, don’t smile. Big eyes. Open your eyes,
but give me the eyes. Chin up. Okay, not that much up. Bring it down. Good. Okay, hair. Need more hair. Alright, I think we got it. – Okay. Oh, you know what, let’s
just take like 20 more, just 20 more. (bell rings) – Oh my God, shut up. Eww, these trash cans stink. That’ll look good on Instagram. (bell rings) (breathy music) – Oh shoot, I forgot to
post something today. – We’re gonna be late for dinner. – We’ll just take a
quick selfie. It’s fine. Actually, you take it. Okay, look like we’re really happy. (bell rings) (dance music) – This looks terrible. This isn’t gonna work. (silly music) (horn and bell music)


  1. Irshia haque Author

    Well, I never done these before… I just post among the pictures while my dad kept taking photos of me being the weird me, I just post what I feel like is socially acceptable. Like not laughing like a seal with my mouth wide open or just having a huge bite on my food!😂😂 Eh, life is too simple for me…

  2. farrah Bryant Author

    I had 85k followers on my insta . I closed my insta and started enjoying my life instead of looking perfect and constantly being worried about how many likes and followers I would gain. I haven't felt happier in a long time !

  3. eliza masud Author

    I hate hashtags. They seem to RADIATE false vibes and then there are people who can’t even post pictures without less than 20 hashtags that are nowhere near the subject of the picture.

  4. Holly Shue Author

    I do try to make some of my pics look nice, but I don’t go to this length. When I take a picture with no makeup, I actually have no makeup on.

  5. Mamu MauMau Author

    The truth behind fake lifestyles and phony people? Maybe the best way to sort out the most phony of all
    the phonies is to figure the harder a phony tries to seem real, the more phony they really are!!!

  6. Lupita Valenzuela Author

    I dont take pictures because i dont have time. Or money. And i dont care what people night think. Because i always think that people dont give a crap about my personal life.

  7. Dana Rezk Author

    Thumbs up if ur too lazy to do this shiz everytime u take a pic like 😂😂

    Am i the only one 😬😬


    I should stop

    Have a good day!

  8. Parima Alizada Author

    I do none of them..I don't like taking pictures I mean I do take sometimes some pictures but I don't really care nor I have the time.i don't want people to know about my life, and i don't like to lie it makes me feel guilty 😷 why should people lie about their life why can't people just accept the way you are? That's the mystery of life….u never know


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