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The Wizard of Oz (5/8) Movie CLIP – Finding The Tin Man (1939) HD

Eh! Heh-heh-heh-heh! Aah! Aah! Aah! Oh! [silence] [birds twittering]


  1. Kevin Watkins Author

    At the beginning of the video, how did both Dorothy AND the Scarecrow NOT see a 6 foot hunk of metal standing like 3 feet from the yellow brick road??!

  2. dancepiglover Author

    Hate to be "that guy" (although I'm a woman), but…
    The tinsmith "forgot" to give him a heart? Was that really the guy's job? A tinsmith just works with tin. Of all the organs the Tin Man is lacking, why does he only focus on the heart? Or did the tinsmith give him everything except a heart?
    Plus, the Tin Man said he rusted in the middle of chopping wood. But the position he was found in didn't look like he was chopping.

  3. longmcarthurfan11 Author

    I fondly remember watching this movie as a kid around Christmastime. It still is fun to watch. Always a great classic for families to enjoy!

  4. Josh Gaspar Author

    I claim this joke btw!

    The tin man was a catatonic schizophrenic and the only thing that could make him come out of the psychosis was lube being rubbed over him, you can see the smile on his face the moment they start lubin' him up…

  5. Cat Peach Author

    In the book by L. Frank Baum, the Tinman was actually once a regular man of flesh and blood but the Wicked Witch of the East cursed his axe and he literally cut off all his limbs having them replaced with tin, he even cut off his head. This went on until he was all made of tin.

  6. La Donna Strang Author

    Hi Millennials; you don't get it. Please, reserve your Comments. Stick to your super-heroes and junk and franchises. Oh and do not take your eyes off your phone; you might actually witness something,


    This movie is better than the 1920's and 1940's to 1970's
    Good color, voice camera and you can always know the world that was in the year 1939.


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