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The World’s First Portable Theater!

So this one I am excited for. I’ve been waiting on this for a while It’s called the “Glyph”. This is the Founder’s Edition and it’s such a hard thing to explain to you if you haven’t heard of it. It’s looks like headphones, right? Well it is. It sits on top of your head like headphones, so you can be inconspicuous when you’re out and about. But at any point in time you can flip it down; the headphones stay on and now you have screens, HD screens in front of each eyeball, and you can enjoy something that you will perceive to be as a 50 or 60 inch television in front of your eyes without it being there, YOU KNOW WHAT I’M SAYING!? You’ll see it works with smartphones, computers, tablets, game consoles, and even drones. Definitely going to try that out in an upcoming video. Retinal imaging technology, optic nerve and… Battery life of up to four hours, it charges for your microUSB. This is not a VR headset. What you are seeing is just a nice, big, personal image. Let’s crack this open. It’s not cheap. Okay. Some cables, oh, sweet! Okay. This looks like a micro HDMI to HDMI. A microUSB cable to keep it charged up. Oh my goodness, is that ever soft? It’s like a… Oh! A luxurious carrying case over here. Some kind of strap? Here are a number of nose pieces. Oooh! Feels surprisingly premium. Giant, padded earcups here. Oh! It’s a magnetic protector for your lenses there. And then those are the lenses themselves. This side that takes the micro or mini, a power switch over here, a power light… So this is where your nose piece goes, I’m not gonna install that just yet. It’s a little high up on the head. So somebody who’s really looking at you, examining you, it might figure you out. But here’s where things get spicy, though. If you spin that baby down… All of a sudden, look at you now. Hmm. Oh yeah. That’s way more comfortable. Oh, that’s cool! It’s a magnetic fit in there. You know, it’s kinda like wearing glasses, I’d say it’s a little bit more… little softer. I wanna see what this thing is all about, I mean I wanna try to play some games right now, see if I’m capable. So I’ve got the Xbox booted up now, there’s actual adjustments right on the lenses so you don’t have to wear glasses. Oooooooh… The audio is rumbling right now. Oooh… Oh… Not good. It’s a little different to get the hang of. There we go. If you’ve never played Trials before, it is one of the most frustrating games. *laughs* But I love it! I love the frustration of it. Eventually, you will snap, and you’ll take it out on your loved ones. Maybe one day, we’re gonna– we’re ending up in that futuristic zone of, uh, you know, Matrix all the time, just tapped in and lobbed in, maybe that’s, maybe that’s where we’re going but I’m not 100% sure that we’re there yet. You know how you, like, lay in bed with like a Netflix series or something like that? Well if you have your laptop and then you’re cranked, your neck is cranked, even with the phone, you got the phone up here, you drop the phone, broken face. You could just, uh, go future mode. Alright? Be on the cutting-edge. For the enthusiasts who give zero f’s. You know, their mom comes home and they’re like, “Leave me alone, Mom!” “I’m in the game world!” “I like it better in here!” “But yes, I’ll still have that grilled cheese.” “And chocolate milk.” “Thanks Mom!”


  1. Unpopular Popular Opinion Author

    This is definitely not the first. Sony did this in the 90s. They debuted at the Sony store at the Metreon Theater in San Francisco, and were for sale at almost $1000. I was there. I handled them. They were white.

  2. Unpopular Popular Opinion Author

    I can imagine a "wife avatar" app, where your lady can have an app on her phone that allows her to get inside your game while you're playing, and she pops up as an avatar, and she can observe what you're seeing, but on her screen. The next Gen of this app, she will be able to sabotage your game as an actual character in your game, and she's the actual enemy /secret character. Wait, I just described real life. 😶. Okay, you're welcome, as every idea I invent, comes to reality not long after, only I had nothing to do with it. The Illuminati is watching me. 👀🤔

  3. Paradox Author

    So weird I had this exact same idea to 100 percent the same when I was like 7 years old. Only if I actually fucking went through with it…

  4. Anheur M_ Author

    Mój GLYPH Leży popękał za słuchawkami po obu stronach no i micro hdmi szybko się zużywa po za tym dobre jedne z górnej pułki .

  5. Prison Life: Inside & Out Author

    I've never come away from one of your videos shaking my head. Now I have. I love this channel and you're awesome, but that was a terrible review.
    No specs, no explanation of how it works, and worst of all, no opinion on it.

  6. Fluffy Wuffy Author

    How to buy a portable theater.
    1: buy a phone.
    2: buy headphones.
    This is not the worlds first portable theater ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. Shaun Carter Author

    2:22 of Roswell Flight Test Crew
    Avegant Glyph Video Headset Unboxing, Setup and FPV Testing: says that this has on/off switchable head tracking…is that not a feature for sending VR info to the console/device?

  8. those1kidds Author

    Soooo what was it like? Did the screen do a good job? Did it seem big or small? What was the resolution? Did it look clear or muddled? These are basic questions I thought would be answered….

  9. Khaled Mazhar Author

    ummm … one of your least informative unboxings …. what about your impressions with gameplay … how about with the mobile …. any glitches? … I really wanted to know more …

  10. James Martin Author

    Incorporate that into a helmet with a varied array full spectrum camera's on the helmet so you can have preditor vision. Install pop out electrictronic ears on the helmet to give you bionic hearing. Backpack with pocket juice battery pack bank. 🥴👍

  11. Mat AIne Author

    It doesn't look very comfortable on the face. and the headphones seem to be too big. You can't lie down and watch a movies with that thing. and how about the battery life? does it run while charging?

  12. Rachmandani Ardiyanto Author

    Now thats something i want you to try while playing the scariest, dreadfull and gruesome games.

    Show make the vids out of it please.

  13. Unmei Tobaku Author

    I’m a little disappointed in this video ^^" i wish he showed what it looked like when u use this on your face looking through the small holes

  14. Sir Scribe Author

    For anybody wondering, the Avegant Glyph is an amazing product. But even at the lowest brightness setting, it’s too strenuous on your eyes after about a half hour or so. I bought mine last year, only used it a handful of times. I’m planning on selling them and getting a Royole Moon. Not because I hate the Glyph, but I need something more forgiving to my eyes

  15. St0rm Ranger Author

    So when your mom walks in the room she won't see the messed up hentai you're watching. Only your pants around your ankles with unit in hand. 😂

  16. Cyan RBX Author

    Bro perfect thing to bring to school, Buy one of these, a newer slim version of an xbox, or playstation, Have it in a good backpack, have the cords ready to plug in, always have the plug in the goggles, ask to sit next to an outlet, or just do it, plug it in, power it all on, have volume low, boom


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