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The Worst Superhero Movies Ever Made

Superhero movies might be the biggest thing
at the box office today, and with the kind of epic action that we’re getting from the
Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s easy to see why. That hasn’t always been the case,
though. The history of the genre is full of catastrophic failures that never managed to
save the day for audiences or critics. From obscure heroes who were a little too bizarre
to household names that had a rough road to the screen, here are the worst superhero movies
ever made. Barb Wire Barb Wire might not be a traditional superhero,
but with her over-the-top costume, dystopian sci-fi setting, and roots on the page, she
seemed like the perfect comic book character to make Pamela Anderson an action star…
in theory. In practice, the 1996 adaptation didn’t give the fans or the cast anything
they wanted, except maybe seeing Anderson in a leather costume that the Telegraph called
“unnecessarily revealing.” Set in the distant future of 2017, the movie
starred Anderson as Barb Wire, a bartender and bounty hunter trying to escape the Second
American Civil War by dealing with a mobster named Big Fatso and making enough money to
move to Canada. With a premise like that, it’s easy to see why Anderson thought she
was signing on for what she called “a dark comedy,” about a blonde, big-haired badass
riding around on a motorcycle. With the studio demanding changes to the script, a new director,
and less humor, however, what could’ve been a campy classic was tanked from the start. Howard the Duck You might’ve been excited to see Howard the
Duck pop up in the post-credits scene in Guardians of the Galaxy, but don’t let your interest
in one of Marvel’s more obscure characters trick you into watching his first feature
film outing from 1986. Produced by George Lucas — yes, that George Lucas — the movie
starred Back to the Future’s Lea Thompson, giving it a sci-fi pedigree that any movie
in the ’80s would’ve been jealous of. Unfortunately, while Universal was trying to get the guy
who made Star Wars, they got the guy who made The Phantom Menace instead. “What I don’t know is what the hell I’m
doing here.” After Robin Williams wisely passed on the
role, the job of voicing Howard went to theater actor Chip Zien, who knew something was wrong
when he had to buy his own ticket to see the movie he starred in. As he later said in an
interview, by the time they’d gotten through 111 minutes of a duck puppet’s questionable
romance with Marty McFly’s mom, he and his friend Roy were alone in the theater. Everyone
else had bailed. “Howard you really are the worst.” Green Lantern With roles in Blade Trinity and Deadpool,
Ryan Reynolds has had decent luck with superhero movies. His attempt at bringing DC’s Green
Lantern to life in 2011, however, risked ruining his career and taking the whole superhero
genre with it. After it cost a whopping $300 million to make — about 80 million more
than it took in — the scathing reviews and terrible box office numbers threatened to
turn studios off the idea of comic book movies altogether. Fortunately for Reynolds and the entire superhero
genre, the same weekend Green Lantern opened, he shot the now-famous Deadpool test footage
that would convince Fox to give him a shot at redemption. Reynolds took the chance, and
unlike Green Lantern, Deadpool was an R-Rated smash Steel Black Panther brought superheroics to Africa
and moviegoers into theaters in record-breaking numbers, and Blade kicked off the modern superhero
film, but neither King T’Challa nor the Daywalker were the first black comic book hero to make
it to the big screen. It’s often overlooked, but Shaquille O’Neal beat them both to the
punch when he starred in the 1997 adaptation of DC’s Steel… although you can’t really
blame anyone for forgetting about this downright awful movie. It was so bad that director Kenneth
Johnson apologized for it, admitting that he probably should have walked away once he
found out who his star was going to be. Shaq definitely had the heroic proportions
to bring the Superman-inspired armored hero to life, but lacked the acting chops to save
a miserable script that feels like a bad first draft of Iron Man. As Johnson revealed, however,
Warner Bros. co-president Bill Gerber opted for O’Neal over the likes of Wesley Snipes
and Denzel Washington because he thought Shaq would “sell more toys.” Considering Gerber
was fired the next year, we’re guessing the toy sales weren’t much better than the
movie. Spawn When you sit down to watch a DVD commentary
and the first thing the director says is “you can blame it all on me,” that’s not a good
sign. That’s exactly how Mark Dippè introduces himself in the Spawn commentary. At the time,
he was known as a visual effects wizard, but he’d never directed a movie before — and
it showed. When Den of Geek revisited the 1997 film, they pointed out that for a movie
based entirely around its visuals, quote, “a good number of the effects aren’t good.
Some are flat out awful.” As a former staffer at Industrial Light and
Magic, the visual effects should’ve been Dippè’s specialty, although as far as he
was concerned, the CGI wasn’t the problem. Speaking to Wired in 1997, the outspoken filmmaker
lashed out at censors, claiming, “The MPAA is driving a stake through my heart
with this, because they’re making me take this movie down so much.” He also called it “a very positive story,”
which is a little hard to believe considering that it’s a movie about a zombie superhero
getting yelled at by a demon clown. Daredevil Long before he donned the Dark Knight’s cape
and cowl in the DC film universe, Ben Affleck made his ill-fated foray into the superhero
genre with 2003’s Daredevil. Despite Affleck’s genuine love for the character, the cinematic
version suffered from the tonal whiplash of ultra-serious images mixed with goofy action
like the playground fight between Daredevil and Elektra, and a murderous supervillain
whose menacing insanity came off as cartoonish — and not in the good way. With a bad script and incredibly awkward visual
effects, it’s no surprise that critics offered up some unfavorable comparisons to Spider-Man,
which hit theaters the previous year. They weren’t the only ones. Affleck himself called
Daredevil the only movie that he regrets making, and agreed that the 2015 Netflix version was
doing the character far better than a movie that, as he said, quote, “never kind of got
it right.” The Fantastic Four Technically, Roger Corman’s The Fantastic
Four has never been released, but this low-budget take on Marvel’s first family became a thing
of legend after bootleg copies began making their way around the convention circuit. The
story goes that Neue Constantin Films contacted the veteran B-movie producer after failing
to secure a $40 million partnership with 20th Century Fox. Nobody else wanted in, so since
the rights to the Marvel property would expire if a movie wasn’t in production by December
31, 1992, Corman was hired to make the cheapest movie he could. “God help us!” The result was a movie so legendarily bad
that it became the subject of a 2015 documentary called Doomed from director Marty Langford.
The saddest revelation in that film was that the cast had no idea that they were just making
a movie to help secure the rights, and that there were never any plans to actually release
it and give a cast of unknowns their big breaks. “Look at it! See it! Does it amuse you?” You can’t blame them for being fooled, but
they probably should’ve noticed something was up when they could barely hear Dr. Doom’s
dialogue over the clanking of his armor, or, you know, when they saw what the Thing was
supposed to look like. To be fair, though, the origin story in this film is actually
more faithful to the comics than in any other Fantastic Four movie to date. Of course, the
fact that we still think this one is the worst, even after those other three, should give
you an idea of just how bad it is. Catwoman If you watch Halle Berry’s notoriously terrible
Catwoman movie and Christopher Nolan’s game-changer Batman Begins back to back, it’s hard to believe
there was only a single year between them. This extremely loose DC adaptation was nominated
in seven categories at the Razzies and triumphed, sort of, in four, including Worst Actress
for Berry. She even showed up in person to collect the award along with co-star Alex
Borstein and her Academy Award, and started off by thanking the studio for casting her
in what she called “a godawful movie.” And that was the nicest thing she said about
it in that speech. Rest assured, it actually is that bad. In
addition to scenes where Berry’s magical cat powers kick in during a basketball game
and cause her to swat at the ball like a ball of yarn, it’s full of cringeworthy stereotypes
for a female superhero. Seriously: Catwoman fights a villain whose big plan is to distribute
evil makeup, because she’s mad that she’s starting to look old. In 2018, Berry addressed Catwoman once again
while accepting the Matrix Award from New York Women in Communication. She acknowledged
how bad the picture was, but she defended her decision to accept the role, revealing
that the, quote, “sh–load of money” she made changed her life and that the movie taught
her “what not to do.” Captain America After ten years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe,
it’s hard to imagine anyone but Chris Evans as Captain America. Back in 1990, though,
Matt Salinger, son of famed American author J. D. Salinger — was tossing shields when
Evans was still in elementary school. Originally intended to be released on the 50th anniversary
of Captain America’s first appearance, this low-budget Marvel adaptation was never actually
finished, with the production running aground before the final scenes were shot. Unwilling
to send the existing footage to the deep, dark vault that it most certainly belonged
in, studio execs had editors cobble together a version that could be released on VHS. “Mr. President! Thanks!” Salinger later revealed that the film was
as grueling to shoot as it is to watch, with his rubber suit causing him to overheat. On
top of that, the costume looked ridiculous, thanks largely to the addition of rubber ears
attached to the helmet, and the movie’s Red Skull was inexplicably portrayed as an
Italian mobster, complete with a hilariously over the top accent. “That was a gun … THIS is a detonator.
Did you really expect me to be taken alive?!” As for the script, well, there’s a scene
where Cap grabs the Red Skull by the wrist and the Skull pulls out a knife… and chops
off his own hand. Not exactly the evil mastermind fans were expecting. Condorman Dubbed an “ideological intervention from the
Disney machine” by Time Out, 1981’s Condorman is a camp cocktail of Cold War spy thriller,
comedy and superhero movie, all watered down for family consumption. This misfire from
the Mouse House stars Michael Crawford as Woody Wilkins, a comic book creator who insists
on doing everything he writes in real life, just to prove it can be done. After accidentally
getting involved with a seductive Soviet spy, Wilkins has to become the hero he created,
flying and all. For the most part, Crawford himself was in
the ghastly Condorman suit — and at one point, he almost died in it. After falling
into a river in costume, the gigantic wings dragged him down and nearly drowned him, making
the film unpleasant on both sides of the camera. That said, it’s been more than 35 years
since Condorman hit theaters. Maybe it’s time to introduce Disney’s first attempt
at a superhero to the MCU… or not.


  1. Rohit Singhania Author

    Makes it an incomplete list w/o Batman & Robin, irrespective of how much we've all collectively that on it for the past 2 decades…

  2. Sachin Pandey Author

    Where is 'The Flying jatt'? It's the worst superhero movie ever made, it's a disgrace, pathetic bag of shit that should be ur no. 1 in this list

  3. Sami de Jong Author

    Hey! I didn’t mind the daredevil movie although it wasn’t great, and basically any DCEU movie or the dark knight rises, or iron man 2 deserve to be on this list

  4. Sebastian P Author

    This is crap. Spawn is awesome (really awesome) and daredevil was good too and Green lantern wasn't as bad as people make out

  5. Lindsay Morreale Author

    Is it bad that I hate iron Man and marvel and prefer DC
    . And is it werid that I know every DC hero backstory and Liked all of the fantastic four movies and hated infinity war

  6. JellyBabie1984 Author

    Honestly I am sorry but Howard the duck is a laugh riot, not sure that is what they wanted but it's so outrageous and over the top that's it's just a fun ride. Again as long as your not taking it seriously your gonna have fun watching it.

  7. Tracerfire Author

    Comment before watching video:

    Batman vs. superman is definitely going to be on here

    Comment after watching video:


  8. demonic law Author

    shame about green lantern just because they made a shit movie they flushed it away green lantern is a good hero they just did a shit job making the movie
    and black heros lol why do they call them black everything just blade i know of that is just called blade not black blade give them a name that is like all real super heros

  9. Marko The Killer Author

    I know 90% of world hates Spider-Man 3. But I loved it so much,3 villains,even tough Sandman's backstory was poorly made,Venom and New Goblin were awesome. And the dance scene is actually good,it was supposed to be cringy and emo because Peter was a nerdy geek before. The Final fight was AMAZING,perfect ending,and if my fav character Harry had to die,this is the best way to do it. Spider-Man 3 is 9/10

  10. Samantha Author

    Everyone in this comment section: "This movie shouldn't be on the list because I liked it."
    Never mind all of these movies were and still are panned beyond belief by not only critics but a extreme majority of people that have watched them

  11. Brian Author

    Howard the duck and Spawn were ok to me. The possessed scientist in Howard the duck closely resembles a personal injury tv lawyer in my city and every time I see his commercials I remember that scientist and laugh.

  12. Jazzie Scott Author

    Green Lantern wasn't a bad movie it was actually good movie I have it on DVD plus they did a good job on how he looks and on how the other characters looked

  13. Graig Weich BeyondComics. TV Author

    But Condorman, Fantansic 4 & Capt A, were great for the time and without them we would not have learned and grown into what we get today! Respect the classics!

  14. Paul Boshoff Author

    Seriously, Daredevel and Green lantern (Which I went to see twice in cinema) are on this list, but not Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and Punisher: War Zone? Both of which I'm sure were just made to prove that it IS possible to make worse movies than the 1st installments in those franchises.

  15. hydrolito Author

    They came out with a Justice League of America movie back in the nineteen nighties(i think it was), that was far worse than Fantastic Four. Had they released 1994's Fantastic Four in theaters i'm sure it would have done better than some other Super hero movies.

  16. The Punisher Author

    My List:

    #10: The Crow: City of Angels

    #9: Supergirl

    #8: Barb Wire

    #7: Catwoman

    #6: Fant4stic

    #5: Superman IV

    #4: Howard the duck

    #3: The Spirit

    #2: Steel

    #1: Son of the Mask

  17. Shelley Wellington Author

    My List

    #10 Judge Dredd
    #9 Zoom
    #8 The Punisher
    #7 Jonah Hex
    #6 Blade: Trinity
    #5 Captain America (1990)
    #4 Daredevil
    #3 Superman IV: A quest For Peace
    #2 Batman And Robin
    #1 Fantastic 4

  18. Bahama Jackson Author

    wow! i can't believe "green lantern" and "catwoman" are on this list! (the dc movies) what?! "daredevil" "the fantastic four" and "captain america" are on this list to! (the marvel movies) how can marvel screw up? this is outrageous! wow. dc can really be this godawful. the movies they made that were terrible. iv'e never seen them in years! i'm with marvel until the end of the line. by that, i mean until the end of time. like, until we ALL die.

  19. Rossm3838 Author

    The 1940s Batman serials are about as bad as a movie can be. Superman 4 made by Cannon is a cheaply made slog makes the Man of Steel look almost competent Electra is even worse than Daredale.. .


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