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The WORST Violin Movie Acting We’ve Ever Seen

*sigh* Welcome back… *clap* …to another episode of “TwoSet Violin Roasting”, where we bring you the juiciest roast. *ssssss* Anyway, today we are going to be reviewing the 2016 movie called – ‘Highly Strung.’
– Mm-hmm. – Now, as the name implies it is about violins,
– Mm-hmm. in particular, 2 violinists. The good guy, who uh… …as you’ll soon find out, can’t actually play the violin. The bad guy, who can actually kind of play the violin, and, some girl that dances. Wow, what a great combo. So now you think, a movie about violins would include… …proper violin playing. You don’t have to be trained that well, I can forgive… …Hollywood movies for that stuff. Yeah, but… No. *snickers* Nah…nah…
*sinckering* Google stock images of violin playing coming into real life. So for you musicians out there, be ready for a cringe-fest. And for those who are not musicians, we hope we can enlighten you with some… …education, and facts, that sometimes Google cannot represent… …properly. Let’s get right into it! “What are you gonna do, pass around a hat?” *snickering* *sigh* Okay, just—just— *sigh* *groans* So many things wrong with just the first 8 seconds! *sighing* Oh God. I need more ad revenue, I can’t…
*laughs* Okay. So first up, he changed his bow about, like a good half a second early. The ending trill, his bow basically stopped moving. Like, it’s impossible to keep a sound – when your bow’s moving so slow.
– Yeah. And… …the editor conveniently cuts it… …when the notes were moving up the violin! Too bad he forgot to cut out the fact that he’s still trilling here! OHHHHHHHhhhhHHHH!!! *laughs* Now, guys, let us show you— What he did was… The most sacrilegious problem, was that his bow… was not parallel to the bridge, and it was sliding everywhere. A straight bow sounds like this. A sliding bow sounds like this. Damn it, why I can’t keep a bow straight? Just— *shriek* Hey editor, you can cut it right? Yeah, yeah, don’t worry, yeah we’re out of budget so don’t worry. It’s fine, it’s fine. *sigh* Dude it was just— Oh God—this is gonna take one hour. For those of you who might’ve missed it, he was playing… …3 D’s. – Note it’s the same note repeated,
– Notes— which means the left hand doesn’t need to move. But yeah, look at what he does with the fingers. Hey editor, you can cut it right? It’s totally fine!
*laughs* I mean, couldn’t they had just gotten a violinist to be on set on the day for that 3 second shot and be like, “For these 3 seconds, just don’t change your fingers.” You know, that “senza vibrato” was really good. – It was so good it sounded like real vibrato. *snickering*
– Yeah. Thank you. The second guy… …at least looks like he kind of knows how to play the violin. You can see his bow is straight, – his left hand is moving when it’s meant to move.
– Mm-hmm. – Hey, at least it looks pretty realistic.
– Yeah, that’s okay. Did you see that? *laughs* [The] Director’s just like… “Yeah, yeah, quick, just wiggle it!” *snickers* Alright guys, introducing the new vibrato. Arm vibrato, wrist vibrato, – And this—oh sure.
– Wrist vibrato. Air vibrato. Wiggle wiggle wiggle. – Let’s just be nice.
– Be respectful. Be respectful [to] acting. Ohh! I’m sorry. He just lost all respect. *sigh* Guys, do you know how much…
*sighs* …a professional soloist bow costs? “Hey man, let’s just whack a $50,000 bow, man.” *kung-fu sounds* See? He’s pretty good. *sighs* What do you think the cellist is thinking? The cellist is like, “Kill myself.” *laughs* – He’s like, “I could play the violin better than that.”
– Got the vibrato, he’s pizzing it right… Yeah. Man, that guy in the grey jacket… *claps* – Thank you.
– Thank you. – Thank you.
– At least it’s in sync. – Oh my God.
– Oh God. Oh my God.
*shriek* *coughs* *chuckles* You know what the director said? “Just move fast! Do whatever it takes!” The sound he was probably making on the day, probably resembled more like… Oh dude, I broke a bow hair! *laughs* The thought just occurred to me. Imagine being one of the… …actors having to stand there, pretending you’re enjoying fine music. – Yeah.
– But in real life, you’re listening to like… Just—just make out already. – Yeah, just—argh. Yeah.
– Just—just kiss. At least make it into some romantic movie instead. *snickering* *crying* HELP! HELP! H E L P ! That’s the worst!
*crying* *sighs*
As you can see, the sound effects in this movie are as realistic as the violin playing. You know, as cheesy as this is, at least the hip-hop and dancing distracts the viewers from actual violin playing. It’s a good job. – Yeah, nice work director.
– Nice work. *groans in pain* Maybe we should have done that for our concerto battle. In our live concerts, just… Yeah, yeah, just… – I can’t.
– Why— Why are they sword fighting with the bows, anyway? The director’s probably like, “How do we make violin more mainstream? Oh, yeah. What does the bow look like? A sword!” HmmmMMMMMMMmmmmMMMMmmmm All right, don’t get too close guys, ’cause…you might start hitting each other and that’s not gonna be good. *snickers* Yes. You know, I have to say though… This scene is still nothing… …compared to the epic finale of the movie. I mean, at the end of the day, – movies require actors, and not musicians.
– Mm-hmm. But I just think it’s weird how the dancers were all professional dancers and choreographers. The female lead herself, they found an actress who has… …background in ballet, she started dancing ballet at four. She even went to a conservatory for ballet. Even the guy in the gray jacket, okay… As musicians, we’re judging by the way he holds his bow, it’s a bit tense to be maybe a professional musician, but he’s a professional actor that obviously knows how to kind of play the violin right. – But…
– But! *slaps hands* *slap* The main actor! *slaps hands* Was it because he’s such a good actor? ‘Cause…according to this review, apparently not! (Both) Ohhhhhh!!!! Was it because he…looks good? I think I’d rather see an average looking guy, that can play the violin, than this guy— Actually you know what, I changed my mind. He’s pretty good looking. Looks do matter. *clicks tongue* Call us. Looks—at the end of the day, it was good music, good choreography, good dancing, – You know…
– Good lighting… – Good lighting, everything works well. Editing…yeah.
– Good camerawork. Pretty good so far. But, it’s just such a letdown…. …to see an actor that just obviously cannot play the violin. You know, I think it’s about time that uh… Hollywood started hiring real… – …musicians, for musical roles.
– Mm-hmm. We gotta fight back! That’s right! Guys, as usual, subscribe if you like our stuff, Watch our page. Thank you for watching. But, just as a bonus for watching this far, we’re gonna actually record what it actually sounds like. Hmm? *chuckles* *sighs* Kill me. Hmm. He’s really good. Yo, Imma need you to give me that. *groans* Hmm?


  1. Back Country Pastimes Author

    I’d love it if Nicola Benedetti just suddenly appeared out of nowhere and snatched the faker’s violin off him, bitch-slapped him, and then showed him how it’s really done. This movie would get 5 stars from me if that happened.

  2. r o Author

    if you watched the movie you will know that the black one didn't study the music.likr the gray one so its so normal when you see all this fault….and he normally failed in his combat vs the gray
    for the dancers…yes i agree …i dont like it ever hhh…

  3. Joan Frederiksen Author

    Hahah, I don't know what destroyed me most; the "wiggle, wiggle, wiggle" comment, or the dubbing at the 'bonus clip' when the girl goes "hmm?", simply because it reminded me of the girl from Kung Pow lol

  4. Ochapuriin Draws Author

    I've watched so much twosetviolin I instantly knew what was wrong with the violin playing even though I don't even play the violin. Thank you 😂😂

  5. Leonard Blyx Author

    Here is an interesting fact: The actual soundtrack for the scene included bow-clashing sounds, but they actually sounded like a bow-clash and not a weird Hollywood swordfight effect (you can find it here:

  6. Rachel Petherbridge Author

    I think Hollywood probably hires real dancers more often than real musicians because you can’t dub over dance (except maybe tap/clogging/some Irish step). They should still hire more real musicians though if only to prevent eddy and Brett from dying early from stress! Or maybe they shouldn’t so we get to see more roasts 😂

  7. ChoFrog09 Author

    The dancing in this movie was stellar though – the movie itself, not so much. Wonder why they couldn't get real violinists when they managed to get real, excellent ballet dancers? #HollywoodLogic

  8. Gary Simkins Author

    Hey guys, I work in Film and television, and I play the cello, and am now learning the violin. I have seen many movies, one in particular where the cello playing with Susan Sarandon, in the " Witches of Eastwick" drove me nuts. In film we commonly have voice, dance etc coaches, so there is no reason why they cannot have string coaches. Now we all know as string players, that you cannot pick this up in a day, so weeks of coaching would be required, and it's not always in the budget, or for the most part, never considered important in the first place. Why, because some producers just simply don't know, or don't care about the importance of this visual.

  9. Miya Sakura Author

    Me,Watching TwoSetViolin video:
    Me:Hahaha,I can't stop laughing 🤣
    My friend:Why?
    Me: Hahaha, you see I was just watching TwoSetViolin video and at 8:12 I adjust the speed to 0.25x and then I just can't stop myself from laughing 🤣
    My friend:Hahaha,you're right especially the guy who wear black shirt

  10. Bean Author

    Me Before Watching Two Set Roasts: Base, Cello, Violin, Viola
    Me AFTER Watching Two Set Roast: That Bow hold is UNplayable, You have to shift to get the high noise, WHERE THE FRICK IS THE VIBRATO?!?!?!?!
    Like come on guys its so easy
    Eighth grade violin players in my music class: You dont even play the violin, you play the ukulele
    Me: ………Sacraligist

  11. 《Somy Mina》 Author

    Did I hear some Mozart in the background? •w• Boi I love all Sonatas from Mozart. Btw… is it normal to buy a CD box with all Sonatas as a 14 year old girl? Well I'm playing the piano for now 12 years so I don't care. Good video liked it ^w^.

  12. Rude_i_Wredne Author

    I'm not a violinist, so I'm not sure, but if I'm correct – bows are made of wood and hair, aren't they? WHY TF ARE THERE METAL SABRE FENCING SOUNDS?

  13. Anurag Goswami Author

    There's a contender. You guys haven't seen this from an indian movie. The art of playing the violin without even moving your left hand/fingers. It's all in the bow. You gotta review this one and play what she's ACTUALLY playing here. It's depressing.

  14. MrMadandyvrumvrum Author

    The finale dubbed with the simulation of the real play is truly something AMMMAAAZIING (now go practice pls, Ling Ling already practiced 40 hours today and it's just 9:00 AM)

  15. I am the no.1 Chicken Lover Author

    I just don't understand like– If it's going to be about a violin player or any particular instrument, WHY HIRE AN ACTOR/ACTRESS THAT CAN'T EVEN PLAY A LIL? They KNOW real players will watch that because it has THEIR instrument in it and judge like ?????

  16. biscuits Author

    You guys should play how it would actually sound the way they hold and play the violin .. and then lay that track down and play the movie scene lol

    Lol I posted this too soon. So glad you did that in the end!!

  17. Ruth Bernardo Author

    Me and my classmate would sword fight with our flutes, when I finally got my personal one and gave my borrowed one to the repair, the dents reached over 150 dollars.

  18. DropDeadDork Author

    I've just started playing violin.

    Luckily I know how to properly tighten and hold the bow, the proper posture, and how to tune and care for the violin because my mom played for a few years as a kid and she decided to teach me all of that so if I ever picked up the violin I would know where to start.

    Even with all of that, I still end up sounding like the black suit guy in the last two minutes of this video.

    P.S. Don't worry, it doesn't discourage me, (Practice is everything) just makes me laugh until my stomach hurts. 🤣

  19. SudsyMedusa53 Author

    As a joke once, I picked up my kid sister's 1/4 size practice cello, turned it around and started playing it like a comically oversized violin. I'm willing to bet money that it sounded better than whatever the hell the main character was doing.

  20. Holstorr Sceadus Author

    8:29 you can run a violin through your guitar rig. If it were guitar I'd hear picked notes instead of bowed so it's an electric violin or regular violin running a wireless set-up


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