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Theater Lies – Will & Grace (Episode Highlight)


  1. loveld Lu Author

    so this is what you should do next time if you have the guts when you go on another job interview when they ask you tell me about yourself you should turn around and say tell me what you are looking for and then acted when they the interviewer finish a question you should say well that's what I'm going to bring and that's who I am and the next question to ask you on interview is where you see yourself in 5 years then turn around you say where did this company see their self in five years and that's where I'm going to be taking out the Gus to play this and play it right then I said go for it just take it as a loss because somehow when this happens you probably will not get the job but it's like you know you're doing something different mixing it up on that day

  2. Christiana Tucker Author

    Did anyone else notice that they switch mugs? Will started with the W mug while Jack had the G mug. At the end it switched.

  3. loveld Lu Author

    I was told by little birdie I was wrong I did not get the commercial and what they were saying from coach the brand and Michael B Jordan
    it no I got it clearly and I understand it for someone to think that he is so above anything else and he cannot see the road he's going down because he's such the egotistic eating fry character that he is that he ready to take any chump change Penny Adam up into Dollars Chase it straight to the back no matter what the cost is and then use a great writer producer director Spike Lee and coach has the nerve to come underneath the radar and think they got away with something no I got your message let me school you on something about peace and love you got that from 10000 Village the person came up with that commercial idea went to the store saw those rocks that settles words on it and you came up with this lame excuse for a commercial that has nothing to do with your back I want to see every time is about some stupid rock that someone found in the damn Desert Drive off in a car you think about it at all has nothing to do with your bags is like you selling something from 1960 you went back in time and then you try to reboot it and upgrade it and didn't work I know what fantasy you living or what zone your feet is not touching me out tea you're drinking Donald Trump Kool-Aid so you represent Donald Trump and his ideas this is where this is coming from I don't want nothing to do with it so I won't be so glad it's not Michael B Jordan thing that you got away with something and you are doing something right because you need to check yourself and your spirit and what you are doing to think about it how do you sleep at night

  4. loveld Lu Author

    and I'm not a thing you said in the interview wants that you want to take over Hollywood is this the beginning of how you going to take out over Hollywood then we are in big trouble we need to have someone who's smart intelligent and have knowledge and wisdom and the patient and understand what is really going on not living in some Fantasy Island Dynasty that does not exist in his own mind and let me school you on another thing you can be easy replace let me tell you about a brat if you don't reach their goal and give him money back into a company and they measure up to entrance and the bottom dollar you can be easily replaced with someone else because that's what they care about don't give a damn about you you selling that product if you don't own the company you can have nothing to say about anything just remember that mister I want to take over Hollywood and being a new change continue can you recognize what you're doing right in front of you because you're so blind
    💰💰 Checkmate in and class is dismissed Michael be Jordan

  5. Casey Morris Author

    Things Will and Grace needs in the last season:
    Quiet morning scenes
    Attendance at a fashion show
    Will driving one more rental Range Rover
    Karen's family in the flesh
    Mr. Zamir


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