1. Clarence E. Jones III Author

    I can only dream of the chance to see this production but hearing Mr.Langella speak of the play, his character, and his life in the theatre make up for that. This is a marvelous conversation that even the non-theatre lover should listen to. Thanks to CUNY tv for making this availible.

  2. Vernon Campbell Author

    What an actor and a great inspiration. Also from Jersey, as an actor, an author and a teacher. He is just the best. Thanks for airing this, and Thank You for your program. It has been my acting class for years….

  3. Justin Lloyd Author

    When I was a child, the 1979 version of Dracula was my absolute favorite movie. I have loved this guy ever since I can remember. I am so glad that this video was posted. Thank you very much.

  4. flashonezerothree Author

    Man oh man. I heard Frank on public radio and surfed here. What a splendid … everything but particularly Frank. I visited my old lover in the nursing home today and … there's nothing like dementia. I love Frank's empathy. I think he'd like Unitarian Universalism.

  5. Almost Jane Author

    I've always been a voice girl – and this guy has one of the greatest voices ever. Not just in the theater but ANYWHERE. Have loved him ever since college when he was THE sexiest Dracula ever. Thanks for posting this.

  6. Marianna Galides Author

    What an incredible interview! Will be watching it tomorrow in Greek, so this is a great introduction to this amazing play. Thank you!


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