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Theater Talk: “Fun Home” with Lisa Kron, Jeanine Tesori & Alison Bechdel


  1. Dan MCV Author

    This is such a great musical.  I love all these women.  I've loved Lisa Kron's work going back to the 5 Lesbian Brothers, I used to pick up the Lesbian News just for "Dykes to Watch Out For" and Tesori's work is so varied and widespread from Millie to Caroline.  I love this musical so much.

  2. Hamish McCOlm Author

    I love that Jeanine uses the idea of having the same person at 3 different ages sing a song together in another one of her musicals.( Shrek being the other one.) She went much further with the idea in Fun Home obviously.

  3. MediaWatchDawg Author

    You say "BechTEL."  24.43  I say ''Bechdel."  Let's call the whole thing off.*

    *Notice the apparent IMMEDIATE change in Alison's demeanor.


  4. Mc Kenna Author

    That part of "he wants, he wants, he wants" has haunted me.  I was in a very tense family relationship with a conflicted man not so unlike the father portrayed here.  This song (Welcome to the House on Maple Avenue) perfectly phrased the prodding of  living up to and fulfilling a person's wantings when their wantings were masked and troubled – yet driving the others around them to … distraction and at the same time obsession. 
    The song, even in it's melody and counterpoints portrays this driving yet disguised existence. As I say, for me…this song is haunting.

  5. Linda Clark Author

    I would love to see this. Although I'm not gay, I feel this is opening my heart and eyes to those in the Gay community. Everyone feels, and this is a remarkable example of that. Bravo!!!

  6. BingleBanner Author

    These interviewers are terrible. Cracking tired jokes, interrupting Alison, having done no research – they didn't even know who the director of the show was! And how insensitive to just ask "Is your mother still alive?" Very poor show. Nonetheless I enjoyed this – these women are incredible.

  7. tubervine Author

    Today's NPR interview with the "Fun Home" team on Fresh Air was much better. Michael might consider stepping aside and letting Susan run with the show. I've not watched the CUNY programs before. The only reason I would listen and watch again would be to hear the interviewees. It seems that from some of the comments below, I'm far from alone. Careful….


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