1. John V Author

    I don't think the promoting of Michael's book is disgraceful, but I do think the theatre world kowtowing to Anna Wintour is. Who cares what she thinks! Schlub away!

  2. PurushaDesa Author

    I'm gonna out on a limb for Tom Cruise. He has done fantastic performances that people conveniently forget, and he has the physical and mental stamina to do all those performances. Every interview is people saying he has a show up or go home mentality.

  3. Paul Barrett Author

    Great interview- great actor. At 6.06 he does that curious thing that Americans do with the expression "I couldn't care less… ( about you/it)"- when he says " I could care less", which is illogical, given that the expression means " I hold you ( or it) at the lowest level of uninterest/ contempt, so that it is not possible to care less. Whereas, in the American version, if you COULD care less about it…


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