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Theater Talk – Spring 2018 Season Preview


  1. Jeffrey Kare Author

    I think the upcoming revival of Carousel may have a whole lot to live up to given how acclaimed Nicholas Hytner’s production was back in 1994. It won all five Tony Awards it was up for that year (which did mark the first time there were two separate categories for revivals) and marked a big break for Audra McDonald. Not to mention that this production is being directed by Jack O’Brien, whose track record has been very inconsistent for the past decade. He hasn’t delivered a critical darling since The Coast of Utopia back in 2007.

  2. Ethan Nielson Author

    No one bothered to bring up Renée Fleming and her show stopping turn in CAROUSEL. I predict she will win the Tony Award as Best Featured Actress in a Musical.

  3. Robert D. Carver Author

    I beg to differ. Revivals are NOT a safe bet, especially if the play flopped the first time around, i.e., "La Bete," dealing with a subject about which most audiences simply DON'T care, too much of an inside joke, meta-theatrical, if one is being overgenerous. On the other hand, we also have Larry Gelbart's updating of Ben Jonson's "Volpone" from 17th century Venice to late 19th-early 20th century San Francisco, "Sly Fox," which starred George C. Scott in the original production and Richard Dreyfuss in the revival. Two more diverse actors are difficult to imagine, yet neither could do much with a very zingy and zany script, which should go like clockwork.

    It's been more than 40 years since I read it, but one interchange sticks in my memory, though it's far from politically correct. One character remarks that a lady of easy virtue has become pregnant and as she is unmarried, he wonders who the father of the impending child might be. The other character responds, "The Seventh Cavalry!"


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