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Theater Talk: TONY Awards Wrap-Up PLUS AndrewAndrew on the 2015 Red Carpet


  1. hpfan Author

    Perhaps it was the trend to vote for the big juggernaut to win to help Broadway sales back in the 80s, early 90s. But I think voters have been voting for the sentiment more often than the crowd-pleasing moneymakers recently. It this it all began when "Wicked" lost to "Avenue Q" most memorably. (And then more recently — "Once" over "Newsies," "Kinky Boots" over "Matilda," "Gentleman's Guide" over "Aladdin.") And if there's a "message" musical that deals with sexuality, it seems to always win lately regardless of the competition, worthy or not. "Fun Home" is an interesting show, and it deserves recognition. But as an audience member who spends her hard-earned money to travel and see these shows, it's annoying to hear critics talking about how the moneymakers are less deserving than the more modern, "message" musicals. "An American in Paris" is a beautiful, breathtaking show, and shows like that are the staple of Broadway, what people travel from all over to see. As someone who saw both, I enjoyed my experience seeing "An American in Paris" much more, and while "Fun Home" was certainly compelling and the performances are wonderful, I found the music boring. (Though, if I was voting this year, I would've given the Tony to "Something Rotten." It was so funny, so entertaining, so original, and the music and performances were sublime. I was humming on my way out, and it felt like I knew the score even though I had only heard it for the first time that night. I loved that the most this year.)

    (Sidenote: As someone who DEEPLY adores both "Phantom" and "Into the Woods," I would have hated being a Tony voter in 1988 because I wouldn't have been able to decide. Sondheim is a genius, and Andrew Lloyd Webber's score is hauntingly beautiful. But I think Phantom's near-27 year run on Broadway goes much deeper than just how much money it makes based on spectacle and budget. That show resonates with people, critics be damned.)

    But YAY, KELLI O'HARA!! Her speech was the best of the night!

  2. stvp68 Author

    I had the same first Tony experience as Paul! I recorded the show an rewatched Peters singing “Unexpected Song” over and over and over until even my dad was humming it!


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