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They Shall Not Grow Old – New Trailer – Now Playing In Theaters

I was sixteen years old and my father allowed
me to go I had just turned seventeen at the time I was sixteen I was fifteen years When they
came to us they were frightened children and had to be made into soldiers Alright boys, here it
comes, we’re in the pictures I gave every part of my youth to do a job Extend this part of the trench over there There was a job to be done and you’d just go on and did it


  1. greg taylor Author

    People really sleep on WWI the first modern war. The war that literally shapes the word we live in today. WWII was just the unfinished business of WWI.

  2. Connor Raabe Author

    To say that this movie is incredible would do a disservice to the work put in it. Bravo. Standing ovation. This is truly great film.

  3. Cheshire Catastrophe Author

    I had a grandpop that went to fight at a young age. Before he got there a shell hit the trench and he was assigned to another, where he died, after a second shell hit that trench too.

  4. Robert B. Author

    Now every western country is fucked because the globalist take over. We have to stand up and get our countries and our Liberty back and burn these corrupt governments to the ground!

  5. Garry Harriman Author

    It's on DVD and available in all stores. This is a masterpiece. It'd deeply moving and mesmorizingly gripping. Forget buying another cup of overpriced corporation coffee and spend $10.00 in this and be transported back in time.

  6. Ramson Cole Author

    There are no great men; there are only great challenges, which ordinary men are forced by circumstances to meet. – William Halsey Jr.

  7. Nøkk Author

    My Grand-Grand-Grandfather fought against the britains when they attacked ottoman empire for new colonies and oil. He died in Çanakkale at Marmara Sea.
    I ve been there on vocation and saw the place.
    I hope i can see real footage from there too. The castle is still destroyed.

  8. Armando Cardona Author

    BREATHTAKING- I can only watch in silent reverence awed both by the technology that made it possible and the human interest story behind every face in the film; it is also the most powerful anti-war film I can think of.

  9. So sehe ich euch (Kanalinfo) Author

    "Nazis, primitivs being racists know best", war is the reason, WHY the sadistic win, the brutal and unfair,the cruel and violent and the worst of scientists and medicals, throwing animals and humanbeings around, using them as punchingballs to this criminels and murderers outside.

  10. Nils R.K. Author

    I'm just so angry that this didn't get recognized by the Academy. This is the most moving documentary I've ever seen, it's closer to an art-piece than a documentary. To remember the centenary, and pay respects to the fallen soldiers in such a tasteful and heartfelt way is truly commendable. And for that I think it should've won, but nope it didn't; not even a nomination.

  11. Southern Railway Author

    Great War I cannot take it anymore great tour I keep on marching on I played the great score there will be no encore Great War the war to end all wars.

    Song: Great War
    Album: The Great War

  12. Brad the impaler Author

    Imagine how much longer it would have taken technology to advance if the war didnt happen. All around the worl every country was trying to make something new something better so that they could get the upper hand over there enemy skyrocketing the production of new technology

  13. wizardpv1 Author

    My people almost perish on ww1. We lost 2,4 milions. Half of our population including half of my ancestors. I hope one day justice will strike bloody germans.

  14. Charles Garrett Author

    The lost generation who fought the war to end all wars has been forgotten by many and remembered by few, for those who remember them they shall not grow old.

  15. Peter Pitcard Author

    I saw it, the most stunning experience i've had in a theater. Something truly bizare but somehow extremly real and cold. Hard to describe…masterpiece!

  16. csmit424 Author

    Dan Carlin's podcast "Blueprint for Armageddon" is almost a requirement to listen to after watching this film. Peter Jackson viewed 100 hours of footage in which he probably saw some absolutely horrific shit. Like the British taking 60,000 casualties (24,000 killed) on the FIRST DAY of the Somme. Or the Battle of Passchendaele outside of Ypres… where the entire battlefield was turned into a giant "pool" of viscous mud 15 feet deep. Soldiers would beg their buddies to shoot them even if they got stuck up to their knees because they would slowly sink and drown after 2 days. Or falling in a shell crater full of water, and the sides are so greasy because of other decaying bodies that you will drown since you can't climb out. Stephen King couldn't write a worse environment.
    The podcast talked about that very footage at the 1:15 mark. Those guys are the reserve units waiting in St. John's Road trench at the Somme. They just witnessed and heard the first wave "over the top" get completely destroyed by artillery and machine gun fire. About 10 minutes after that very footage was filmed every person you see will be killed…. and they know it's going to happen.

  17. Mirror of Society Author

    what makes me really sad about this is that even 100 years later, we doesnt have much improved us at all. humanity is still failing to grow up…

  18. chillout144 Author

    Useless war, it controbuted absolutely nothing to humanity. It breaks my heart to see all those European people going through this hell. And not just this, but this war paved the way for the second larger war two decades later.

  19. menckencynic Author

    I saw this film and halfway through I thought we've lost something hard won. Not just a generation of the best Europeans dead (although God knows how that has effected the human genome), but we've lost a part of the soul of the West. Now the scum have won, and they're running "anti-racism" workshops.

  20. Brian Webb Author

    The movie sucked, good think it was only two days in theaters, people would have been upset to spend money on such a poorly made film. waste of time and money

  21. CAN-AM Airsoft Author

    "There was a job to be done and you just got on and did it"
    Something our generation has trouble grasping….just get on with it and do it.
    A generation af brave kids thats for sure and no doubt.
    Never forget who they were
    Always remember what they did.

  22. Florian Bux Author

    True heroes. What a wretched era we live in. All we do is succumb to futility. Social media, materialism, narcissism. Whilst these men truly believed in the greatest of all – the love of their home and the people who mattered most, their comrades.

  23. Elena Cacciatori Author

    Is there any chance that we will see it in theatres, here in Italy?
    I'm reading the Churchill's books on WW1: I am near the end of the last tome. And I would like to go to the cinema to see it

  24. Harry Flashman Author

    Watched the full documentary twice now, absolutely brilliant. Love the moment when it goes from black and white to colour, that feels like time travel.


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