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This Cheap Cinema Projector LENS Will Make your Jaw Drop

This lens was made in Germany and it
was for 35-millimeter cinema projectors like this kind of huge cinema
projector in this episode we will see how to adapt this lens on a mirrorless
camera and use it as a photo and video lens this lens is sold around $100 right
now on eBay and as almost all projector lenses it has no diaphragm so you are
forced to shoot at f/2 all the time The main problem with this lens is that
there no official way to adapt it so I had to do some Frankenstein work and
create my own adapter after some testing I found out that the back of the lens
fits almost perfectly inside this old helios 44 empty body all I had to do was
to add some rubber bands to make it stay firmly in place and finally I plugged
the thing into an M 42 flat adapter to get the Infinity focus for all my rubber needs I use an old bike inner tire That I simply cut with scissors the
rubbers are really strong and black so it’s perfect to create some
do-it-yourself lenses because the lens only aperture is f2 there is a lot of
light coming in and colors are very well defined there’s something vibrant and artistic
to the color redition and not only because I shot the test in
the museum the lens is extremely sharp in the
center making it a great tool for capturing details for example the details in the building
structure are very well defined even at f/2 and still the environment is not
overexposed you can see here that the corners of the lens are way more soft
but they do not vignette and that’s a plus at f/2 even in the dark museum
environment the lens delivers a clean image without rising the ISOS because the center of the image is so
sharp portraits are just amazing so the background is not as melted as if
it was an f1.4 lens but still it’s easily the subject in a very
organic way as I already mentioned in previous episodes projector lenses are a
true secret treasure that get you some amazing quality for really cheap all you
need is to learn to adapt them and work on your manual focusing you can check in
the description links to the other projector lenses I reviewed before and
you can also visit the weird lens museum for free right now so don’t forget to
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experiments and I see you real soon bye you


  1. Ray D Author

    Photographers all around the globe have been doing this stuff with projector lenses for many years allready, myself included. I began with it as far as 15+ years ago and people thought it to be laughable because of the 'cheapness' but cinematic projector lenses are thus fast and sharp the joke is on those who laughed as these lense's are nothing but stunning in terms of perfect background blur and center sharpness. Though some of these lenses are actually sharp from corner to corner, and they have to be considering their technical properties, having to project an overall sharp film-image on a big screen.

  2. HACKEROCK Channel Author

    As always amazed of your test and amazing results…. I have bought some vintage lenses for my Panasonic G80, but I have failed miserably and I have surrendered after several attempts. I'm always struggle with myself between "throwing" money into vintage lenses and buying good modern lenses like my last purchase… the Sigma 56mm f1.4…… But I know I'll try againg with vintage lenses….

  3. Tactic Planner Author

    Nicely done I love this idea that is some great glass and you're really making the best of it. I love the comeback of this great old glass, just because it's old it doesn't mean it's broken.

  4. József Ferenc Author

    I wonder if you could stop it down by taking it apart and putting a black piece of paper with a hole in it where the aperture is.

  5. tihzho Author

    1:59 That's the Musee d'Orsay in Paris with the first time neon art by Glenn Ligon's is displayed. The white neon artwork was made by Lite Brite Neon Studio in Kingston NY.

  6. Will Giani Author

    Mathieu What a great video! The color rendition is beautiful.
    I went on ebay and bought the lens and an broken Helios straight away.
    What kind of adaptor did you used? All the ones I found online are bigger than yours?

  7. Aperture Author

    Great find. I use multiple projector lenses also like the rollei 85mm F2.8 lens and even other mystery optics like enlarger lenses. Each will have their own characteristics and flaws but it's fun and rewarding to see how these lenses turn out thanks to mirrorless cameras.

  8. apaloosa01 Author

    T'as l'accent français 😉 je vais essayer de voir si je peux faire ça, ça a l'air bien cette histoire d'objectifs projecteur vidéo! Je vais essayer de trouver ça aux puces!

  9. Theoretical Limit Author

    Rhooo, tu ne fais même pas rager l'algo youtube (Google) avec L'origine du monde, alors que t'étais à Orsay.
    Et si jamais t'y repasses, préviens ; je suis dans les bureaux quelques étages au dessus. 😉

  10. TK42138 Author

    Brilliant video, that lens certainly produces a very nice organic look. I use a Helios 44-2 on a Canon 200D but really need to use it more.

  11. kebman Author

    Awesome video! Thank you so much! <3 Edit: I used to run those machines back in the day. They're real monsters! 😀 But also great fun to work with (if you don't have to do it full-time). Also working with 35mm film like that is epic.

  12. mikeno62 Author

    Thanks for showing this interesting video, I will take a closer look at your website sooner and get inspiration to some of my other projects, in the use of old different lenses. Keep up your good work.

    Best regards

  13. Laurie Crowfoot Author

    Love to see this creativity. I have also had success with old projector lenses, using a set of macro bellows for focusing. Keep up the great work

  14. Mike Ballew Author

    That video was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I do not merely mean that it looked good visually, I mean that it stirred me in my heart. It was a privilege for me to watch.


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