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This Is Why Zach Braff Got Dumped By Hollywood

Zach Braff was one of the most successful
stars of the 2000s. He starred on NBC’s acclaimed comedy/drama
Scrubs as young Dr. Dorian, for which he earned an Emmy nomination. And in 2004, Braff made a big splash as a
writer-director with the drama Garden State. Since then, Braff has been working on both
TV and in movies, but we still don’t see him as much as we used to. “What planet am I on?” Here’s why Braff hasn’t been gracing screens
as often as he once did. Leading man letdown Thanks to Garden State and his romantic arcs
in Scrubs, it seemed like Zach Braff might be a good match for the romantic comedy realm,
but two solid attempts at turning him into a go-to heartthrob fizzled out. The first was The Last Kiss in 2006, which
failed to recoup its production costs. Then 2007’s The Ex made a measly $3 million
at the domestic box office. “An epiphany is when you realize something
that you really needed to realize.” And that’s not the only line of work that’s
proven to be problematic for him either. Production problems In 2009, Braff was expected to star alongside
Cameron Diaz in Paramount’s Swingles, which Braff was hired to direct. It would’ve been about a newly single guy
who recruits a wingwoman to help him navigate murky romantic waters, but the movie was never
made. That wasn’t the only would-be cinematic effort
that fell short for Braff, either. He was also expected to do an English-language
remake of the 2002 Danish film Open Hearts. At one point, Sean Penn agreed to star, but
then the lead actress withdrew while Braff was scouting filming locations. And then the whole thing fell through. Turning to theater Braff may not be on that many screens anymore,
but maybe that’s because he’s busy writing and acting on stage. In 2011, his play All New People premiered
in New York. The play centers on a man trying to commit
suicide only to be repeatedly interrupted by his friends stopping by. The show did well enough to travel to other
locales like Scotland and London’s West End. To solidify his status as a man of the theater,
in 2014, Braff starred for four months in the Broadway musical adaptation of Woody Allen’s
Bullets Over Broadway as well. Wish I Was Here … or not After so many setbacks on the big screen,
Braff had to turn to Kickstarter to help crowd fund his next creative endeavor, a sensitive
family dramedy called Wish I Was Here. And while financiers wouldn’t fork over the
funds he’d need to make it happen, he managed to raise over $3 million from fans who were
willing to back the prospective project. Screened at the Sundance Film Festival, Wish
I Was Here landed a $2.75 million distribution deal with Focus Features but ultimately did
not secure the kind of critical praise his former effort did and barely made enough money
to recoup its costs. Soon after, Braff vowed to never use crowdfunding
again. No need Braff was earning $350,000 an episode for
Scrubs toward the end of its run, making him one of the highest paid actors on primetime
TV at the time. Which is to say nothing of his cut of the
fortune generated by Scrubs reruns. In other words, Scrubs made Braff rich enough
that he really doesn’t have to work on movies or TV shows if he doesn’t want to. He even admitted as much when he said, “Scrubs
put me in a position where I could say no.” “Now if you’ll excuse me it’s time for my
nightly ritual: pleasure myself, weep and repeat.” Director for hire In 2017, Braff returned to the director’s
chair for the remake of the 1970’s hit Going in Style, penned by Oscar-nominated screenwriter
Theodore Melfi. So, unlike most of his directorial efforts,
he didn’t write this one. The film is a heist comedy about a group of
cash-strapped senior citizens who rob a bank, and boasts stars like Morgan Freeman, Michael
Caine, and Alan Arkin as its leads. “There I am looking like I’m directing.” While the trailer and all-star cast suggested
a lot of potential, the movie was ultimately met with mixed reviews. Staging a comeback Braff has been working to get back on TV,
but it hasn’t been an easy road. In 2008, he directed a potential drama called
Night Life, written by his brother Adam. Four years later, he sold a concept to ABC
called Garage Bar, a comedy about what happens to a group of old friends when one becomes
a successful musician, but it sputtered out. And in 2015, MTV ultimately passed on the
Braff-directed darkly comic murder mystery Self Promotion. Still, Braff kept digging. In early 2017, ABC ordered a full first season
for the comedy Alex Inc., in which Braff stars as a guy who runs a business startup. With this return to television, this will
be Braff’s first steady TV gig since leaving Scrubs in 2009. Early reactions to the trailer suggest Alex,
Inc. could be “another winning formula” for Braff but only time will tell if it’s really
is the thing that finally gets Braff back in the game. Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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  1. aaaaaiiiiirrrrr Author

    i worked w Braf, when mandy moore dumped him he couldn't leave his house for months legit months – A Class douchebag on top of that, i got so many douchey stories of him

  2. Toddster2012 Author

    he needs Hwood like the fLu bug , he is worth $ 22,000,000 million from his scrubz daze , thus he can do whatever projects he wants !! he has made his goaLs thru hard work and he got to work with sexy sarah chalke and heather graham !!

  3. Jonjo Maudsley Author

    Right so here's the summary. He banked stupid amounts of cash working on Scrubs and has a steady income from royalties. After a decent turn in the theatre, he turned to directing. His first efforts were solid, and he's already showing signs of unmetered progress. So at what point was he dumped by Hollywood?

  4. King Arturia Author

    Wow, a majority of the text and information here was used from this article:

    Some parts You didn't even bother rephrasing, You copied a lot of it word for word.

  5. gpgpgpgp1000 Author

    Zach got to make out with so many hotties during his run on Scrubs. True success! I heard he would sometimes have an actress cast in a role just because he wanted to make out with her. Lucky dude!

  6. Nick Burchell Author

    I don't understand how you can say hes been dropped then list a load of shows/films he is doing/in from scrubs to present day???

  7. Juventud2222 Author

    Most overrated comedic actor/writer. People act like he was responsible for 90% of Scrubs success but the supporting cast were just as much, or even more responsible for it's success.

  8. SIX-SH00T3R Author

    It doesn't seem like he is out of the game, so the whole premise of your video is flawed. He has the money, and is just leisurely exploring what he can and can't do. I know I would do the same in his position!

  9. Nicholos Poma Author

    He is always going to be JD, and a type cast like that was the downfall of many actors and actresses, very tough to break out of. He could always join the Marvel Universe, that would be cool. Either that, or redefine himself as a character actor.

  10. Michael Soo Author

    Most people would be more than pleased with a list of achievements that Zach has so far gathered. People forget successful movie makers like Jim Cameron often have lots of non-film projects on the side.

  11. Jon Pfeiler Author

    Overly pretentious movies, that always seem to have an ironic slow motion walking away shot…usually with a couple of teens or kids.

  12. djReason19 Author

    Some people are really very ignorant to the reality of things in this particular field. Just because someone isn't in the top 10 Elite Hollywood celebrity stardom this week or last week…. has absolutely nothing to do with the success or happiness of their career. For starters we just watched a whole resume of consistent work by a growing individual that not only was successful as an actor but was able to branch out and delve into a passion for directing and producing. And another great lesson for those that are ignorant to thinking that current fame has anything to do with success needs to know this…… whether or not any of those projects listed since his days on Scrubs were financially successful or popular amongst a majority of the planet has absolutely no bearing on personal success personal satisfaction and best of all the experience they had doing it.
    If you know someone that wants to be an actor but only cares about becoming a star…. please stop them because they will only fail not knowing that acting or filmmaking or any other artistic endeavor is something that a person needs to do and enjoys doing…… if major success comes then that is simply a bonus. Of course one needs to support themselves financially but becoming rich and famous has nothing to do with wanting to be a working artist. Most of the time in the film business acting projects fail. Over and over and over again. Whether you were good whether the writing was good whether the production was good…. there are always elements that will leave things incomplete or having never reached their potential. This is simply the reality of the business. But the experiences resume building skill set building relationship building and ultimately path to better work is what it's all about. I have been involved with over 25 films in my short career and I can only say that I like a few elements from each project. But I gave my best effort to each and every one of them regardless of their flaws and came out a better actor at the end.

  13. Grant Harlor Author

    Zach's problem is that while he is a good actor, he is just not attractive enough to pull the numbers. TV allows average to bad looking moronic leading men to get stunning women. Movies generally focus on absurdly attractive leads for both roles.

  14. Kevin Rubio Author

    Your title is incredibly misleading. He's has not dumped by Hollywood. It's more like going through what 90% of all creators go through in this town every day.

  15. sami hamouri Author

    Alex INC has already been cancelled with more than 5 episodes left in the show , To be honest , he is just a bad boring actor who got lucky in his early career. Shame , Alex INC has some great actors , Hillary Anne the kids did very good.

  16. hasanybodygot Author

    $3.9m at the Box Office would not be enough to recover the budget of $3m. That's not how film distribution and ehibition works.

  17. daniel job Author

    So… it took him more than a decade and a few failures to learn the first lesson in Directing 101?
    'Autobiographical Content. If you cannot empathize, you cannot emphasize!'

  18. Emily Author

    I miss Scrubs, so I bought Seasons 1-8 on DVD. 😃 But of course I miss Scrubs. It had such a fantastic storyline and always seemed so relatable yet so unrealistic at the same time. It was the perfect mix of reality and fantasy. I also truly miss Zach Braff…he’s handsome, intelligent, and talented. Of course I miss seeing him on the big and small screen. Hopefully he’ll get a role worthy of his talents. 😃😃

  19. valar Author

    He couldn't outgrow the twentysomething comic/angsty persona he had in EVERY role he was in, and it wore on people after awhile, especially when he aged out of that character. Audiences will only take him seriously now if he can play someone else or an older, 'evolved' version of his previous characters.

  20. aborrigidknee Author

    he reminds me of Gilligan only its in a hospital , I heard that back when he was still doing scubs , he was very eager to start making movies , but scrubs is the only thing hes done worth watching .

  21. Theresa Gomez Author

    Him a heartthrob?😂the shows and movies he directs suck and he can only get away with funny roles,if its not written by someone else,its gonna flop.

  22. Why Bee McNoMistake Author

    Q: What's the similarity between Dr. Townshend and Hollywood?
    A: Both are Obsolete.

    Q: What's the difference between them?
    A: Dr. Townshend is entertaining somehow.

  23. Corey Messick Author

    Ever since Scrubs was cancelled, he’s been coked out of his mind from being out of work and plays a hateful foul mouthed smug ADD character named Jeremy Jahns who thinks he’s seeing movies….😒

  24. GtheMVP Author

    He sucks, has a very punchable face too. Scrubs was good for the first few seasons, if not great, but he quickly became insufferable with his tired "quirky" schtick. That show aired for three to four seasons too long

  25. JDVHS Author

    i only found Scrubs about six months ago. Didn't know it even existed. Binge watched four times already. So Scrubs is where the term "stud muffin" originally comes from!?!

  26. Hector V Author

    The guy sucked. He wasn’t funny. In fact, he was the worst character in Scrubs. Literally everyone was better, even the back-screen extras


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