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Thor Kills Thanos Scene – AVENGERS 4 ENDGAME (2019) Movie CLIP HD

I used the stones to destroy the stones. It nearly killed me. But the work is done. It always will be. I am inevitable. W-we have to tear this place apart. He has to be lying. My father is many things. A liar is not one of them. Ah… Thank you, daughter. Perhaps I treated you too harshly– Thor… …what what did you do? I went for the head.


  1. BestClips Author

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  2. Pow Media Author

    The 2 people who deserved to kill thanos most did kill them Thor killed the thanos who killed his brother best friend and half of his people. Tony killed the thanos which has been in his head since 2012

  3. G Crievous Author

    The amount of emotion and subtext Hemsworth managed to pack into that “I went for the head” speaks volumes of his ability as a talent.

  4. Sahid Merced Author

    Much respect for Thanos. After he completed what he called his destiny, he found no other use(he said it himself, the Stone served no purpose beyond temptation, implying the Stones were giving him the temptation to use their power), yet he resisted and destroyed them. And after Iron Man snapped his fingers and he knew he was gonna die, he didn't get mad, nor did he make an excuse as to why he lost, he accepted defeat and sat down waiting for his demise.

    I'm usually the type of person to never like the villain, but in Thanos' case I actually liked him more than some of the Avengers themselves.

  5. MultiBearsfan54 Author

    How do we make up for the avengers losing and everyone dieing? Oh I know we'll kill thanos twice and bring everyone back for the price of two OG characters.

  6. Artist Assassin Author

    The way Thor mercilessly decapitated Thanos right around the cervix(neck for the dummies lol) and how Thor looked after he fulfilled his promise of dying for what he did to the Asgardians made me watch the whole thing with awe for the 4th time. Plus he went for the head. And plus I watched it for the memes

  7. Mateo Aray Author

    "I went for the head" a lot of people in my theater laughed but I didn't think it was funny. I thought it was kinda sad, it was a sad moment for Thor.

  8. Kyle Andrade Author

    Plot twist: When Thanos says he used the stones to destroy the stones, he actually meant he used them as picaxe to destroy more stones that’s in a cave nearby.

  9. batkatabg Author

    They are so void, they fought a peaceful man without any ability to defend himself. He won't fought, because he didn't have any reason to fight. It's just principle of honor.

  10. Amsal Waseem Author

    That's a recall that how Thor was still reeling from his previous mistake. When In infinity war. Thor went for the chest but now he knew that he had to go for the head as advised by Thanos in the previous movie.

  11. WalkingBearDude Author

    It sucks this thanos was killed off, they could have had him be the last boss instead of the past version that seems to be an average not special marvel villain as cool as he still is. Plus this version was really smart, cause I honestly did not expect thanos to destroy the stones after he completed his goal, he knew they would come, and he made sure that they wouldn’t reverse it, that was the last most coolest and clever thing this thanos as ever done…. R.I.P 2018 thanos 🙁

  12. 《《《 Johnny Rocket 》》》 Author

    I get it. He snapped his fingers and used the stones to destroy the stones. So stupid though I'd just make a super computer that can harness the stones and then create an algorithm to mimic the finger snap. That way no human has to pay the price that comes with using the power of the stones.


    I just now realized that Nebula was probably pissed at Thor because she thought that now maybe she could have a loving father, but now he’s gone

  14. Saurabh Bisht Author

    You know, I'm 1500 years old. I've killed twice as many enemies as that. And every one of them would have rather killed me than not succeeded. I'm only alive because fate wants me alive. Thanos is just the latest of a long line of bastards, and he'll be the latest to feel my vengeance – fate wills it so.

  15. Pheromo Maniac Author

    Thanos didnt give 2 shits about living anymore lol. He completed his goal and nothing they could do would change it… except well.. the rest of the movie.

  16. Umer Gul Muhammad Author

    How stronge is thanos's durability?
    He withstand hulk's punches, iron man's missiles, Thor's lightning blast, handling the stone's power and almost got killed when he destroyed the stones

  17. KaiZen Cyrus Author

    *Thanos is restrained helplessly

    Me: This doesn't feel right.

    *Thanos' hand gets chopped off

    Me: Something else is going on here.

    *Thanos gets beaten down by Banner

    Me: This is not happening.

    *Thanos gets decapitated

    Me: WHAT??!!

  18. Joseph Franc Author

    One thing I really appreciate with Infinity War and Endgame is the Russo Brothers not being afraid of driving in a lot of Grit to their films. So much of that harsh reality of drama is lost in films now. I mean the kind that has stakes, consequences, and is well written and understood. I've REALLY been surprised at how amazing these last couple Avengers movies have been. Great stuff


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