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Thor vs Hela – First Fight Scene | Thor Ragnarok (2017) Movie CLIP HD

Brother… This…was your doing. So he’s gone? It’s a shame. I would have liked to have seen that. You must be Hela. I’m Thor, the son of Odin. Really? You don’t look like him. Perhaps we can come to an arrangement. You sound like him. Kneel. Beg you’re pardon? Kneel. Before your queen. I don’t think so. It’s–not–possible. Darling… You have no idea what’s possible. (R.I.P) Bring us back! No! Loki! What the– (screams)


  1. cironar Author

    I will kneel [laying down face flat on the ground] before Hela in a heartbeat ♥ …."Command me my Queen …!"

    I will destroy Thor if his mulnjr so much cracked any of Helas' nails!!

  2. Rob Boyte Author

    FINALLY we got to see Thor transform into his costume by stricking his cane to the ground. I know, it's actually an umbrella, but still…. I am not a fan of "Thor: Ragnarok", but this was nice to see, at least once, in the MCU. 😊

  3. FalconFlyer75 Author

    Spoilers for endgame (though if u haven't seen it by now wtf is wrong with u?)

    me when this first came out – "aw man, now we'll never get to see cap lift the hammer"
    me now – "oh how wrong u were"

  4. Apostle Simon Author

    You know when someone talks and looks at you like that in 0:23 who usually is ultra chilled, funny, handsome and helpful, you should run.

  5. Slytherin's heir Author

    Hela is a female who looks like a female, but sounds like a man.

    Loki is a male who sounds like a male, but looks like a woman.

    Thor is a male who both looks and sounds like a male, lol.

  6. Gøran Cae Author

    Her name is Hel… and she is not Odins daughter.. she is daughter of Loke and Angrboda..
    This shit is just spitting on the mythology.. His name isn't even Thor.. It's Tor.

  7. Arnold Horton Author

    Once Loki came back the writers should’ve had him turn into strange and attack Thor then when Thor attracted the real dr strange on accident Loki should’ve turned into Thor so dr strange would send the real Thor to meet Odin and ultimately Loki would have tricked strange into a one on one magic face off. Then we would’ve gotten simultaneously Thor vs hela and strange vs Loki in two settings during one epic scene.

  8. Jorge Bersabe Author

    Hela is a much more darker version of Thor and Loki:
    -Thor: both are biologically related, arrogant, prideful and love a good fight from time to time and are heirs of Asgard, but where Thor eventually learnt humility during his stay on Earth, only accepting the throne when Asgard needed him, Hela stayed with the same warmongering personality, never learning humility and only cared about the throne itself, never the people. Hela is what Thor could have become if he never learnt humility.
    -Loki: both are dressed on green and black, have manipulative tendencies and a thirst for conquest and ruling, but where Loki never wanted to became a conqueror, just only being accepted by Asgard as one of their own and eventually gave up on those desires, along with actually caring for his family, even if he doesn't admit it, Hela still clung to those desires of ruling and conquest, feeling entitled to everything and not caring for her family, only serving herself and is willing to stomp over everything and everyone to get what she wants. Hela is what Loki could have become if he rejected his redeeming qualities and became an actually ruthless monster.

  9. D G Author

    I love how hela is like the combination of loki, thor and odin
    1. Have cape like thor
    2. Spiky helmet like loki
    3. Armour like thors but not really
    4. Green suit like loki
    5. Using sharp object like loki
    6. Arm guard like thor
    7. Worthy like thor
    8. Helmet like odin's in the first film
    9. Strong like thor
    10. Same hair color like loki
    12. Same hair height like thor
    13. Villian like loki
    14. Smile like loki
    15. Mjolnkr mastery like thor
    16. Fast like thor

  10. Kyoushirou Juvel Author

    Is it possible that the mjolnir will be restored there on earth ? I mean jane foster will be the new owner of the mjolnir right ? The broken mjolnir is on earth….jane is from earth so it might possible to just restore it….


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