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Tiffany Haddish on Creating a Female Stand-Up Comic Show “Navigating a Man’s World” | Close Up

(upbeat music) – Right after this huge breakout success in Girls Trip, which obviously
you two did together, you then go into somebody else’s vehicle and I’m curious, again, the question of how do you navigate that? Is it freeing, is it frustrating, and how do you find your place in that? – At that time, Girls
Trip hadn’t come out yet. It hadn’t come out when I took that job.. And had I known, like I believed Girls
Trip was gonna do good, but if I woulda known, known, like somebody was like it’s
gonna make all this money, you about to go like ooh yeah, I would’ve been like well, I’m sorry guys, I’m gonna do my own show. I’m gonna do Hollywood Haddish. – [Regina] And you still can. And now you still can. – And yet here you are in this other show. So when you’re trying to find
yourself in this character, what pieces of you did you bring to her? – I brought my sophisticated
business side to stay. Also, I brought my wretched side to her, when I play the younger Shay
and also as the older version. I have a really good… Like the writers on the show are so good, I would love to kidnap all of them and use them for everything. – For Hollywood Haddish? – Yeah, for Hollywood Haddish and everything else I do. But they’re really amazing writers. So I don’t have to do too much. I don’t have to put a
whole lot of me in it ’cause they already
write it with me in mind. They already make it so easy for me. So yeah. – On a more serious
note, what would that be? – That would be a really fun show that… I haven’t seen a show that’s
dealing with female comedians. Like the world of female comedy and navigating in a man’s world and how it’s such a boys’ club. And like really do a
stand-up, like for real female stand-up comics and how difficult it is and how you have to fight and fight your way into that boys’ club and be like yo, I’m just as funny as you. I can be up here just as long as you. I can pack out this
theater just as much as you can pack out this… Sorry, I’m gettin’ passionate about it. But it would be about that and then tryin’ to have that regular life where you wanna date and stuff but guys are afraid to date you ’cause they think you’re
gonna talk about ’em on stage, which is like please,
you’re not that poppin’. But my show would be about that. And trying to also be a family member. Tryin’ to lift up my family. It would be about my life. – That’s comin’. – Yeah, it would be about my life. I wrote it already. – I’d do it quick ’cause now
that you’ve talked about it, somebody’s gonna do it. – It’s already written. Come up and let’s go. (upbeat music) – Looking back on your careers, what was the most amusing or frustrating or horrifying feedback you
ever got going up for a part? – You know what I would do? I would put my phone on voice memo and put it in my bag. I’d do the audition, walk out the room, leave my bag- – You’re nasty. – [Lacey] Oh would you really? What would you hear? – Come back, be like oh I
forgot my purse in here. Get my purse. – You’ve actually done that? – Get in the car. Then… – Let me look under the table and see- – What would you hear? I love this. – You can’t do it anymore. You’ve just told everyone.
– They’d be like she’s not as urban as
I thought she would be. – I knew that was the word, yeah. That’s not what I wanna hear. – Or they would be like she’s so ghetto, I just can’t. Her boobs aren’t big enough. But I really think we should
just go with a white girl. She’s not… this role
should be changed to white. Oh, if her hair was- – Wait how many rooms did you leave it in? – A lot, a lot. It was like my MO. – You two would get into a
lotta trouble with each other I feel like. – We would get into trouble? – I’m the opposite. Have you ever gone to your
own movie in a theater and then you go to the rest room and people are starting
to talk about the movie. I’ve always been so scared of what they would say. I wanna let them know that I’m in here, don’t say anything bad. I wouldn’t wanna hear. – No, I don’t wanna hear. – I wanna hear so that I can grow. And also that I can write jokes about it and I can like use it to my advantage. They’re like she can’t read. Jesus, if she just could
read, it would work. She said every word wrong. And I’m like they’re right. And so then I started reading out loud while practicing more. It helped me in the long run. So I mean some of it hurt my feelings. Sometimes I’m like damn, what a bitch. I’m never goin’ back in there again. – But you did and then you left your bag. – [Jane] Good for you. – I did and it’s just wow,
she’s come a long way. – What they should’ve been saying is she’s so forgetful. She leaves her purse in the room. (all laugh) (upbeat music)


  1. Comfort Jacob Author

    I love Tiffany, she's so intelligent in a lovely, round the way girl way!

    #sidebar The thing I hate about some roundtables is that everyone is like scared to laugh or smile, it's fine guys laugh lol

  2. spiders spider Author

    I know she probably meant something else, but talking about a show about a female comedian and it not existing, and then cutting to a shot of Alex Borstein who stars in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel was comedy all on its own

  3. John De Less Author

    I’m bummed Betty Gilpin from GLOW wasn’t included this year. Despite her Emmy nomination last year she’s still being overlooked. Thrilled that Phoebe Waller-Bridge is there, she’s amazing in Fleabag

  4. Haley Griswold Author

    Everyone at this table is a huge inspiration for me, but especially Tiffany. She is the definition of self made. And she has the goods to back it up. So proud of her!

    I post standup on my channel and would appreciate any support 🙂

  5. Kimberly Jones Author

    Miss Haddish, you make me smile each and every time I see you. You are so fantabulous!!!! Keep making those coins girl !!💖💖💖🙂🙂🙂

  6. Billy Welsford Author

    I love Tiffany for sure but she's at the table with Alex Borstein who's on Marvelous Mrs Maisel that is about a woman trying to make it as a stand up comic, exactly what she was talking about. Doesn't it seem a bit off?

  7. Movie Lover 89 Author

    This woman is UNFUNNY and loud as fuck. Zero talent and hyped as fuck. Regina Hall and Maya Rudolph have talent, great talent and yes Tiffany you are ghetto and you stereotype black women.


    I love how unpolished Tiffany is. As jaded & insincere most celebrities come across in interviews, i appreciate her honesty & rawness. Its a trait that i think some people let Hollywood shake from them when they come from humble beginnings & garner success. I hope she never loses that!❤

  9. Billie Edwards Author

    I'm all for women being empowered, but when you leave out our young men you create a hustle environment on your own. Each person, no matter their gender Must be validated. As a woman I'm getting sick of this society's downplaying our men and their roles as men. Its not justice. There will never be justice until 'all' humans are validated and although this forum is for women. You guys have a multitude of young men coming up who are lost, some dying on a daily basis. We're not the only ones hurting.

  10. Gaurav Vikalp Author

    Wait, has she not seen Marvellous Mrs Maisel? She spoke about her show and didn't even acknowledge. Alex was right there! 😂

  11. Leone Ranger Author

    I just like this woman. She's so naturally funny and ambitious. That leaving the bag recording after auditions was HILARIOUS!

  12. Adam Tak Author

    Tiffany : I haven't seen a show about a female comedian navigating a mans world.
    Alex Bornstein : Girl… have you seen my show? It's exactly about that.


  13. James Bradford Author

    "I haven't seen a show about the world of female comedy and navigating in a man's world" says Tiffany Haddish while sitting across from Alex Borstein, co-star of a show about the world of female comedy and navigating in a man's world.

  14. Wired Weird Author

    3:00 Now that's ingenious, Tiffany leaving her phone in record mode in her purse during an audition, then leaving for a few minutes only to return pretending to have forgotten her purse. Then having a listen to the comments about her in her car on her phone. Some folks would prefer not to hear those kinds of conversations. Tiffany can clearly take it. She's one tough cookie . . .

  15. Dennis Gachanja Author

    Tiffany 🤦🏾‍♂️, why would tell that voice memo story now?? These are things you tell in a memoir after you retired.

  16. BooBoo Author

    Chopping up these roundtable discussions into packaged bites is annoying AF. Watching the discussion in the longer format would be optimal. Either put it all out or don't put anything out. Are you not just providing viewers with the full goods, so that THR gets tons more 'clicks'?

  17. Jenny Sieck Author

    Natasha looks like she's having so much fun in this group….Just one of the girls. She seems so delighted to be that comfor table….

  18. enrique mas Author

    Everybody telling Tiffany to check out Mrs. Maisel: is Mrs Maisel Black? There is a different level of storytelling that can be explored in what Haddish explained, as opposed to what Midge explores in Maisel.

  19. yb Author

    I just watched the part with phoebe waller-bridge before I watched this and their accents are so different, it's like they speak different languages!

  20. Peyton Bell Author

    I would've feel out if when she listened to what they were saying someone said "she left her pocket book. Lets see what this bitch has in there"😂

  21. mmmallory33 Author

    Maisel isn't set in the real world and its a period show- plus the dynamics of single female comediennes in the present? sooo different.

  22. Bd from the 213 Author

    She’s not even funny sooooo yea I will not watch anything she put together 😂. To me she’s like mike Epps, fun in movies but not good at standup. But at least mike had 1 good standup whereas I’ve never laughed at Tiffany. Not even back when she started.

    Holla at me when Monique, luenelle, sommore, etc put some ideas together. Hell even Kat Williams can add his input since he puts up his own money for shows and puts comedians on. Let me know when actual funny people who understand the art, comes together 🙌

  23. Elisabeth Mulder Author

    That last bit probably didnt make a lot of sense to them if they didnt know Tiffany has dyslexia. But good for her! That had to be tough to hear all that stuff, but to then take it and make something of it and better herself with it? Inspiration

  24. Andreina Kjaer Author

    I've seen people comments saying that Tiff speaks too much, she has a big mouth and all of that but MAN! y'all missing the point here! This is the moment when we stand up for her and any other black woman in that position!!

  25. Christie Brown Author

    Why are these videos so brief?? I want to hear the whole conversation. Five minutes isn’t a conversation and this is important stuff.

  26. indigoblue91 Author

    Tiffany Haddish just exposed the systemic racism and stereotyping in hollywood towards black people. The woman at the table should be disturbed but many of them have benefited from it.

  27. Linda Price Author

    Tiffany Haddish sitting next to Jane Fonda is strange. Also, Tiffany didn't have much to offer. She looked like a fish out of water, totally out of her league.


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