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Time-lapse video of Hollywood Sign refurbishment – Sherwin-Williams

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  1. कुरूकुल्ले शेर्प Author

    Great marketing idea by Sherwin-Williams! Hope they get sales increases and then use the profits to benefit others.

  2. Eric Novins Author

    I love the idea, but this was NOT a strict time lapse at all. Nor do you even see a complete time lapse for one entire letter from stripping to refinish. BOOOOOOO!!! Too many shots of the city. I thought this was a hollywood sign video!

  3. Alejandro Zúñiga Author

    Yeah. It was originally caled like that when they made it in the 1920's as advertisement for real estate back then. But in the 70s the city decided to take down the Land. Although, funny thing is that during that time the matanece of the sign was poor and the "O" broke in half to make a lowercase "u" and one of the two "O" in "Wood" fell, so in the end it spelled "HuLLYWOD"
    Hope that answered your question 🙂

  4. Matt Sorensen Author

    I created your logo using your paints (Krylon) its at 600,000+ views, I would like you to reconsider sponsoring me- type Sherwin Williams Art and the video will be at the top of the youtube search. Sincerely Matt Sorensen Can Art

  5. 茶番倶楽部 Author

    文字の大きさは、高さ約14 m、幅合計110 m

    Time-lapse video of Hollywood Sign refurbishment | Sherwin-Williams


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