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Time Traveler Took This Picture in The Year 2118


  1. Dustin Jay Author

    To all commenting on his appearance are clueless. This guy is clearly hiding his identity behind a mask and a baggy suit, I thought everyone would get that, smh. Also, if you've heard the mans story, he wasn't living in the year "2118" for more then a day so stop playing into the idea of him travelling back in time from 2118 to 1981 because that isn't the full story. It just reminds me of how closed minded and skeptic people are, they just makes jokes without having looked into it. I'm not saying I believe this all to be true but 99% of the comments are from the same sheep that believe anything the government tells them and laughs at people who seek the truth. Look into it first, then you can laugh all you want if you still think it's funny, I can respect that.

  2. luka nedeljkovic Author

    If you believe this man was from 2118,you are really manipulative person who can be manipulated just by adding 100% true on video name.

  3. luka nedeljkovic Author

    HE EVEN LIKED HIS OWN COMMENT,DUDE WHO CAN BELIEVE IN THIS.Believing in this is on exact same mental level as believing earth is flat and its carried by giant elephants.I would like to have your brain for a day ,just to see what world look like when you make this kind of fake videos,and what are you really think on daily bases.Peace

  4. Peter Shea Author

    can we have another interview with this man I would like to ask a question why are they lumps on his face and why his face looks like it a mask like angry grandpa

  5. Hiatia Little Author

    This is a guy with a mask the face has so little movement. The head is huge compared to the body don't let the suit fool you he has the voice of a 20-year-old.

  6. Ninja JoJo Author

    Wait… he has a picture? But didn't he say in the last video that he had a camera, but it didn't go through the machine. The only thing that went through was his clothes and the money he had.

  7. Fantastic Fox Author

    Global warming is a joke. Humanities biggest threat are governments, and the fallen angels on earth. UN Agenda 21 new world order agenda. These 'district' cities are human settlement zones. Microchipping, mark of the beast, micro chip into the brain to connect your brain to the internet of things with 5g (Neurolink company doing it rn). They want to hijack our consciousness . . They want to destroy the human race with artificial intelligence. Jesus Christ is coming back, our time period wont get to the dystopian future of the human race becoming lost and extinct. Turn to the lord Jesus Christ because there is light or darkness after death. The judgment day will come. The final days the bible warns are happening. Satanism, pedophilia, transgenderism etc becoming normal in society.

  8. ODIN pegasus Author

    Whoever made up this video apparently doesn’t have any basic knowledge of economics, the point is never about cash, but how wealth is distributed, cash can be in any form, and the maker is not qualified to answer the questions that followed; how does economic work in the future, that little detail gives you away lol, not buying this bullshit , my suggestion is to go back to school before you shame on yourself

  9. ODIN pegasus Author

    And now he is on global warming which any sober individual knows it’s a lie lol, can’t you intellectually come up with better story

  10. shawn brady Author

    I been seeing this kind of videos for year and most of them are Alexander,Noah and copel more I just wanted how they have exactly same 3 cars in Las Vegas in the same year and exactly same time between taking a picture or recording on the there phone at exactly atthe spot and time. Some of the videos I pay attention very well and it's something's dosen't add up I didn't say about it 100% fake or real but if you re see some of the videos you will have little more understand I'm what I'm thinking about I really love seeing every video ampx tv uploaded

  11. PzychoMantis90 Author

    Spent too much time traveling through … time …. he should have went back a few days or so before the interview to get a new suit, shit is wrinkled as fuck.

  12. jb gk Author

    Anyone else annoyed bye the fact that his fuckin face is falling off! It's a teenager wearing oversized suit with a face mold that actors use in movies and making his voice deeper so he sounds like he's older and using a shit camera so you cant see the shit job they did with the fake face typical teens doing a half ass job. I do believe there is time travel but not from these fucktards!

  13. Evan Deppen Author

    Why the thin skin tight mask and the fake bald patch over your hair? This explain why you are using <=standard def video quality in 2019. Why no mention of company names like the time travel company you purchased your ticket ticket? The ticket that was not shot at ground level and resembles a postcard. Telling us what the picture showed such as the cities name, or what any of the buildings were used for would have been great as well. I could only watch those parts as I skipped through the video. Good job on community interaction and your ad revenue. I wasted my time to write this lol props

  14. Martin Laberge Author

    He is probably paid or at least oriented by Global-Warming Freaks! He shoot speechs on the need to change what we do now, so that it dont happen. If he really got there, and it was this way, then it WILL happen. So no need to change anything, since it is written in time.

  15. Pory02 Author

    His fake baldness doesn't sit right on his head. You had check that better.

    Based of that what we heard about oin the last Video he was only for an hour awake in the future. So how he should know about aliens? He just wanted to get home.

    That he always says the years is annoying…

    yeah sure.. that aren't Buildings from a game. Must be real. lol

  16. Daniel 'swe_djdannymite' Sandberg Author

    LOL soo funny useing an silicone mask act old man but hes voice and body language reveals hes a lil kid. Look. 😂 Soo crappy acting

  17. Ethan Vail Author

    The thing is, it seems like he keeps changing the story. Finding out that aliens exist is pretty fuckin big if you ask me, and the fact that he didn’t mention that the first time he told the story is odd because I’m pretty sure something that big isn’t forgettable. Also he claims now that he’s had all sorts of conversations with people but yet the first time he told the story he only had a conversation with one person on the streets and one robot on the streets. Now he’s claiming to have stopped so many people asking all these questions and getting all these answers. Also in the picture the buildings don’t look “made of glass” like he said they were, and they don’t look taller than buildings today like he said they were. Also I’m pretty sure the CIA would’ve confiscated that picture the second they met him again, they wouldn’t risk having that get leaked to the public.

  18. ゆうき猫かした Author


  19. Vidkron 4978 Author

    If you are from the future then tell me what will become of the company Trizor and also I want a piece of tech from the future. Then maybe I will believe your story.

  20. jason puttock Author

    omg. get the dam dates right for fuk sake. Read and wtch. languages 2118 when the video clip shows 4126 and this is not the only time i have noticed this. The clippings are from something else of another video. I am calling this a hoax. Until you get the video right along with the speech texts. Fact of evidence is clearly incorrect and presented. However i will listen more but publish this video correctly or be forced to call this a hoax.


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