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Time Traveler Took This Picture In The Year 6000


  1. ゆうき猫かした Author

    Where did you bring the clothes, the camera and the shoes that you were wearing? It is contradictory that this person says, and it is boring.

  2. Becka Bebop Author

    I doubt we will make it to the year 6000. The sun will either kill us or we will die off.. and a "time traveler" from 2045 said they had already combined robots and humans and now 6000 is just in the process ?? Makes no sense

  3. superglou913 Author

    So there aren't anymore evil people around when time travel becomes available to the public? What if they don't care if they're seen or if they change the course of events? What's to stop them from pulling a "Back to the future 2" and giving their past selves the scores to every major sporting event for decades to come? Winning the lottery would be even easier than that. Time travel to the day they draw the numbers. Travel back a day and play those numbers. My point is,people are rotten. Everybody on the planet would have to be a good honest person in order for the public to be trusted with time travel. Also,your photo is just a still shot of your supposed video of las vegas in the year 2120.

  4. John N Author

    so in the year 6000 time travel is available, however his friend that's stuck there can't come back? there are some serious (worm)holes in this story.


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