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Tinder Profile Picture Day 2

(upbeat tune) (acoustic guitar music) – So you’ve had your profile
picture taken before, right? – Oh, yes sir, I know the drill. – Good, because the last time I was here no one would just let me take
a normal photograph of them. ♫ Everyone loves a puppy,
please go out with me – God damn it. (camera light flashing)
(shutter closing) You make a great bridesmaid,
but you’d never actually wear this to a date, right? – I spent 400 dollars
on my hair and makeup, this is the best I’ve ever
looked, I’m going to use it! (camera light flashing)
(shutter closing) – Oh, cool, so you’re like a skydiver. – Nope, this is the first I’ve
ever done anything like this! I’m terrified! – Why would you make it
your profile picture? – Why would I go skydiving
in the first place? Oh God, I’m peeing! – Oh God.
– Oh, I’m peeing! Come on, man. (camera light flashing)
(shutter closing) – The wings say I’m an angel, but the graffiti says I’m dangerous. – Your sunglasses cost more than my rent. You’re not dangerous. – Don’t talk to me.
– Don’t talk to me! (camera light flashing)
(shutter closing) Just, I can, you can, I can take it. Maybe just let someone
else take your picture. (camera light flashing)
(shutter closing) Let someone else take your picture. (camera light flashing)
(shutter closing) – I want girls to know I can cook. – Jesus, it smells like
pennies and spoiled cum. – Oh, I know it does, it’s
actually an old family recipe. Beef Gurewitch, the
story stats in 19 2020, which is what people
that are wrong call 1940, when the state of New
Jersey sent a single slice of roast beef to the
electric chair for rape. (camera light flashing)
(shutter closing) – Oh, now miss, I think
you’re a little too young to use Tinder.
– I’m 27. – Jesus, why would want
your profile picture to be of you as a little girl? – This is when I looked best. – Oh, sweetheart. (camera light flashing)
(shutter closing) – I think you might be
sending the wrong message with a girl in the picture. – Oh. (camera light flashing)
(shutter closing) – Oh come on, a bikini picture? You don’t think guys
are that easy, do you? Yeah, alright. (camera light flashing)
(shutter closing) – Would you mind taking
this with my camera? Thanks. – This looks like it’s 1998. You want this for your profile? – My face needs the help. (camera light flashing)
(shutter closing) – Hello?
– Over here. – I can’t take your
picture from that far away. – My body needs the help. (exasperated sighing) (camera light flashing)
(shutter closing) – If your picture’s a selfie, it looks like you don’t have friends! (camera light flashing)
(shutter closing) Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God! (camera light flashing)
(shutter closing) (drum music)
– Hey, it’s Grant from CollegeHumor. Click here to subscribe to the channel, click here for more fun stuff, and, sorry, guys, it feels like I’m out. Am I out? Because I can like, I can see the top of the camera, so it’s, is this better? Alright, it feels worse. Okay, uh, thanks for watching!


  1. RuskePerson Author

    I have friends, but we don't really take photos of each other. And I'm too embarrassed to ask for help taking a tinder profile picture so…

  2. agizzy23 Author

    Mine would just be me going up to him and handing him my acting headshots and going “I paid a LOT of money for these. They’re what I look like on a great day. I’m using them.”

  3. janning schrotter Author

    Lol selfies work its just hard when its like take my pic and hey I am with my friends kid in this one and than its like doing fucked up shit with the person in the next one.

  4. Tim Campbell Author

    The fact that this comment thread isn't devoted to Dan Gurewitch and his greatest contribution to CollegeHumor disappoints me and makes me lose hope for the future.

  5. The Pasty British Guy From Wonderwoman Author

    “Your Sunglasses Cost More Than My Rent, You’re Not Dangerous”
    “Don’t talk to me”
    “Don’t talk to me!”


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