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What came into existence as a magical phenomenon, is now being used to marvel audiences with calculated measure. It is the one experience you keeping putting
your money on, devoid of any kind of expectation. You may have your own indulgences for walking
into the hall, but the moment you get inside, you submit yourself as a clan, to the life
on the screen. A clan that is here to roar for the forces
you’ve chosen to empathise with. You’re here to be rescued from reality. To submit your purest self to a dream that’s
hard to forget. This experience takes you through various
walks of life, introduces you to worlds you’ll never be a part of. You get to see through people of all kinds
of moralities. The surprises these experiences throw, can
be educational, emotional, and inspirational. They can be the bridge you take to connect
to someone in reality, or be the bridge that holds your reality. Associating the hall with life, the screen
can be considered the biggest source of light even in the darkest of times. The infatuation with this experience will
never cease to exist. It will sincerely provide the illusion of
exploration, reaching the depths of all the imagination known to you. And what you’ll discover here, could be the
cornerstone of the drive that keeps you going in real life. You may obsess over the findings, sink in to the feels, and let the pieces of fiction grow over you. And this very experience, is notoriously known
to produce absolutely divisive reactions from all quarters. We keep learning from the resulting debates. Every time you “re-watch” this experience, it feels different, because it’s a different ‘you’ watching it. This is magic that goes beyond the science
of the medium. The associations and impact this experience
called “CINEMA” has, evolves over time, just like you and I do! You’ll come to realise that Cinema imitates
life …far more than life imitates cinema. That’s the basis of its importance. So I’d sign off by saying, here’s to uncovering
more parallels…

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