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Together Young – Spanish / sub Eng / Full Movie

Wait for me! Maria! Maria! – Did you try?
– No. Go ahead. – I don’t know anyone.
– Me neither. – Let’s spIit…
– If you want to. – I’II Iook downstairs.
– OK. Fer, come here.
I found something that couId work! That’s not fair! Come on, Quique, I’m winning. I won. Hurry up, Quique! You cheated! Hurry up, Quique! Cousin… FinaIIy, you are here.
HeIp me search. Sofia, you Iook in the kitchen
and you go over there. This key won’t work. No wonder.
My mom changes keys aII the time. Try these. Did you get them? Great! – Where did you find them?
– Over there… TOGETHER YOUNG Do you mind, Fernando? You hit the remote controI! Now you’II say it’s broken. – I want to pIay, I want to pIay!
– Shut up! What are you drawing on your hand? Houses, I Iove to draw houses. – It doesn’t work.
– Yes, it does. – It’s a piece of crap.
– Why shouIdn’t it work? Hey, shorty, don’t you mess around. Now you have to Iisten to me. No, mom didn’t say that. What did she say?
Do whatever you want? – She toId me to Iisten to Maria.
– It’s the same. Here! – Esther, did you see my backpack?
– I think your brother has it. This is a piece of shit! It’s in Maria’s room.
You’II sIeep in there. – With Maria?
– And who do you want to sIeep with? What if Maria
sIeeps in our uncIes’ room? No, mom and dad’s room
wiII stay Iocked untiI they are back. – Maria must have the key.
– Nobody has it! – Where’s Maria?
– How do I know? Stop bothering me! Next time we’II swap joysticks. What if I sIeep
with my brother in Maria’s room and Maria sIeeps with you? I won’t sIeep with you. Come on! Take it off! You are an idiot! Off-side. Didn’t you see it coming? You’II break them. It Iooks nice Iike this. I don’t Iike it much. Why do you have your naiIs Iike that? None of your business. Maria! – What?
– Be carefuI! – You moved?
– No, I didn’t! Yes, you did. – Maria, stop it!
– What? – Don’t move Iike that!
– But I’m not moving! What can we do
with today’s Ieftovers? I cooked more than usuaI
so we’d have food for tomorrow. – I want to eat cutIets.
– When? I don’t know, tomorrow. Your mum aIready toId me
what to cook everyday. CutIets on Wednesday. It’s the same.
Tomorrow we’II have cutIets and on Wednesday we’II have
what you had to cook for tomorrow. Come on, it’s the same. If you want,
I can caII mom and ask her. No, it’s fine.
There’s no difference, you’re right. Fine. Try to reach Maria. That’s disgusting, Fernando! Stop it! Which hand? Let’s go to that house. Come on, Sofi! No. Come on! Let’s go, Quique. Turn it down, you’re nuts! I didn’t know how to turn it down. If you don’t know, don’t touch it. You teIIing me what to do? – I’II teII you whatever I want!
– OK, stop it! You’ve reached 02 21 456 321 . PIease Ieave a message
after the tone. Thanks. – Maria, I’m Ieaving.
– Wait, everything is fine. No, I’m Ieaving.
I’m taking Quique with me. No, we’II Ieave aII together. PIay some music if you’re bored.
ReaIIy Iow. Have some. – It tastes good, right?
– No. I see LittIe Timmy in this photo. This must be his house. Then Iet’s go. Why? I don’t want to be in his house. What’s the probIem? – Come on, Iet’s go.
– HoId on a minute. Let’s get ready to Ieave. Didn’t you want to stay? And now I want to Ieave. – What’s up?
– Nothing… Quique, Sofi, come on!
Tidy up and Iet’s go! What? – No. Wait. Let’s stay a whiIe.
– No, we’re Ieaving now. That goes over there. Here comes a goaI! Damn! Take that, Facundo! That puts you in the shit! Facundo, come on in! Hurry up, dickhead! Wait, Iet me move this!
Wait, dickhead! Fucking shit… – Want some Nesquik?
– Yes, pIease. – Good afternoon.
– Good afternoon. I’d Iike to taIk to
one of the owners of the house. Nice to meet you. I’d Iike to taIk to one
of the owners of the house, pIease. I’m the owner of the house. Can’t I taIk to an aduIt? We are aIone. What do you need? What’s your name? I am Rodrigo Cipriani, Cipriani. Entrance, do you receive me? Yes, I receive you. Can you corroborate an address?
FamiIy Cipriani, Rodrigo Cipriani. Street Los AIamos 29. Affirmative, over and out. – I’m sorry, sir.
– You’re weIcome. You’re such a dickhead! Get off my back! You’re driving too fast. – No!
– You think so? Yes, sIow down.
The ”copycops” are there. So what? You think I’II get a ticket?
They work for us… Bye, bye, copycops! Look, my sister is over there.
Stop. What is it?
Do girIs scare you? GirIs scare you! What are you Iaughing at, you idiot? – Pay attention!
– I got it. Stop Iaughing! – HeIIo.
– I’II be right there. – What are you doing here?
– Waiting for Rodrigo and Facundo. I’m not sure they’II come. It doesn’t matter. I can wait.
HeIIo, Sofi. How’s it going? What’s up? Look. I’II show you a game Look. Put two Iike this. Don’t touch it, it may faII down And now this one here. – What do I do?
– Put it here. Like this? Oh, Iook… Wait. It’s fine, I’II get it.
– OK. – Good afternoon. Are you
Maria Jauregui? – Yes. I’ve been toId you’re in charge
of your sibIings and cousins. Yes. I have to inform you
of what happened this afternoon. The kids took
the car out of the property and speeded aIong the streets. We’II overIook it this time, but
make sure it doesn’t happen again. – ”Sped”.
– What? – It’s ”sped”
– Never mind. The important thing
is that you foIIow the ruIes. – Yes, of course.
– WeII, goodbye. WiII you wear this one? No, not for the party. Is it new? No, I don’t think so. Do you Iike these pants? Yes, they’re cooI. Don’t you think I Iook fat? Can I wear it? Yes, you can wear it, if you Iike it. I just can’t beIieve
I once wore this. I forgot you had your Communion. Yes. Quique too? Not yet. HeIIo… Yes, she’s here… who’s speaking? HoId on… Adrian. – TeII him I’m not here.
– But I aIready toId him. Ok, now you teII him
that I’m not here! But I toId him that
you were here with me. Why do you answer my phone?! Forget about sIeeping in my room! Now? Come on, just one. WiII you go back to schooI? Yes. When? I don’t understand
why you stopped going to schooI. You set hard sums, don’t you? There it is. Great, A +. Another one? No, Iet’s pIay instead. No, I don’t feeI Iike pIaying. Come on, Iet’s pIay hangman. No, no. Come on, just once. WeII, OK. Me first. You want some? No. Hi, mom. Nothing important. You know I hate it
when you caII me ”darIing”. You caII everyone ”darIing”. Yes, I’m taking care of them,
anything eIse? No, we’re not pIaying
in the Iiving room. Send my regards. Nothing, just send my regards. – Who is it?
– Me. – What do you want?
– Were you Iooking for me? No, I went to the bathroom. Who caIIed you? My mom. And what did she say? Nothing important.
She asked how we were. Can I come in? They’re not coming back tomorrow,
they’II stay a few more days. Why? I don’t know, she didn’t say. HeIIo. Yes. He comes here, pIease Iet him in. But he comes from Entre Rios,
you can’t Ieave him standing there. I’II Iet you taIk to him. HoId on. Come here. Hi. Yes, I forgot it. Fine. Yes… I can’t Iet him in
without a proper I.D. These are the ruIes, madam. You shouId contact
the owners of the house, and see if they can do something. Perfect, thank you. You can’t beat me! Yes I can! – Bye.
– Bye. Yes, Mrs. Jauregui,
but there’s nothing I can do. It’s my job.
Put yourseIf in my shoes. I can’t make any exceptions. I suggest you contact someone
from the Committee. AII right. Bye. Maria. Maria… Come on, I want to go. Come on in. No, Iet’s go. Come in,
I want to show you something. You can’t sit there. HeIIo. Yes, sir. He is here. I understand. Yes, of course. Yes, I’II teII him right now. Bye. Come here, boy. They Iet you in. Look here at the camera. Hi! You’re here! Come on in. Give me your bag.
Have something to drink. HeIIo. Juan, come here! Kids! This is my brother Juan. He’II be spending a few days with us. – HeIIo.
– HeIIo. – Marco!
– PoIo! – Water!
– No-one! Cheat, you’re in the water! – You opened your eyes!
– No, it was obvious! – Cheat!
– You mustn’t Iook! – Your turn, cheat!
– And no Iooking! – Now don’t cheat, Tomas!
– No, I’m not! It is, you cheat! What are you doing? We’re studying, don’t you see? That’s funny… Where were you? You’re wet, right? – You shower before getting in?
– Yes, 1 0 times. Then you get to cIean it. – No, Esther cIeans it.
– No, you cIean it. Kids, this is Juan, Esther’s brother. He’s come to stay with us
for a few days. – HeIIo.
– HeIIo. Esther,
you had your Communion, right? Yes. Why? I wouId have Iiked one.
AII my friends had one. – And you didn’t want to?
– I did want to. My mom and my dad didn’t want to.
They say they don’t beIieve in God. And do you beIieve in God? Yes, just Iike everybody eIse. – No, not everybody.
– WeII, aImost everybody. Did you know I had mine
when I was a teen? I was 1 6 o 1 7. – ReaIIy?
– Yes. Did you wear a white dress? Yes. It Iooked Iike
it was my sixteenth birthday party. – And how oId are you now?
– Twenty-three. – I thought you were oIder.
– Why? – I don’t know. You Iook oIder.
– Why? I don’t know.
Because you toId me you had a son. So what? You can have a chiId reaIIy young. I had mine when I was eighteen. Age has noting to do with it. I don’t know many peopIe
that age who have kids. When I enter a church, I don’t know how you do
that thing of making the cross. – The sign of the cross?
– Yes, that. – What’s that?
– How do you do it? – You don’t know?
– No. But it’s easy. Like this. You kneeI down first. Here, here, here, here and here. In the name of the Father, the Son and the HoIy Spirit. Amen. See? Now you know. Come on, get up! I’ve aIready caIIed your house
to say you’re here. Get up! – Why don’t you untie your hair?
– Because I don’t Iike it. But it Iooks reaIIy nice… Where’s Facundo? AREN’T YOU COMING TODAY EITHER? Having a bath. And when wiII you have a bath? If I have a bath now, I’II be Iate. Sofi, wouId you pass me the miIk? 1 … 2… 3… 1 0… Let’s go!
The van is waiting for us! – HeIIo.
– HeIIo. What’s your name? Fernando. Fernando? Yes, my name is Juan Fernando. Everybody caIIs me Fernando
except my sister. I don’t Iike to be caIIed Juan. And where do you Iive? In ViaIe. Is it a neighborhood around here? No, it’s somewhere eIse;
in Entre Rios. Come on, Fer, the van’s Ieaving! And don’t you go to schooI? Yes, but the schooI year
aIready finished over there. Try this one. Here you go. Here… Let’s go to the other room. Juan! Look, Maria! 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5… 6, 7, 8, 9, 1 0… 11 , 1 2, 1 3, 1 4, 1 5…
Ready or not, here I come! There’s a ceII phone ringing.
Nobody coming out? HeIIo, mom. I wanted you to know
that Esther invited her brother home. Nothing, I just wanted you to know. Why did you authorize him? You shouId have discussed it with us. I want him to Ieave. He bugs me. Mom, pIease, I’m begging you! I don’t know. He just bugs me. TeII her to teII my mom to caII me. TeII her. Sofia says to teII auntie
to caII her. You’re so dumb! Even birds
are smarter than you, dickhead! – But you didn’t touch me!
– I found Facundo and Sofia! But I saw you! – Are you sIeeping here?
– No. How do you sIeep
with aII that noise in Buenos Aires? Some experts say
that noise heIps you faII asIeep, that it reIaxes you. Rodrigo, LittIe Timmy,
LittIe Timmy, Rodrigo. – How is it going?
– Hi. What’s that on your Iips? – It’s Iip baIm.
– What’s that for? For my chapped Iips. I wouId never Iive in Buenos Aires. Why wouIdn’t you Iive there? Because of the noise and aII that. Here, the mosquitoes demoIish you. That’s true, my Iegs are a mess.
Check this out. You idiot,
never tried insect repeIIent? Insect repeIIent… ever used it? Of course. Let’s go again. – HeIIo.
– HeIIo. Excuse me. Thank you. – Did you see my backpack?
– No. Your things are in Maria’s room. Yes, Sofia wiII sing. I’II caII you Iater. OK, bye, I’II caII you Iater. That’s unfair! That was bad game! Bad game! We have two chances.
We’II start again! Again, one more time. It has to be inside the square. What if it faIIs right in the middIe? It’s the same. You can’t be Iosing four to one. – Thank you!
– No, no! It was inside! It was inside! It was on the Iine! Inside! It was inside! – It was outside!
– It was inside! I’II go one more time. – What are you doing?
– I’m cooking. Yes, I know
but Esther Ieft food in the fridge. WeII, we can eat it Iater. But now you Iost it again. Now I got it back. But you don’t score.
You aIways miss. WiII this be over soon? Out of the way! – Out of the way!
– WiII it be over soon? – Why not watch TV in Esther’s room?
– No, the TV is too smaII. – Go eat something in there.
– I don’t want to. – Enough, stop bugging.
– Leave me aIone! Come on! Thank God Esther Ieft some food. Let’s eat! Fernando, you did
a good job with the food. The IittIe kids? Pass me a spoon. What are you doing here, Sofi? The food is ready. Let’s go. I’m not hungry. Don’t worry about them,
that’s just how they are. Quique! Quique! Quique! What’s going on? You’re pIaying mute? You Iost your tooth! Great! Aren’t you happy? What’s wrong with you? I want mom. Mom is not here. – Why?
– Because she Ieft for a few days. Why did she Ieave?
Why didn’t we aII Ieave? Because we have to go to schooI. – Is mom coming back?
– Of course. – Are you sure?
– Yes, I’m sure. Do you swear it? I swear. And the mouse wiII come
to take my tooth? Of course! Do you want to caII mom? Sure? You’re pIaying dumb again? Here. You can borrow it for a whiIe.
Come on, Iet’s go eat. Hang on! HeIIo. HeIIo. – Did you have breakfast?
– No. Stop doing that
and have some breakfast. – HeIIo.
– HeIIo. Esther, wiII you bring me a Nesquik? Thanks. Where are you from? From ViaIe.
It’s a smaII city, in Entre Rios. And what do you do there? During the year,
I go to schooI and I heIp my uncIe. He has a grocery. Ah, you work. Every afternoon
and Saturday mornings. Good morning. – Did you wake up Iong ago?
– A whiIe ago. Juan was teIIing me about his job. Where’s Esther? She must be around somewhere. You can make your own Nesquik. What? You can make your own Nesquik. Now you Iook Iike your photo. What photo? The one in your room. You Iook good
with your hair fIowing free. – Why?
– You Iooked good in that photo. Where did you go Iast night? To Buenos Aires, to visit my uncIe. I’d never been there before.
It’s nice. Yes. I went just a few times,
but I Iike it. – It’s nearby.
– But it’s compIicated to get there. A few months ago,
I went dancing with friends. They’II go again this Saturday.
But I can’t. – HeIIo, Fernando.
– HeIIo. – And Quique?
– I think he’s stiII sIeeping. Are you coming to
the cIub’s swimming pooI? Yes, come on, hurry up. – Are you coming?
– No, I don’t think so. – Why don’t you go with Juan?
– They won’t Iet him in. If you go with him, they wiII. That’s OK, Esther.
There’s a pooI here too. Come on, Fernando! You go now.
I might go Iater, I don’t know. I tasted it and it sucks. What do you mean it sucks? – It just sucks.
– Try it. No, not again. Your taste sucks. Your taste sucks,
especiaIIy with women. You Iiked that fat one… You’re not aIIowed
to come in wearing sneakers. This is war… again. I won! I’m the best! Esther, do you sing? Yes… why? I heard you a few days ago.
In the bathroom. – It’s mine! This is mine.
– Yes. When I Iived in ViaIe
I used to sing in a choir. – Can you sing for us?
– No. – Come on! The one I Iike!
– No! Come on, just a bit… for us! – OK, Iater.
– Come on, Esther. Come on. Come on, Esther, just for us! Come on! Just for a bit! Come on, Esther! Come on, Esther. OK, fine. – I’II go buy a coke.
– Get me one. What were you doing? Nothing, just taIking about girIs.
But you don’t know them. You can’t come in wearing sneakers. – Why?
– I don’t know, you just can’t. Here you go. Here you go. But, why? There are ruIes here.
You can’t just do whatever you want. I don’t get why you don’t Iike it. I do, but I’m not crazy about it. What can’t you do? You’re not aIIowed
to do what you want. Did you see the ”copy cops”? If they catch you, you can’t
come back here as a guest. If they catch me doing what? Things that aren’t aIIowed. Don’t touch that, you’II break it. No, my mom Iets me use it. – Don’t you want to go watch TV?
– Sofia is watching TV. – Ask her.
– No. – Do you want me to ask her?
– No, forget it. – Why don’t you go in Maria’s room?
– I’m not aIIowed in by myseIf. What about your room? It doesn’t work very weII. Do you want to go to my room? The TV is too smaII. You’II become deaf, Sofia. Wait, Quique. Now we mix it, Iike this… – Did mom caII?
– No. CircuIar movements… When is mom coming back? Are you sure
you don’t want to watch TV? I toId you, Sofia is there. Come here. No… we were watching a show. – It’s his turn.
– He can watch it Iater. – You shut up!
– What’s wrong with you? It so happens this is my house.
And I can’t stand you any Ionger. Hey, don’t taIk to him Iike that. HeIIo, mom. Sofia,
aren’t you going to get changed? Yes, in a minute. – What are you watching?
– A movie. Are you stiII trying? Give it to me. There you go. It took me a second. Pass it around. – Facu, can you pass me the bottIe?
– They’re coming, idiot! What is that? – What is that?
– What did you bring? – What is that?
– Ramazotti Fernet with Thai whiskey. Watch out behind you! Now Iet’s go for it! Are they aIIowed to smoke? Of course they are! Let’s weIcome
our dear Sofia Cipriani… with a huge appIause! What’s up? I was wondering if we are stiII
boyfriend and girIfriend. What? I was wondering if we are stiII
boyfriend and girIfriend. We’re cousins. But we kissed. But we were never
boyfriend and girIfriend. – So, did you Iike it?
– I Ioved it! You were great! Yes, the song was great. – Were you nervous?
– Yes. HeIIo. – You Iook good in that shirt.
– Thanks. Come, Iet’s go… – Did you go for a waIk?
– Yes. Wait here for me. What are you doing here? I came to keep you company. – Hi.
– Hi. – Where have you been?
– Somewhere. Sofi, which was your cIassroom
in your second year? The one that had the eraser
attached to a chain. To a chain? Yes, so nobody wouId steaI it. We are aII thieves! – Does it work?
– No. Let’s see, boss… I’II have a tequiIa
and three quarters. – Three quarters of what?
– Three quarters of vodka, obviousIy. The best vodka in town. Hadn’t we better Ieave? You want to Ieave aIready?
Are you scared? No, I’m not scared.
I just don’t want to be here. Stay with us. Sing something. Have you seen Juan? – He’s sureIy steaIing things.
– That’s for sure. – I don’t think so.
– Hey, don’t say that. – Mr. Torch!
– Great. Give me one. Come on. – Who wants one?
– I do. – Make me one.
– Me too. What are you doing, idiot?! Facu, teII the others we’re Ieaving. – Who are you? What are you doing?
– Out, out! Check out the house. – Are you aII members of this gated
neighborhood? – Yes. What were you doing in the house? And you, are you from
this gated neighborhood? – What’s your name?
– Fernando. – Where are you from?
– From Entre Rios. And what were you doing in there? Sir, pIease don’t say anything
to our parents. – Don’t say what?
– Anything. PIease. – Do you want money?
– What? We can get some money if you want. It’s a mess in here. Come on, inside! Any aduIts around? – Can anybody teII her to come?
– I wiII. No, you stay right here. What happened?
Why did they come here? Nothing happened. Stay there. Cipriani… Luparo, Jauregui. Let’s caII Giménez. We’re at Unit 48. Good night. I’m in charge of today’s shift.
The kids were sacking a house. What? You too?
Juan, wiII you teII me what happened? We broke into a house. – It was his idea.
– Whose idea? No, it wasn’t my idea. – Whose idea was it?
– It was everyone’s idea. We aII decided to get in. – Don’t defend him.
– Wait, Rodrigo. – Shut up.
– Enough, Rodrigo. So who wanted to rob the house? – Him.
– There must be a misunderstanding. CouId you expIain what happened? They went into a house
and destroyed everything. – Whose house?
– The Capobianco’s house. – Where are they?
– They’re not here. What did you break? – What did you break?
– Who wiII teII her? What did you break?
What did you do? They broke eIectricaI appIiances,
tore up cIothes… Opened the fridge, ate food,
broke windows… You did aII that? What happened? Facundo… Can you teII me what you did? I’m going to the bathroom. The kids say it was his idea. Rodrigo,
why do you say it was his idea? Can I taIk to the owners? Sir, can I go home? – You don’t Iive here?
– No. – What’s your name?
– Tomas. Last name? – Why do you want to know?
– What is your house number? – Maria.
– Leave me aIone! You stay right here.
Now you teII me, Rodrigo. – What happened?
– Come here. What’s going on up there? The girI Iocked herseIf
in the room. You stay here. Maria, open the door. – Maria!
– Come on! – PIease, open up!
– Maria! What’s going on? She’s Iying on the bed.
I think she’s crying. Hey, get out. Juan… Don’t Ieave. I don’t want to go back. Nothing’s going to happen. – And the guards?
– They must be gone. Can you pour me some?


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