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Tom Holland Had A Hard Time Working With One Infinity War Actor On Set

The newest actor to step into the Spidey suit,
Tom Holland made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War,
then basked in the solo spotlight for his own film, Spider-Man: Homecoming, a year later. Holland has since burst into the mainstream,
established himself as a (still quite young) A-list actor, and proven his iteration of
Spider-Man to be an integral part of the MCU, including 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War. Despite his Marvel movie experience, however,
Holland had trouble keeping it together on the Infinity War set, finding it difficult
to work with a fellow actor. Speaking with Hey U Guys, Holland revealed
that he actually had trouble acting opposite Chris Pratt, known in the MCU for his Guardians
of the Galaxy franchise character: “Star Lord.” “Who?” “Star Lord, man. Legendary outlaw.” But don’t worry about prima donna drama on
the set of Infinity War, the reason for Holland’s strife is actually pretty darn adorable. Speaking of Pratt, Holland said: “He is so funny, he’s so fun, and he has such
great stories about his career and about the industry, and he’s also just super talented.” But it wasn’t being in awe of Pratt’s sheer
talent that gave Holland trouble. Pratt was simply too funny, and Holland couldn’t
be around him without folding over in a fit of laughter. “I found it quite difficult because he would
make me laugh so much. You know? He’s the man. I absolutely love him.” Not that anyone ever doubted it, but it seems
the Guardians actor is just as goofy and fun-loving when the cameras stop rolling as Marvel fans
would hope. We can imagine that with Chris Pratt being
Chris Pratt, it must have been hard for Holland to keep a straight face. Admittedly, though, a 15-year-old kid like
Peter Parker would probably be tickled pink in the presence of the silly Star-Lord, so
perhaps some of Holland’s smirks that make it into the film’s theatrical cut are completely
genuine. “He’s the new blood, get used to it.” Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  1. Ekkk Author

    Given that Holland was geniunely nervous and intimidated by Robert Downey Jr. when they were filming Civil War, this sounds about right for the kid.

  2. Kendylxxo Author

    It’s funny cause I think these two actors are the hottest avengers. Heh. Don’t be mad cause I have that opinion btw

  3. TacTech Channel Author

    Tom come on this is the fifth time we’ve shot this scene
    Tom: I can’t… I… *trying to stop laughing*”
    Chris stop being funny this is getting ridiculous
    Chris: I will if you can tell me how to
    Screw it I’m done that’s all for today.

  4. Bowens92 Author

    It's funny how tom Holland can't fight for shit without the mcu lol.
    Ironically he's infecting the world thinking he's the greatest and simce he played Spider-Man nobody can't seem to fight alone lol.

    Watch people reply and get triggered and thumbs up any comments lol

  5. Savage beast 21 Author

    It’s a shame that Loki black panther Spider-Man vision star lord groot gamora and drax the destroyer died in infinity war

  6. Wolf Author

    Oh I thought you would be talking about Tom Holland having trouble with the actor that plays Falcon can't remember of the top of my head.

  7. Blue Werewolf Author

    Tom Holland needed someone as light hearted as Pratt. It must have felt like nirvana after getting sick of pandering to Downy's colossal ego.

  8. Kince Da Femboi Author

    I have such a crush on Chris Pratt. Which makes me all the more upset knowing that outside of rocket, they killed every single guardian of the galaxy

  9. Daniel Wood Author

    I love Tom Holland.
    But his Spidey in IW was honestly underwhelming to watch in action, he couldn't dodge a single attack apart from one by Star Lord but even then it was suit assisted and I would've prefered if he didn't save Strange on accident

  10. Ismail x Author

    Wait, I cant be the only one who knew this was gonna be one of the jokesters
    I knew from the start that Tom got along with all of the cast (i mean just look at his personality)
    I just clicked to see which actor made him laugh (my money was on Robert Downey Jr)


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