Tony Hale talks about being a Christian in Hollywood

We’re freakin’ spinning on a planet right
now. That’s crazy. And, I think we forget that. We forget like the uncertainty that we’re living in, and the
chaos that we’re living in. As far as your faith, Christianity has been
a big part of your life. Oh yeah. How does your faith keep you centered with everything that goes on in Hollywood and all
the attention. Being a Christian in Hollywood… I mean it’s a very uncertain career knowing
that I can go to God and trust that he sees the bigger picture is very comforting
to me. But I do think just the principles of my faith Christ talks a lot about looking around us
and noticing the suffering of others and loving the orphans and the widows and being other centered and trying to… I mean obviously I’m in probably the most
narcissistic careers you could have. To be able to get my eyes off myself is a
gift. You know I think it’s a gift to all of us
to do that. So I think that’s definitely a principle of
the faith. You’ve talked a lot about the pressure cooker
situation in your real life, not just on Veep, but being an actor. Does your faith play a role in keeping you
centered away from all of that pressure? I know I talk abut anxiety because I struggle
with it. It’s a daily fight. One thing I don’t do enough and I need to
do more of is just being still. Just being still. I mean we’re spinning on a planet right now. I mean that’s crazy. And, I think we forget that, we forget the
uncertainty that we’re living in and the chaos that we’re living in. Just kind of sitting in the stillness with
God and knowing that he is above that. I can surrender and trust him and sit in that
peace and that stillness and knowing that everything is kind of batshit crazy around me sometimes. One thing that I always tell students who
are getting into the business is you have to create a support system for yourself because this business will eat you alive if
you don’t. Because there’s so much rejection and there’s
so much… you kind of lose who you are and lose your
identity, and you’ve got to have people around you who
see you for who you are. What’s the one piece of advice you give to
other people who are feeling pressure whether it’s in their job or other things I would say try to … I would encourage them
to stay present. Again, in this business, there’s so much looking
to the next thing, and people even ask you what’s next for you. You can get so focused on the future you miss
where you are and then you get to the end of your life and you’re like wow I spent my entire career
looking to the next thing you’ve got to look around you and really stay

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