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Top 10 Accidentally Getting High Movie Scenes

hallucinations personality explosions and overly happy people make these kinds of big screen mishaps highly entertaining hey this coke smell funny Oh Michael welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten accidentally getting high scenes in movies for this list we’re focusing on films where the characters themselves mistakenly or unintentionally get high with memorable results hey you written birthday and are naive about what is actually happening isn’t this the best milkshake ever Alice we’re excluding drunkenness but we are not limiting our choices to drug related incidents alone so alternate ways of getting high are also being considered hey what are you guys doing but you know before we go I just want think one more quick though number 10 coke or artificial sweetener Starsky and Hutch what we got is a bag of artificial sweetener you probably can’t help but laugh at the thought of an all-powerful law-abiding cop getting doped up without realizing it thanks big girl enter David Starsky and over the top police officer who is too serious about his job and has too macho of a persona to let himself have any real fun until this scene that is where he accidentally mixes cocaine into what truly becomes the most exciting hot beverage he’ll probably ever consume Starsky eventually finds himself shredding it up on the dance floor almost shirtless with a personality that would make anyone the life of the party your co-star spit again Oh number nine Charlie’s cannabis brownie the perks of being a wallflower Oh Charlie you look like you could use the ground when you are the shy kid at one of your first teenage parties the best thing to do is accept a mysterious brownie from someone you don’t really know right well in this scene Charlie does exactly that not knowing the sweet treat he’s about to consume is actually laced with cannabis why do they give out leather jackets to marching band it’s not a sport the mystery ingredient prompts a personality explosion he rants in hilarious frustration about random topics and even manages to insult his future girlfriends haircut Mary Elizabeth I think you’re really gonna regret that now for hair cut when you look back at old photographs if there was a gold medal for coming out of your shell without knowing it Charlie wins by a mile how do you feel Charlie I just really want a mouth shake number eight uncle Benny and the laughing gas Lethal Weapon 4 Joe no one ever said the Lethal Weapon movies had to be completely serious or in no way comedic fries uncle Benny uncle in this scene from the fourth installment of the buddy-cop flicks we are treated to the interrogation of uncle Benny I’m sleeping with my wife the cops corner him during his dentist appointment turning up the gas to force the truth out of him when my wife finds off the guys accidentally leave the gas on though and the longer they’re in the room the more relaxed they become resulting in a hysterical outcry of laughter followed by tears and then more laughter sometimes it’s funnier laughing at nothing number seven Josie’s special cake never been kissed you know we have a special cake for you what do you get when a naive news reporter attends a party no one wants her to be at a not-so-good situation that we can’t help but love ganja kick it has vitamin A vitamin B but th and C josie’s new so-called friends offer her ganja cake naturally she has no idea ganja means marijuana and mouthfuls later she ends up dancing on stage laughing at almost everything eating an entire pie wondering why Forks are forks you know it’s a weird word fork and then wondering who the hell ate that pie oh my god someone ate my entire pie however naive she was she sure rocked this number six Marcus on e bad boys too sucking lava you know when you’re about to report to your boss we recommend not doing so while intoxicated sound good at fit then again we’re kind of not complaining in this case as Martin Lawrence provides us with an unforgettable doped-up Marcus who had accidentally ingested ecstasy while investigating a mortuary listen we need this warrant do not disappoint you the results are undeniably both comedic and cringe worthy as Marcus’s deep breathing uncontrollable sweating and abnormal fascination with his surroundings liebe squirming and smiling you have a von Swale it’s so overly hilarious and memorable that we truly never wanted this scene from the bad boy sequel to end this is a nice fish you know big eyes but a nice fish number five Schmidt and Jenko ‘he’s Wi-Fi hallucinations 22 Jump Street in attempting to uncover the dealers of Wi-Fi a drug whose name stands for work hard yes play hard yes the duo from this action comedy is offered delicious treats made by their roommates I think we are tripping as the treats contain the drug itself they enable this scene to get better and better as undercover Schmidt and Jenko fall into a drug trip that lands them on opposite sides my side so much scarier yours oh shit your trip sucks you come over here wave ready okay on the Left Schmitt is dropped into a world of darkness as he tries to break into the right where resides janko’s rainbow fantasy of bright colors dancing footballs and that ass and titties song sometimes the worst accidents lead to some of the most memorable hallucinations and this scene is a testament to that fact what are you going to go up further okay what a listing room fun number four space cakes deuce Bigalow European gigolo Bon Appetit what is this space k TJ Hicks isn’t the most trustworthy friend as demonstrated by his happily giving deuce space cake at a restaurant in this comedy sequel what astronaut Z liked hang and so after Deus insists that he will never dream of getting high he does well exactly that she don’t want any no never been high never gonna be we’re then taken on deuces drug trip in which he journeys out of the restaurant and into a painting where his sexual fantasies come to life sorta kiss my chest okay reality eventually kicks in though and provides us with one of the more memorable moments in the deuce Bigalow franchise ah it over my titty ‘dont up crack Oh number three Simon gets high on valium Death at a Funeral come on my boy our man of the moment Simon begins to chronically panic on the way to his fiance’s uncle’s funeral absolutely it’s just valium she gives Simon what is thought to be valium in the hopes of calming him down but it’s eventually discovered to be an illusion a genic drug somethings no higher the results are both catastrophic and highly entertaining as we witness the unfolding of an unintentionally drugged up man laughable levels of crazy and to his bone the more wide-eyed he becomes the better this scene gets and we can’t help but enjoy how openly lost Simon seems someone annoyed in there you go what the hell is wrong with you all also he ends up naked on the roof comedic genius coming inside well hot cup of tea no number two coke or salt modern times mistaking drugs for food is a common theme on this list but this silent movie scene beats them all in this black and white comedy Charlie Chaplin plays a prisoner who mistakenly saturates his dinner courtesy of a shaker of salt spiked with cocaine and he becomes more and more excited as he enjoys his specially flavored meal going from excessive twirling to wide-eyed excitement he gains sudden confidence saves officers from a potential prison riot and is hailed as a hero it’s a true example of Charlie Chaplin’s incredible ability to create memorable moments in film and slapstick gold before we go loopy over our top pick here are some honorable mentions I feel like everything’s gonna work out you know cuz I’m like a machine you know look how fast I’m picking out this crap you know I’m looking like super fast you feel me now get in here you want to know what’s weird what I feel like I should be panicking right now you save my white ass no problem bredrin big up the herbal tea i well i guess i can hear my hair growing you want some soup oh I got this at the bake sale for the environment that those boys are having you know you don’t often see white boys with the dreadlocks number one the most acid I’ve ever seen anybody eat up in smoke I think we’re part in this Cheech and Chong classic man confident that he can help his new friend Pedro gives him what he thinks is valium to calm him down dig deep but take these this will muddle a up mere seconds later he realizes the error and the results are well hey hey go take those man let’s just say we can’t tell which character is going crazier as they both enter wild panic mode you just get the most acid I’ve ever seen anybody eat in my life the undeniable comedic value of the scene is priceless and it’s gone down as one of the most memorable drug scenes in the history of film Oh what do it man oh just try not to laugh what’s the problem son do you agree with our list no more space case for you which accidentally getting high scene is your favorite in done cocaine gee what well you did the best shit possible for you first time for more entertaining top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to my grandma drank all my pot you


  1. C02 Delirious Author

    I can’t find this scene where Michael cera is reading a nude book and red naked bodies come off the page and float, he follows them and it eventually pops. Idek if the actor was Michael cera

  2. D'angelo JacobHymenShits Author

    The perks of being a Wallflower: wow, this brownie is fucking amazing ima be the life of the party

    Me after a line of coke and smoking three blunts: wow, this is amazing ima be the life of the party

    Seems legit

  3. Kevin Ruby Author

    This list should've considered I Love You, Alice B. Toklas from the 1960s with Peter Sellers, from which several of these later choices directly reference. And no love for the horse trank dart scene from Old School ? Pretty good list, otherwise.

  4. Spencer Rees Author

    You could have also had the end scene in Cheech and Chong when Stacey Keach and his drug squad buddies are standing by the weed van and are getting stoned, unknowingly and then shove loads of pizza in their faces with Keach saying "go with it, I'll go with it" and then continues to shove pizza in his face… Classic!!!

  5. Ray Anthony Author

    Sargent Sadanko and his officers at the end of "Up In Smoke" when the "green van" exhaust catches fire and "Pink Panther Strikes Again" when Clouso and the (former) cheif inspector accidentally get high on nitrous.

  6. Stephy The Bride Author

    What about The Brady Family movie sequel?The villain is eating dinner when he realizes that the family's servent put some shells from his room in his food,and his hallucinations are actually cartoonish.Now that is funny!

  7. BongSaint__420__ Goat Author

    I was eaten a sassy magic cookie in IT one time and teacher asked me for one not knowing what they were I didn't Evan get in trouble

  8. Harry Kenyon Author

    I disappointed that the acid scene in pick of destiny didn't make it. It leads to a musical number and is better than almost all these.

  9. Johnny Blue Author

    Idk what number I'm on. 5min 16sec. But so far none of these scenes have accurately represented their corresponding drug…. except the lethal weapon, maybe…not much experience with laughing gas.


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