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Top 10 Actors Hollywood Won’t Hire Anymore – Part 3

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the end of this video you can join in on the fun when I respond to some comments. Guess what? Our crazy list continues today with a part
3 video of Top 10 Actors Hollywood Won’t Hire Anymore. We can all admit that actors often find themselves
caught up in different scandals, bad decisions, or even false accusations. Unfortunately, being in the spotlight, it
affects your career more than it would for someone who is not. Let’s jump into today’s list. 10) Starting off our list in the number 10
spot is Eddie Murphy. Yes, the hilarious comedic actor has found
himself in some situations that aren’t so funny. If you didn’t know about the story that
broke the news it was Eddie Murphy being arrested in a prostitution scandal. The arrest happened back in 1997 and don’t
think for a second that Hollywood has forgotten about it. On May 2nd of 1997, the police pulled over
Murphy’s car at 4:45am after they observed that a well-known transsexual prostitute got
inside. Murphy claims that he saw the person was having
some trouble and pulled over to ask if they were alright. That’s when the prostitute asked him for
a ride and he agreed. Murphy went on the record and said, “I did
nothing wrong. I was trying to be a good Samaritan and this
is what happens”. The prostitute was arrested but no charges
were placed on the actor. Good news is, some people believed his side
of the story and he still went on to book some good acting roles. However, the story resurfaced in 2015 because
only 1 year after Murphy had picked her up, she was dead in a very mysterious circumstance. The case was opened up again all these years
later which brought up Murphy’s little run in with her. TheLipTv posted a video about journalist Mark
Ebner talking about Eddie and all of his past history with different prostitutions. He also shares that he met with one of the
prostitutes who’s been with Eddie and claims that Eddie’s lawyer, Marty Singer, paid
her 50’000 dollars to change her story in tabloids. She even had the cheque and records to prove
it. So, Eddie’s reputation in Hollywood is no
longer a good one. He has booked some acting work but nothing
that puts him in the Hollywood spotlight like he used to be. 9) At number 9 we have Paris Hilton. She was once the big talk of the town and
held a household name for her stupid saying “that’s hot”. She had the title of best-selling author at
one time and was a highly paid actress, model, DJ, and brand ambassador. But, we don’t quite hear about her anymore
do we? Here’s a few reasons why she’s not booking
any more acting roles. Well, number 1. She sucked as an actor, if you’re just going
off my opinion. But a big reason which caused a lot of controversy
for the “actress” was her 2004 sextape that went viral called 1 Night in Paris. Paris claims that the sex tape was actually
put out by her ex-boyfriend and was never meant to be seen by anyone. She said it has completely ruined her life
and is something she will have to explain to her kids one day. She also said that it gave her the title of
a “slut” which is why she only really booked roles like the slutty girlfriend in
House of Wax who gives road head in one of her scenes and dies half naked in the other. Another reason her career has been affected
is because of her politic views and being closely tied to President Trump. She has known Trump since childhood and Trump
even took it as far as speaking about her sex tape saying that he and his wife Melania
watched it together. There’s a disturbing image none of us need
in our minds. And to top it all off in 2012, a recording
of Paris talking in a taxi cab was leaked and it exposed her saying homophobic comments. On the recording you can hear Paris say “Most
gay men probably have aids. Gay guys are the horniest people in the world. They’re disgusting. I would be so scared if I was a gay guy, you’d
like, die of aids”. When the scandal went public you can imagine
what it did to her career and also her reputation as a decent human being. 8) Sliding into spot number 8 is Isaiah Washington,
the actor who is known for his role on the famous TV show Grey’s Anatomy. He found himself on Hollywood’s blacklist
after he made some homophobic comments at the 2007 Golden Globe Awards. This is what had his career come crashing
down because he was already on thin ice for insulting his co-star T.R Knight with homophobic
language just a year earlier. After the incident at the Golden Globes, he
was put in “executive counseling” but not too long into it did Grey’s Anatomy
decide that he was going to be fired and his contract would not be renewed. After being fired when the actor was asked
about it he said, I quote, “after the incident at the Golden Globes, everything just fell
apart. I lost everything. I couldn’t afford to have an agent… I couldn’t afford to have a publicist… I couldn’t afford to continue”. The former television star has found a way
to continue on by starring in B-list movies and any projects he can still get his hands
on. 7) In at number 7 we have Katie Holmes, the
actress who is also known as a Tom Cruise’s ex-wife. The actress was once in the prime of her career,
booking roles in a variety of different movies. It wasn’t until she began dating and then
later married actor Tom Cruise, that her career started to take some hits. Over the years, Cruise has faced tons of heat
when it comes to his religious beliefs and his close link to Scientology. It’s no coincidence that his first ex-wife
Nicole Kidman, turned her back on him for this controversial religious beliefs as well. One of Katie’s co-stars from Dawson’s
Creek, who remained close with Katie after all those years, says that her career had
been blacklisted. They went on to tell an interviewer that her
career began to take a downward spiral because Hollywood wants nothing to do with Scientology
which is believed to have skewed results of Oscar voting on more than one occasion. Some people have pointed out that no actor
linked to Scientology ever wins an Oscar, like Tom Cruise himself and even John Travolta
for his role in Pulp Fiction. Not to mention, Nicole Kidman was nominated
but never won an Oscar while married to Cruise, but after they divorced she took home an Oscar
not long after. Coincidence? I think not. Now that Katie is divorced from Cruise she
has returned to Roman Catholic Church she used to go to. SO maybe she has time to turn it all around
if she wants to? 6) Coming into spot number 6 is Thora Birch,
an actress who many of us still watch in her movie Hocus Pocus every Halloween. She began acting as a child and turned into
a star in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s; that’s when her career really took off. She received amazing reviews doe her performance
in the Academy Award-nominated film American Beauty, and she also received a Golden Globe
nomination for her role in Ghost World. However, the star has found herself blacklisted
from Hollywood because of her difficult behavior. During an interview when asked about her career
she said “I pissed a lot of people off over a long period of time and they found a way
to upset me, hoping that upset would bring a change in my behavior. Like a distancing, but I’m done”. It didn’t help that a story broke the news
that her father, who was her manager for many years, physically threatened one of her co-stars. That’s when she was fired from the Dracula,
the off-Broadway revival. She recently returned to acting a little bit
here and there, but it’s clear she will never go on to be the star many people thought
she could be. 5) Half way through the list we have Elijah
Woods, obviously known for his role of Frodo in the Lord Of The Rings movie series. But what happened to him after that? He continued to his acting career but got
on the wrong side of Hollywood executives when he told the media that the film industry
was full of sexual predators that targeted young child actors. Coming from one of the most accomplished child
actors of his time, the accusation was damaging on his career. He went on to say that he never experienced
that kind of abuse himself but said, I quote, “If you’re innocent – you have very
little knowledge of the world and you want to succeed- people with parasitic interests
will see you as their prey”. I mean, he’s not wrong. After the comments were made his resume began
to dwindle. He began booking voiceover work in family-friendly
movies like Happy Feet, but began to move away from acting. He started to progress a career as a DJ and
even started his own label called Simian Records. 4) Swiping our number 4 spot is actress Tara
Reid. Most of us girls will know her from her role
in the movie Josie and the Pussycats, and most guys will know her from the American
Pie movies. The actress was once very successful, finding
her way to play the hottie in most of her movies. She did go on to land a role in the TV series
Scrubs which allowed her to show her talent outside of the comedic movies we always say
her in. However, it wasn’t long after she left the
show in 2005 did she find herself caught up in hard partying, negative publicity, and
awful plastic surgeries. Which is a shame because she was naturally
a very pretty girl. All these things have been enough for studios
to be turned off from casting her, and she now finds herself booking a lot of smaller
roles in short films and other projects. 3) Here we are at number 3 with Kirstie Alley. Towards the end of the 19080’s, she was
one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. She received a ton of recognition and praise
for her role as Rebecca Howe in the TV series Cheers, even winning a Primetime Emmy for
her performance. She also had won over the hearts of millions
of American males with her stunning good looks. However, she struggled to remain relevant
after Cheers came to an end and some personal troubles led her gain a significant amount
of weight; to a point where she was barely recognized. It also didn’t help that she was also closely
linked to Scientology, which she sacrificed a lot of personal relationships for. As a result of joining the religion, reports
say that many of Hollywood’s executives avoided doing any business with her because
they feared they would also be labeled in connection to Scientology. For years her career took a hit to most of
us she fell off the face of the earth. A few years ago she began a weight watchers
program and lost some weight, and even landed a smaller role in the TV show The Scream Queens. But that was in 2016 and she has nothing on
her IMDB resume ever since then. 2) Alright guys, taking the number 2 spot
on our list is Brendan Fraser; known for his roles in Bedazzled and The Mummy. He was once a very popular actor that many
fans adored but during the 2000’s, his career started to fade out and a lot of people were
wondering why. Just last year, Brendan opened up to GQ for
an exclusive interview, talking about what has happened over all his absent years. He opened up about depression after his mother’s
death, which led to an unhealthy lifestyle and weight gain. It wasn’t until this interview that he opened
up about a sexual assault incident he faced with the former HFPA president Philip Berk,
back in 2003. He said he held it in for all these years
but felt inspired by the current Me Too movement that is going on right now. Brendan said that the HFPA has never invited
him back to the Golden Globes ever since the incident surfaced; he also says no major productions
are willing to hire him either. 1) Taking our number 1 spot is Megan Fox. Director Michael Bay’s first Transformers
movie is what turned Megan Fox into an instant star. From then on, Men’s Magazine couldn’t
get enough of her and directors rushed to cast her in any upcoming action films and
other projects. Let’s face it, she was one of Hollywoods
biggest hotties. She hit a snag in her career when her feud
with Michael Bay went viral and caused the majority of Hollywood to strike against her. The feud between the two of them was heavily
documented and the world was thrilled to watch it all go down. It was by 2009 when the Transformers: Revenge
of the Fallen came out, that the tension really surfaced. It got so bad that Megan called the director
a Natzi and told Wonderland Magazine that, I quote, “People are well aware that this
is not a movie about acting. He wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and
he is”. She was part of the rehearsal process for
the next movie, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, but was fired from the movie after the
Hitler comment. Bay admitted in an interview that Steven Spielberg
said “fire her right now” after he heard the horrific comment. She went on the act in movies such as Jennifer’s
Body, which was a box office bomb and earned a 43% on Rotten Tomatoes. After that she was casted in Passion Pit which
earned just 3%. I think that’s the lowest rating I’ve
ever seen on there. Apparently she is in a movie called Zeroville
that’s expected out this year, but it was directed and created by James Franco, who’s
also been blacklisted in Hollywood. At least they can all work together and create
their own movies I guess? Okay guys, there is part 3 of our list. Let me know all of your thoughts and feelings
in the comments below so that I can reply to some of them. For now, let’s check out some comments from
some of my other videos. Brian Conklin says: Great video, and I love
the fact that you have a normal voice!!! Thanks – – ummm thank you? I’m not really sure what a normal voice
is. Frank Gullett says: any chance you were on
Qriket from Toronto doing a great job on product reviews? – – you found me. Yes that was me, I used to host on that Game
Show. Rizzler says: WOW where does Landon find all
these beautiful women for these channels? – -well thank you. In Canada apparently? Al Paca says: this list is mellow compared
to what really goes on in Hollyweird…. – – SERIOUSLY THOUGH!!! Alright guys, that’s all I got for you today. Don’t forget to subscribe before you go. I’m your host Joce and I’ll see you next


  1. h3llraiz3r 929 Author

    dayum Joce, I just noticed you're over 33k subscribers, next stop is 35k. congrats and as always love seeing your videos. although I can't necessarily say that Paris Hilton ever is/was an actor lol. great video tho ☺

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    Jociline, I don't usually subscribe to video's as a matter of fact I never have, but I want to extend a thank you to you for making these utube video's!Keep them coming

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    Some of these reasons are stupid, and Hollywood should be considered because some of these were good actors, but they have those moments that you know

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    theres vampires in hollywood and none humans and clones and reptiles alot of them sell there soul to obuma lol just look for the ones with the black eye and eyes hint…..

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    Megan Fox and Michael Bay got over their differences with each other going on to cast her in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2013 and Teenage Mutant NinjaTurtles Out Of The Shadows in 2016 and she is still very relevant in Hollywood. Jennifer's Body may of flopped in 2009 but since then it has a cult following giving it cult classic status and I happened to enjoy the film and any other film she's in cause I respect her in every way

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    Paris: make this man president

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    Some corrections, just as far as I know:
    Isaiah Washington was in the TV Series The 100. He was horrible in it.
    Brendan Fraser is in the new series Doom Patrol, though he wears a mask on most scenes.
    Megan Fox is in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, filled in for Zooey Deschanel in New Girl for one season and has about 6 movies to be released this year and the next.

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    There are a few movies with a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The Crow: Wicked Prayer for one. Oh and Tara Reid was in that movie. She played the main villain's fiancee.

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  23. Nellie Nunya-Bidness Author

    I'm not a fan of Scientology. Far, far from it. But I am a fan of pointing out hypocritical behaviour.

    How is it that Scientologists are allowed to be discriminated against, but if anyone discriminates ANY OTHER RELIGION it's absolutely abhorrent?

    Bit messed up, if you ask me. But no one did. So I'll waddle away, now.

  24. Susan T Author

    Thank God; there are still a few decent people left in Hollywood …who are willing to tell the truth. Check out Mel Gibson's video interview he made in march 2019 ( it's on youtube ). Horrible that Illuminati groups and perverted men have completely ruined the movie industry. Really sad.


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