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Top 10 Actors Marvel Will Never Hire – Part 2

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where I’m going to respond to some comments from the Part 1 video. Raise your hand if you’re a Marvel fan! I know there’s a ton of you out there. What better combination than Marvel and with
a little bit of Hollywood gossip. That’s right, you guys loved my video Top
10 Actors Marvel Will Never Hire, so here is part 2! 10) Starting off our list at number 10 is
Leonardo DiCaprio. The incredibly successful actor had meetings
to discuss taking the role of Robin in Batman Forever, and also the role of Spiderman when
Sam Raimi launched the franchise. The conclusion of the meetings? Apparently he turned down both of the roles. During an interview with The Short List back
in 2016, Leo was asked if he actually wanted the role as Robin to which Leo replied, and
I quote, “I don’t think I did, no. As I recall I took the meeting, but didn’t
want to play the role”. The movie didn’t end up receiving good ratings
so the interviewer asked him if he felt he dodged a bullet and he had nothing to say;
he just laughed. He went on to speak about the Spiderman role
and he said it was a similar situation to the Robin role; he turned down the role because
he didn’t want it at the time. I mean, once people keep coming to you to
take on their superhero roles and you keep denying them, eventually they are going to
stop. And it looks like they did; he has yet to
take on another superhero meeting ever since. 9) At number 9 we have Andrew Garfield, who
we know played the iconic Spiderman hero at one point in time. Most people thought he did a good job but
the internet has also titled him as the “least relevant” Spiderman actor. Sony had big plans for Marc Webb’s Amazing
Spiderman franchise, but that all ended when Marvel got the rights to Spiderman. Not long after the rights were gained by Marvel,
two Amazing Spiderman sequels were cancelled and the role of Spidey was re-cast for his
appearance in Captain America: Civil War. Yup, Garfield was out of his superhero role. There’s no definite reason as to why Marvel
didn’t keep him for his role, but most people are thinking they wanted to leave the Sony
legacy behind and start fresh with their own. If they really liked him as Spiderman, they
definitely would’ve just continued with him; I think they made it pretty clear by
cancelling his sequels and finding a new actor. 8) Taking the number 8 spot is Shailene Woodley,
the actress best known for her roles in Fault In Our Stars, and the movie series Divergent. One role people don’t know about is that
she actually got to play the role as Mary Jane Watson in The Amazing Spiderman 2. She was casted for the role and even filmed
all of her scenes. However, during post-production, Woodley’s
scenes ended up being cut from the movie. Marvel ended up snatching up Spiderman from
Sony but Woodley was no longer playing Mary Jane. As the franchise went on, Marvel has never
asked her to come back as Mary Jane, nor have they offered her any other role, one can only
guess why. 7) At number 7 we have Jensen Ackles; the
Hollywood heart throb from the TV series Supernatural. Back when Marvel was casting for Avengers,
Ackles was one of many actors who auditioned for the role of Captain America. Obviously he didn’t get the role and apparently
he wasn’t happy about it. Reports say that the actor took it pretty
hard and was one to hold a grudge. Later on, Marvel came to him with the offer
to play Hawkeye, but he refused stating that he had scheduling conflicts with Supernatural. No one was buying that excuse because no conflicts
appeared when he auditioned for Captain Marvel while filming his show. Reports went on to say that his reasoning
was questionable because his schedule clearly allowed him to take on the role as Captain
America if he would have gotten it. But, he missed out on the role as Hawkeye
and the role went to Jeremy Renner instead. He probably felt it was a consolation prize
from Marvel and his ego wouldn’t let him take it. That’s probably the last offer Marvel will
give him too since he wasn’t one to really politely decline. 6) Sliding into number 6 we have Armie Hammer,
an actor who has been rumored for a number of different superhero roles. All of those rumored roles were in the DCEU,
he has never actually appeared in any comic book movie adaptation DCEU, or the MCU. Marvel hasn’t expressed any interest or
at least any that we can find on the internet. Fans have wondered why he hasn’t actually
gone past the rumored roles and actually booked any. It’s no surprise that rumored roles often
get back to the casting director and production team, but apparently not enough to spark an
actual interest for him playing the part. It might have to do with his reputation as
he’s known for having no sense of impulse control when it comes to his social media,
Twitter especially. He has no problem voicing his opinions, and
his rash reactions have made him the center of attention but not in a good way. He ended up deleting his Twitter account after
a web portal aired all of his dirty laundry. So maybe Marvel did hear about the rumors
for the roles but didn’t pursue him for the part because of his unprofessional reputation. 5) Half way through our list at number 5 is
Eliza Dushku, the actress who is best known for her role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and
its spinoff series Angel. Back when Marvel announced that Black Widow
would be appearing in Iron Man 2, a number of actresses were rumored for the role. But there was one actress who went completely
out of her way to launch a full-on internet campaign for the part, and that actress was
Eliza. She began campaigning very early on and was
receiving a lot of support and interest from fans for her campaign; a lot of people were
expecting her to land the role because of it. Apparently, the people she wanted to be interested
in her campaign weren’t, those people being Marvel. Reports say that there have been many opportunities
to cast her for roles and she has never even been given the chance. People have said that there was no way Marvel
didn’t see her campaign as it received an overwhelming amount of attention and interest;
it just didn’t receive any from them and never has. 4) At number 4 we have WAH-KEEN Phoenix. The actor has a list of different movies on
his successful resume but none of them being a Marvel movie. This isn’t because of a lack of opportunity
either, turns out he’s had plenty of opportunity to star in the MCU. It was no secret at the time that Marvel wanted
the WAH-KEEN for the role of Dr. Strange, and not just to have a meeting for the role;
it was actually offered to him. During an interview with Time Out London,
he told them that he turned down the role because he didn’t see his sensibilities
meshing well with big tent pole franchise universe building. He then went on to say that the franchise,
in quote, has gotten better. He admitted, “I’ve flirted with several
of those films, having meetings and getting close, but ultimately it never felt like they’d
really be fulfilling”. Ouch, that must have been hard for Marvel
to hear. I think it was easier to move on from the
idea of having him apart of the MCU after hearing that. No one wants to hire someone who doesn’t
see an MCU role as “fulfilling”. Which is CRAZY to me, because a role like
that is a dream come true to 99% of the world’s population. 3) Alright guys, at number 3 we have Tom Cruise. It was a very popular headline at the time
that the actor was number one in line to play MCU’s Tony Stark in Iron Man. The action star has been attached to the role
in some way since the early 1990’s, way before the MCU even got off the ground. Marvel approached Cruise with the role when
it first decided to make Iron man which was the first movie in its cinematic universe. So, kind of a big deal. Turns out Cruise changed his mind about the
role and turned down the offer. If he would’ve taken the role, it would’ve
made him co-producer as well but he said he declined it because he didn’t like where
the script ended up. During a 2016 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live,
he confessed that he likes comic book movies but is content just making Mission Impossible
films. The MCU moved forward without him and he did
the same. Seems like there’s no bad blood between
the two universes but it’s clear that Marvel can’t count on Cruise for future roles,
and Cruise doesn’t seem to even want them. 2) Taking over the number 2 spot is Ronda
Rousey. Yes, the former UFC champion. It took the MCU a long time to give one of
its female heroes her own movie, and when they did, Ronda wanted the part. When Marvel announced that Captain Marvel
would be getting her own movie everyone was thrilled and speculations on the casting began
immediately. A number of different actresses came forward
offering their skills and talent, but no one was as vocal as this UFC fighter who claimed
to want the role more than anyone. She began talking about it early on in 2015,
and put a lot of effort into campaigning herself for the role. Her fans helped her out by creating fan art
with her in the Captain Marvel suit. The online buzz she was creating was so big
that it got back to Marvel’s president Kevin FI-GY who said he really liked all the fan
art he saw. When asked about Ronda taking on the role
he admitted that they often go through actors bulking up and taking on the superhero role
vs. someone like a wrestler who you chance on being an amazing performer. Although he liked the buzz his movie was getting
by all of Ronda’s fan art, she wasn’t actually considered for the role. Let’s face it, she’s not an actor. She’s made some small appearances in The
Expendables 3, Furious 7, and Entourage, but hasn’t always received positive feedback
for her acting skills. She’s always been known as the badass UFC
fighter with a short temper and some fans say she should stick to fighting. Once the casting took place, reports say that
Ronda had a temper with not getting the role and didn’t want to comment on the subject
when asked about it in interviews. Being a poor sport just gives Marvel more
reason not to consider her for other future roles. 1) Taking our number 1 spot is Matthew McConaughey. We can’t even be surprised to find out that
the successful actor has gotten scripts from both Marvel and DC. But in October 2015, Variety reported that
McConaughey passed on a major Marvel role. This had fans wondering how he could possibly
turn down an offer like that. Later on in January 2017, he told Playboy
why he said no to Ego The Living Planet, and he said, I quote, “I like Guardians of The
Galaxy, but what I saw was, It’s successful and now we’ve got room to make a colourful
part for another big-name actor. I’d feel like an amendment”. Okay then, so it’s seems to me like the
“big-name” actor thinks he’s too good for the film and that they were just trying
to use his success for their benefits. I think Marvel is aware of their own success
and won’t be offering anything else to him in the future. Alright guys, that was fun. There is our part 2 list of actors that Marvel
will never hire. Let me know what you think in the comments
below, and for now, let’s check out some comments from Part 1. Kelvin Mainer says “definitely wasn’t
watching Cat woman for the storyline….. wink – – well, thank you for your honesty. You’re probably not the only one. Crystal secrest says: Now stalking you on
Facebook, wink face – -well, I’m flattered but I don’t use Facebook very much. Instagram is my go-to. Major Dodson says: you gotta be a trump voter
– – I’m not sure how you got that opinion but for the record I’m Canadian so, he did
not receive any votes from me. Sir Chopp says: if you’re not a fan of Marvel,
you need to run away and live under a rock. – – hey, you said it, not me. But I agree. Well, that’s all I got for you guys today,
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  1. R G Author

    I've been a fan of Jensen Ackles since his soap days. I loved his acting, especially in Dark Angel. I followed him to Supernatural. I understand his disappointment in not getting the role that he wanted (personally, I think he would've been awesome in either role). I'm not going to lie, I think that's why I didn't like the condescending attitude that he was given in this video. Let's be honest here, he's not the only person to take a loss like that personally and be a bit bitter about the disappointment. I'm pretty sure most people would fall into that category, especially if it was something that they really wanted.

    And as for Captain Not-So-Marvel, I never wanted a film about her. I couldn't stand her in the comics, and the movie, and the actress who portrayed her, was just an utter train wreck. She's a disgusting SJW Mary Sue.

    And I loved RDJ's portrayal of Tony Stark/Iron Man. Tom Cruise would've been a nightmare. He just wouldn't have been able to pull of being so snarky and sarcastic while still seeming so charismatic and charming.

    Just my thoughts…

  2. Rodilyn Marie Pelobello Author

    Leo used to turned down the roles of Robin and Spiderman because he actually used to be in a heavy drama movies rather than to be a superheroes…

  3. trashcanhands19 Author

    Never saw the Garfield-era Spider flicks and have no desire to (the Tom Holland guy does Spidey proper) and hell, I even enjoyed Raimi's Spiderman 3

  4. Robert Johnson Author

    Jenson Ackles probably turned down the role because he might have felt they were throwing him a bone and insulting him at the same time. I can see that. If so I can understand why he turned down the role.

  5. edelweisse aquino Author

    Jensen Ackles refused the role bc he was butthurt while Tom Hiddleston accepted the role of Loki even though he originally auditioned for the role of Thor.

  6. PasadenaPeace Author

    If you want to know how long it takes for Marvel to make a film, from writing to casting. Go check out Vanity Fair's new video titled ''Everything It Takes to Make a Marvel Movie ''.

  7. Un Redacted Author

    I do declare good sir i monsuer calvin candy certainly does not need nor will i entertain the thought of acting in one your cornball super hero movies..
    I sir own the biggest plantation in chickasaw county, mississippi, and now sir ima have my faithful servant nick fury put yalls asses in the hot box…

  8. Nawar Z Author

    it's hilarious that you're making it look like a career disaster that Marvel won't be casting them anymore, some of them just don't want to add comic movies to their careers, and theirs worked pretty well without the "MCU"

  9. Stewart Kee Author

    DiCaprio must be greatfull he turned down all the roles he did. Instead of getting typecast in special effects movies he established his acting in character driven movies as the reason to watch him and that has payed off big time.

  10. Andrew Miville Author

    This is the 2nd part in this series I've watched, and I enjoy the content, and the commentary. What I can't stand is, the commentator is standing full center on the screen, entirely blocking the image behind her. I clicked on this video, as well as the one before, NOT for the woman doing the talking, but for the CONTENT. Please stop putting yourself front and center, and blocking the reason I clicked in the first place.


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