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Top 10 Actors Marvel Will Never Hire – Part 3

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for the first time in my Beyond The Screen history, I am doing a part 3 to one of my
videos. Who knew there was even enough information
out there to do such a thing?! It’s been a lot of fun talking about the
different actors that Marvel isn’t interested in working with so today I’m doing a part
3 to Top 10 Actors Marvel Will Never Hire. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities. 10) Starting off our list at number 10 is
Jason Statham. It came to be a surprise for a lot of people
when articles surfaced that Jason had turned down a major role in the MCU. The articles never mentioned which role it
was that he turned down but just that the reasoning was “schedule conflict”. The president of Marvel, Kevin FI-GY reported
that they’ve asked for the actor in the past even before this offer, but nothing ever
seemed to work out. He also said that Jason was polite about it
and said “sorry it didn’t work out, maybe next time”. This was surprising to hear for a lot of people
because reports later on surfaced about the actor slamming Marvel and all other superhero
movies in general. When rumours started that he was going to
play the villain in the upcoming second season of Daredevil, he responded by saying, I quote,
“I could take my grandma and put her in a cape and then put her in a green screen
and then have stunt doubles come in and do all the action- anybody can do it”. He also went on to say that he has “no ambition”
to do “modern” action films like Marvel. Soo… Jason must be a really good actor then when
he was telling Kevin FI-GY “maybe next time”. 9) At number 9 is Emily Blunt. This successful actress would never get denied
by Marvel based on her talent, but she probably won’t be offered any more roles after denying
her last 2. That’s right, she has said no to Marvel
not once, but twice. This Devil Wears Prada actress was actually
the original choice for Black Widow but Emily turned down the part. She might be regretting that now after seeing
all the movies the hero character has been in and has been confirmed to have her own
hero film coming. She was also offered the role of Peggy Carter
in The First Avenger. Fox reports say that they had her under a
contract for a film of their choosing and it was Gulliver’s Travel that kept her from
showing up in Iron Man 2. The schedules had conflicts and she turned
down yet another role. Back in 2012 during an interview with Vulture
she was asked if she would ever consider doing a superhero movie and she said she was open
to any genre but stated, I quote, “Usually, the female parts in a superhero film feel
thankless: She’s the pill girlfriend while the guys are whizzing around saving the world”. So I guess she would want to a hero only and
one that is kicking some serious butt. Who knows, maybe Marvel will be forgiving
and try again with her one day? Although they’ve been turned down twice
already so it appears that they’ve moved on. 8) Sliding into number 8 we have Will Smith,
another actor who turned down a great opportunity but in the DC universe. Apparently he was the first black hero who
was considered to play Superman in Superman Returns. Turns out he didn’t take the role because
of the criticism he faced after portraying the traditionally white hero of Wild, Wild
West. I can totally understand why you might be
more hesitant to take it but man, how can you turn down becoming the first black superman?! That’s iconic! This WOULD give Will the chance to star in
a Marvel movie since he didn’t take on the DC role, but how could they offer him something
bigger than that? If he didn’t take an offer like that, what
would he take? It also doesn’t help his case that he recently
announced that he would be leaving the Suicide Squad series and won’t be returning for
the sequel. Will Smith and his reps refuse to comment
on the matter but some sources have said it’s due to scheduling conflicts. The actor isn’t painting a very good picture
for Marvel when it comes to being reliable or even interested for that matter. 7) Taking the number 7 spot is Matt Damon. If you remember the 2003 movie Daredevil which
was titled a flop, apparently Matt dodged a bullet by turning down the role for it. Daredevil is another Marvel Comics property
that ended up with Fox at some point during its development, but stems from the original
Marvel comics. Buddy actors Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were
both huge fans of Daredevil, Matt even described Matt Murdock as their favourite superhero. Turns out that Matt was offered the part of
Daredevil, which was a pretty tempting deal at first. But when he was approached with the project
he said he wasn’t impressed with the script. Some couldn’t believe he’d turn down a
role from his favourite comics but he said during an interview that he tried to divorce
his emotion from it. It’s just another actor who is denying a
Marvel role and one that was his favorite comic. What else could Marvel offer to him if he’s
willing to deny that? Although with the movie mostly being remembered
as bad, it was probably a blessing in disguise. 6) In at number 6 we have Ben Affleck, the
runner up to Matt Damon who took on the Daredevil role after Damon denied it. In 2003, after Marvel’s Daredevil movie
hit the screens, nothing for Ben has been the same ever since. The movie is famously known to be bad and
received a variety of bad reviews from critics. Fans have said that it is the movie that had
the biggest impact on Bens career, and not in a positive way. The worst part? Ben agrees. In 2015 during an interview with New York
Times Daily, he told the interviewer that he hates Daredevil and it would’ve saved
him a lot of embarrassment if his buddy Matt Damon would’ve accepted the role first. The movie has always followed him throughout
his acting career he said. Apparently when he was hired to play Batman
in Batman vs. Superman, his poor performance as Daredevil was brought up several times. He still blames the movie for hurting his
acting career and isn’t eager to go back to Marvel again. I think it’s safe to say he had his run
with them and the feeling is probably mutual. 5) Half way through the list at number 5 we
have Kristen Stewart, also known as Bella from Twilight. She is one of many actors who have come out
and said that she’d be more than happy to take a role in the MCU. In one of her interviews she stated that she
would love to appear next to Captain America and show the world she can do more than just
be Bella Swan in the Twilight series. But shockingly, MCU fans weren’t enthused
in the slightest at the idea of her possibly joining their beloved superhero universe one
day. Fans have no problem stating online that she’s
nowhere near ready or worthy for a gig in the MCU. It doesn’t help her case that she was offered
a role already in the DC movie Man of Steel as LOWIS Lane, but she turned it down. According to the New York Daily News, Kristen
had a meeting to discuss the role of playing Superman’s love interest but apparently
the meeting didn’t last long. Turns out she claimed she had no desire to
jump into another franchise even though Twilight was over. So maybe she’s just all talk when she says
she’d be more than happy to take on a role, because guess what Kristen, the MCU is also
a franchise, and one you’re probably not ready for. And don’t think people have forgotten about
her cheating scandal with the Director Rupert Sanders from one of her previous movies. People don’t forget a reputation like that
especially when it involves the acting industry. 4) Coming in at number 4 we have Mel Gibson,
once a very respected and successful actor, but one that is now known for being in scandalous
and illegal activities. The actor has had no problem sharing some
pretty harsh words and has gotten in trouble with the law on a number of occasions. Needless to say, he’s not exactly the most
popular casting choice right now, especially for Marvel. For starters, I don’t think family-friendly
Disney would ever want someone like Mel Gibson representing the MCU. And turns out he was already offered a role
back in the day, and turned it down. He was offered to play the role of Odin in
Thor, which is Thor’s dad, but he turned it down with no reason at all, simply that
he didn’t want to do it. And like many other words, he has no problem
saying it how it is. During an interview when he was asked about
being offered a role in a superhero movie he said, I quote, “Yeah, long time ago,
to play Thor’s dad, But I didn’t do it” He went on to say that he had no interest
and Marvel probably sees that as a blessing with Mel’s awful new reputation he has built
for himself since then. 3) Alright guys, at number 3 we have Henry
CAH-VIL, also known as Superman from the DCU. Everyone knows the rule of thumb that DC actors
can’t be in Marvel movies and vice versa. Although the two Universe’s are not in competition
with each other, it’s just a rule when it comes to casting. Which sucks for actors because they ultimately
have to pick their Universe and stick with it, and Henry has done just that. No hard feelings for him taking on the role
of Superman, but now Marvel won’t hire him. Which might be an okay thing because there
has been a lot of controversy about rumours stating Henry is leaving his role as Superman. He has played the iconic character in three
DC comics movies already and was supposed to make a cameo in the recent Shazam movie,
but scheduling conflicts prevented him from making an appearance. The rumours that he was leaving the franchise
have spiraled out of control on the internet and he simply responded with an Instagram
video that has him staring into the camera as he slowly brings a Superman figurine into
the frame and then moves it out again. Which you could only imagine made fans go
absolutely MENTAL. Is he staying? Leaving? Which is it?! Marvel doesn’t have time for these games,
and even if Henry wanted to, he doesn’t have time for Marvel. He’s still locked in with the DCU and also
just signed on to another franchise called The Witcher, so, he’s a busy man with some
pretty big franchise obligations. 2) At number 2 is Huge Weaving, also known
for his epic role of the Red Skull in the MCU. In 2011, Captain America: The First Avenger
was a huge success and followed the story of Steve Rogers being exposed to an experimental
treatment that turned him into a superhero. But, the movie wouldn’t have been completely
without his archenemy, the Red Skull. Critics raved about his performance and so
did his fans, but Weaving wasn’t as thrilled about it. In Interviews, the actor has said flat out
that not only is he not returning for his role of Red Skull, but that he would never
work on a Marvel movie again. He said it in a graceful way but said he only
wants to do movies he has a “personal connection” to. Well, fair enough I guess. 1) Taking our number 1 spot is David Hasselhoff,
who once took on the role as Nick Fury in a terrible movie back in 1988. The movie has been labeled as atrocious but
Hasselhoff seems to think differently. To this day he still raves about how he was
the original Nick Dury and that he was the best one to do it. During an interview he stated, and I quote,
“I love Sam Jackson, but you know.. my Nick Fury was the organic Nick Fury that was written
and discussed with Stan Lee before anyone got in there to change it. Nick Fury was written to be to be tongue-in-cheek,
and he had a cigar in his mouth, he was a tough guy- he was cool”. I doubt the MCU fans would agree that Hasselhoff’s
version of Nick Fury would’ve been a better choice for the Avengers over Samuel L. Jacksons
newer version. Not to mention, he probably wouldn’t be
welcomed back into the MCU anyways with the new reputation he has going for himself. He’s been in a number of different scandals,
more recently known for the drunk videos his daughter has posted on the internet which
has caused a lot of controversy. Let’s just leave Nick Fury with Jackson
and Hufflepuff/Hasselhoff, whatever, can be on his way. Alright guys, there is part 3 to our ridiculously
fun list of actors who Marvel won’t hire. Let me know what you think of this list in
the comments below and give it a thumbs up if you liked it. For now, lets check out some comments from
part 2! Strife Co. Studios says: TBH, with all the
drama that Brie Larson has caused…Ronda Rousey would have been a better choice…. Just sayin – -dammmmnnnn, you are going to
take a lot of heat for that comment. Better you than me! Bettyann Dean says: I’m a big fan of marvel
and we would not miss Tom Cruise one little bit. He can take Scientology with him !! – – *snaps*
PREACH GIRL Destroyer says: Who cares! Marvel makes garbage now – – …………dude,
you guys are getting savage in these comments. Damn Janet McIntyre challengers says: I personally
have never seen a marvel movie – – like ever? None? Not one? That’s crazy. On that note, I’m getting the hell out of
here, don’t forget to subscribe before you go. I’m your host Joce and I’ll see you next


  1. Twiggy John-John Merle Emond Gettinby Author

    Ben Affleck As Dare Devil, For Me The Movie Was Great And Ben Affleck Portrayed Dare Devil Fecken Awesomely. I Think Ben Affleck Should Come Back As Dare Devil For A 5 Movie Deal Plus Cameos In The Marvel MCU. Ben Affleck Did A Great Job As Dare Devil

  2. Twiggy John-John Merle Emond Gettinby Author

    And The Same Goes For Me With Ryan Reynolds As Green Lantern And Then Deadpool.
    I Wanted To See Ben Affleck As Batman In His Own Stand Alone Batman Movie

  3. Robert Kidd Author

    Samuel L. Jackson probably would have let David Hasselhoff play Nick Fury in Captain Marvel's version of Nick Fury where he is shown as a clumsy inept buffoon that gets his Trade Mark eyepatch because of a cat . No need to tear a Man down to make a woman look strong.

  4. Rawza Reza Author

    kristen stewart turned down the role of lois lane!???? superman's love interest! also henry is the perfect superman, i don't think marvel roles would suit him also he didn't abandon his role as superman.

  5. Jack Cruse Author

    Disagree; There have been about 20 Actors that have roles in the DCU and MCU. Additionally, scheduling conflicts are common because most actors don't wait to the last minute to fill their schedule and could be sued for breach of contract if previously committed.

  6. Andrew Zephaniah Shariff Author

    I don’t understand. Are these actors begging to work for Marvel??????? I would sue You Tube or the people with this channel for using my name for gain.

  7. Christine Badenhoop Author

    "How can you turn down becoming the first black superman? That's iconic." First of all, superman is DC, and …what's the opposite of whitewashing?

  8. Joe Dalton Author

    Again Jocelyn, on all your videos you mention that its always the actors fault and never marvels. I dare you to read this one on your next video.

  9. Skeeter Saurus Author

    I have SO MUCH MORE respect for Jason Statham now than before watching this…I mean, after all, you'd think that Joce wants ANY ACTOR who wouldn't do a Marvel movie to just instantly starve on the street! Seriously, some people are above 'Marvel'…bravo Jason, and you're right.

  10. tim Author

    Emily Blunt had a very good point back then, but Marvel has completely changed the female superhero role into a more complex one. Granted I think DC did it quicker with WW.

  11. Kenroy Kentish Author

    i want Henry Cavill to still be Superman even if he isn't anymore and he's not going into another franchise as The Witcher is going to be a Netflix tv show so u never know

  12. Guy Schellinck Author

    Lol, Jason doesn't like the superhero movies ? Too unrealistic, too much CGI, actors don't do their own stunts ? …
    Says the guy who played in Crank where he almost performed his own heart surgery.

  13. Wis Dom Author

    It's not that serious. But I personally feel that It should be insulting to my people to be the first Black version of a white superhero. As if we do not have enough clout and charisma to carry our own in cinema. Which we have proven over and over again, that we do, if given the proper roles and budget.

  14. ConspiracyKill Happens Author

    I love Sam Jackson but he is a WORTHLESS Nick Furry. Hasslehoff wasn't perfect by a long shot but he was miles ahead of Sam J. this whole list sounds like it was dreamt up by people that never read comics and really want to work for Disney

  15. L Davis Author

    I know there is supposedly a rule about DCEU won't be hired in Marvel movies and vise versa, but what about Tom Hardy (Bane then Venom), Tommy Lee Jones (Two Face then in Captain America), Micheal Keaton (Batman and Vulture), Michelle Pfeiffer (Catwoman/ Janet Van Dyne), Laurence Fishburne (Perry White and then in Antman-Wasp) and I'm sure there's more.

  16. Sean K Author

    I don't know about anyone else but, Blue Marvel <=> Will Smith, period. It's sitting right there and the hero is an open book, so there are few limitations on what they could do with the character!!

  17. joel . joel belanger Author


  18. Alan Robson Author

    What a terrible list.

    So No2 is a DC actor and No1 is the hoff…

    I'd just like to take this moment to say I also won't be considered.

  19. Afgerak Author

    Will Smith was smart not to take on Superman, even if there existed a black superman in the comic. Likely fan would boo him to hell like they did with Halle Berry when she took on Cat Woman mantle.

  20. Andrew Miville Author

    Why bother showing an image of the person you're talking about, if you're gonna stand directly in front of it?! The content is the reason for the video, it should be front and center… not you.

  21. hydrolito Author

    Some saw Marvel movies and didn't know it, a woman I know enjoyed seeing the Fantastic Four but didn't know until after she saw it that it was based on a comic book.


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