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Top 10 Actors Marvel Will Never Hire – Part 4

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until the end of this video you can join in on the fun when I respond to some comments. Today I am doing a part 4 to a video that
you guys requested more of. This is my first time in Beyond The Screen
history that I’m doing a part 4 to a video series. It’s been a lot of fun talking about the
different actors that Marvel isn’t interested in working with so today I’m continuing
with our list of Top 10 Actors Marvel Will Never Hire. Let’s take a look at some more of the possibilities. 10) Starting off our list at number 10 is
Jennifer Garner. She’s had a very successful career but there’s
one movie that was a huge miss, Elektra, which came out back in 2005. It was a spin-off of the movie Daredevil which
was actually profitable, but this movie bombed at the box office, harder than anyone expected. Some people said that it killed the idea of
a female-led superhero movie similarly to 2004’s Catwoman movie. Garner, being the sweet soul that she is never
bad mouthed Marvel or said anything negative about her filming experience. It was her now ex-boyfriend Michael Vartan
that let the truth slip. Just a few weeks after the movie’s release,
he told US Weekly that she called him and said the movie was awful and she had to do
it because of her contract, which was signed before the release of Daredevil. Not only was the box office bomb a reason
to not hire her again, but she also got caught talking smack. 9) In at number 9 we have Christopher EK-IL-STON. The actor took on the lead villain, dark elf
Mal-i-kith in Thor:The Dark World. The role seems like it would be anyone’s
dream, but the actor has been very open about how much he hated working on the movie. He told BBC Radio 2 that he took on the role
for the money but soon regretted it. He went on to say, I quote, “Marvel was
dishonest to me. Because they never, ever let me know that
there’d be that amount of make-up”. The actor explained that his make-up process
was 7-8 hours a day which would begin at 4am. He said it would be a full day of work just
to get the makeup done. During an interview with Digital Spy he said
the only reason he took the role was for money, and to him, that wasn’t even worth it. 8) Sliding into number 8 we have Mary Kate
and Ashley Olsen. . I think they count as 1 because they go
hand-in-hand; the Olsen Twins is what gave them their acting career. They’ve had a very successful acting career
ever since they booked their first role on Full House when they were just infants. They continued to act, write books, create
a fashion line, and became millionaires by the time they were 18 years old. Their last movie together was New York Minute
back in 2004. Unfortunately, the movie didn’t impress
the media and received some harsh critics and reviews. Some said the movie sexualized the twins who
were only 17 years old while filming it. It received a 4 out of 10 star ratings, and
11% on rotten tomatoes. It didn’t do very well at the box office
either. Ashley has told People Magazine she’s lost
her passion for acting. The two were wanted for the spin-off of Full
House but Ashley said, I quote “ I have not been in front of a camera since I was
17, and I don’t feel comfortable acting”. There focus is now on Fashion as they run
a very successful career in the fashion world. Their little sister Elizabeth Olsen has stolen
the acting spotlight in the Marvel Franchise instead. 7) Taking the number 7 spot is Allan Cumming,
the actor who took on the role as Nightcrawler in X2: X-Men United. The movie is considered one of the best superhero
movies ever and one of its major highlights was Cumming’s performance. Unfortunately, he never reprised the role
and it was most likely because of his relationship with the director Bryan Singer. When he was asked about X-Men 3, he had no
problem admitting that he wasn’t upset that Singer wouldn’t be directing it. He went on to say that he didn’t enjoy working
with him on X2. Rumours began to spread that he would be making
a return in X-Men: Days of Future Past, but he later clarified that he was never contacted
about it and he wasn’t too happy about that. 6) At number 6 we have Kirsten Dunst; she’s
known for her role in a variety of movies but no one can forget her team up with Tobey
Mcguire in the Spiderman movies. It’s often said that there has been A LOT
of Spiderman movies made over the years, and apparently Dunst isn’t too thrilled about
it. She has no problem voicing her opinion that
nothing can top the films they made and that all their attempts are just money grabs. She says in an interview with Marie Claire,
and I quote, “We made the best ones, so who cares? I’m like; you can make all you want. They’re just milking that cow for money
it’s so obvious”. Sounds like someone is a little bitter. The new Spiderman, Tom Holland, responded
to her comments by saying “You know, she’s entitled to her own opinion and I’m not
one to judge at all. I definitely am not going this movie for the
money. I mean, it’s a job that I think anyone would
do regardless of what you’re getting paid”. Well said Tom. That’s why you’re in the MCU and Kirsten
won’t ever be welcomed back. 5) Half way through the list at number 5 we
have Jenna Elfman. The American actress wouldn’t not be hired
because of her lack of talent; she definitely has a successful career. The one thing holding her back though is her
strong connection to Scientology. Not only is she a member of the church but
she strongly advocates for it. In January 2005, she stated in a magazine
that, I quote, “I intend to make Scientology as accessible to as many people as I can”. She went on to say that it was her duty to
clear the planet, using Scientology methods. She also appeared at the ribbon cutting ceremony
at the opening of the Church of Scientology in Nashville in 2009. Just last year she did an interview with People,
talking about her 28 year relationship with Scientology. As we know, the religion faces a lot of criticism
in the industry. People have openly admitted they won’t work
with certain actors because they are tied to the controversial religion. Her response to the criticism is, “I think
that anything that works tends to get attacked”. She is clearly sticking to her faith, which
will probably continue to keep her out of the Marvel Universe. They don’t need or want controversy like
that. 4) Coming in at number 4 is Sally Field. She is a two-time Academy Award winner who
played Aunt May in both 2012’a The Amazing Spiderman and also the 2014 sequel. However, the actress has agreed with some
fans and critics that the reboots are pointless. She first said in an interview that these
movies wouldn’t usually be her sort of movie. She took a chance on the role but said she
found it very hard to find a three-dimensional character in the script she was given to work
with. She went even further during an interview
where she admitted she only did the movies as a favour to her friend, the producer Laura
Ziskin. Ouch. Looks like she won’t be doing any favours
for Marvel by sticking around then. 3) At number 3 we have Ellen Page, the actress
who took on the role of Kitty Pryde in the X-Men Franchise. Two directors from the franchise, Bryan Singer
and Brett Ratner, have made several allegations made against them for having improper conduct. One of Ratner’s most inappropriate moments
happened on the set of the third X-film. Ellen Page took the story to Facebook where
she says that the director outed her during a cast and crew meet and greet before they
began filming. She was only 18 years old at the time hadn’t
even come out as gay to herself yet. Infront of everyone, Ratner pointed to the
women standing next to her and said “You should Fuck her to make her realize she’s
gay”. She continued to say she was mentally abused
by producers because she refused to wear a Team Ratner t-shirt on set. She talks about her experience with filming
the franchise and it remembers it as a horrible time in the industry. We most likely won’t be seeing her now that
Marvel has taken over, and not because they don’t like her, but because she isn’t
interested based off her experience. 2) Alright guys, at number 2 we have Jim Carrey. The incredibly successful actor starred in
Kick-Ass 2 which was a movie based on a comic published by Marvel imprint Icon. The story was a violent action packed movie
just like the first one. However, Carrey made the decision to withdraw
his public support for the movie in the lead-up to its release after the Sandy Hook Elementary
school massacre in 2012. The actor said he has a passionate advocate
of gun control and couldn’t support the movie’s violence. Although some fans respected him for this
decision, John Romita Jr, the artist of the comics, saw things differently. He criticized Jim for cashing the large paycheck
he got from the movie before he jeopardized the earning potential of the crew and other
cast who worked hard on the film. He even went as far as saying that Carrey
should be ashamed of himself. I can respect Jim Carrey’s decision, and
knowing the violence in the Marvel movies we see today, he won’t be hired anytime
soon simply for that reason. 1) Taking our number 1 spot is Jamie Foxx. The actor is known for many things: acting,
singing , songwriting, being a comedian, and also a record producer. But one thing he’s also known for is sexually
assaulting women. The actor has the look, the success, and the
muscles to take on a role in the MCU, but his reputation would never allow it at this
point. The actor has been caught up in a variety
of different scandals, with allegations against him for sexual assault. In 2018, a woman came forward saying that
Jamie Foxx sexually assaulted her by slapping her with his penis back in 2002. She went on to say that the incident happened
at his home in Las Vegas when she and a friend were attending his party. She claims that Fox tried to get her to perform
oral sex by forcing himself upon her, and when she refused, he struck her in the face
with his Penis. His lawyer is now fighting the allegations
by saying hitting someone in the face with your penis isn’t considered sexual assault
in Nevada. Whether the allegation is true or not, the
actor who could’ve done well in the MCU especially with black actors now being so
involved, won’t even have the chance. Alright guys, there’s out part 4 list. Let me know in the comments down below what
you guys think and give this video a thumbs up if you liked it. Now let’s check out some comments from my
last video Top 10 Actors Hollywood Won’t Hire Anymore- Part 3. El Mustachio says: a good way to get blacklisted
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I’m your host Joce and I’ll see you next time.


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