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Top 10 Actors Marvel Will Never Hire

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Marvel Won’t Hire anymore. Exciting right? Let’s get started. 10) Starting off our list at the number 10
spot is Halle Berry. She’s a very successful actress who even
won an Oscar for her role in the move Monster’s Ball, but it seems she has struggled to regain
that fame ever since she played Storm in the X-Men movies. It’s clear the woman can act; we can’t
take that from her. But it all came crashing down when she took
on the lead role in Catwoman, which was loosely based off the DC female superhero. You would think this role could be the start
to her earning her spot in a superhero franchise, but instead, the movie was a complete flop. And when you’re playing Catwoman, in the
movie Catwoman, you really can’t blame anyone else. The movie was so bad it appeared on Roger
Ebert’s list of most hated films and her performance earned her a Razzie back in 2005. The movie got 9% on rotten tomatoes and it
didn’t even break even at the box office. The budget for the movie was $100 million
dollars, and it only made back 82.1 million dollars. She received a lot of negative critiques and
reviews for her performance but she had no problem dissing Warner Bros in her acceptance
speech for her Razzie. She thanked them for, and I quote, “for
putting me in a piece of shit god-awful move… it was just what my career needed”. I think it’s safe to say Marvel won’t
be in any rush to hire her for any of their superhero roles. 9) At number 9 we have Mickey Rourke; you
might know him as Whiplash, the villain from Marvel’s Iron Man 2. The movie was reviewed as decent but not as
good as the first film and Mickey was one to agree with that. He had no problem trashing both the movie
and Marvel Studios saying that he was disappointed with the final version of the movie. When he was interviewed by Seth Meyers, he
stated “I’m not a Marvel fan…. Once I did a movie for Marvel and they cut
the whole goddam thing out”. Apparently the real reason for his hatred
is because the creative team reduced his character in the film drastically. Mickey wanted to add layers to his character
but in the end, Marvel decided to simplify the villain, having him just be evil for the
sake of being evil. He went on to give a final statement saying
“If Marvel wants to make mindless comic book movies, then I don’t want to be a part
of that”. Yeah, that will definitely have you blacklisted
from Marvel Studios. 8) Swiping the number 8 spot is January Jones,
known for her role as Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class. While some fans praised her performance, critics
and also some of her co-stars, says she seduced the audience but left them feeling numb. Reviewers of the film said her delivery of
the character was “wooden”. Various actors who have worked with her also
went on to say that the actress is “rude” and “unapproachable”. The star’s bad reputation in the industry
has made various headlines; all confirming that she isn’t the easiest person to work
with. Some headlines have gone as far as labeling
her as a home-wrecker. An article by says the actress
has an inside joke with fellow X-Men alum James Marsden, teasing that he is the father
of her son. Fans and other co-stars don’t seem to get
the joke and aren’t too thrilled with her behavior. I’m sure with a reputation and performance
like this, Marvel won’t be knocking on her door anytime soon. 7) In the number 7 spot we have Wesley Snipes;
he has been one of the most in –demand action stars because of his incredible ability to
combine athletic and martial arts skills. However, his career started to lose steam
when Snipes began to claim that Hollywood had a race issue. He has had various run-ins with the law, to
a point of being arrested and sentenced to 3 years in prison for tax return conviction,
and has also had some unsuccessful movie roles. It wasn’t until his role in Blade that his
career jump-started again. It’s said that he earned the film $131 million
dollars worldwide, but his success went cold when Blade:Trinity was titled as the worst
film in the franchise. Snipe began to claim different encounters
with racism and disrespect while on set. His co-star Patton Oswalt called the film
“a very troubled production” saying that they had problems with Snipes behavior while
shooting. Apparently Snipes was demanding that the director
David Goyer quit. Ya…. Not the type of person you really want to
work with. Marvel has a lot of other options to go with
I think they are good. 6) At number 6 we have Jessica Chastain, who
made fans go crazy when she said no to joining the MCU back in 2012 for a role in the Iron
Man movie. However, it caused a ton of buzz when it was
announced that she would be joining Iron man 3 as a scientist. People were going crazy with excitement that
she would be making her way into the Iron Man franchise, but a lot of dreams were shattered
when Chastain spoke about it on Facebook. She wrote “sorry to say that Iron Man 3
isn’t going to work out. My schedule is jammed packed and I can’t
fit anything else in. The press announced my possible attachment
far too son. I know many of you wanted me to be involved,
and I’m so sorry to disappoint you”. It was a nice apology but also caused some
controversy for the actress. She did leave the door open for MCU and said
she hopes there will be another Marvel film for her in the future. It’s hard to believe that Marvel would want
to cast her after she pulled away from a role like that, especially because it had created
so much buzz already. 5) Half-way through the list at number 5 we
have Tobey Maguire, also known as the original Superman for my generation. He rose to stardom when the Spider-Man franchise
began and was very successful almost immediately. But the 3rd film is what stunted his chances
of reaching the top. After the 3rd movie came out, it received
a lot of negative critiques and reviews, some being for Tobey’s performance. It wasn’t ALL his fault though, the director
Sam Raimi said, I quote, “it’s a movie that just didn’t work very well. I tried to make it work, but I didn’t really
believe in all the characters, so that couldn’t be hidden from people who loved Spider-Man”. When the director admits that the movie was
bad…the movie was bad. During the 3rd movie Tobey found himself in
some trouble with the law regarding an illegal gambling issue. Turns out he was illegally gambling and won
$311 thousand dollars which he had no legal rights for. It was revealed that he also tried to gamble
when it came to his work. Apparently with Spider-Man 2, he was playing
hardball trying to get a better contract when it came to filming future sequels. Sony executives were aware and threatened
to replace him with Jake Gyllenhaal. Definitely not something you should use your
illegal gambling skills on, and I’m sure Marvel doesn’t have time for those kinds
of games. The franchise did a reboot and a new Spider-Man
was casted, for a reason, let’s be honest. 4) Sliding into the number 4 spot is Edward
Norton. A lot of Marvel fans are already aware of
his battle when it came to writing the script for The Incredible Hulk. The movie itself turned out okay, but the
filming process was apparently a chaotic mess. The actor originally turned down the role
as the angry green giant but later on accepted it on the assumption that any changes he made
to the original screenplay would be included in the final cut. However, he heavily re-edited it and it was
chaos trying to combine it with Zak Penn’s original writing. Although fans may have liked the movie, it’s
been reported that Marvel hates it. Okay maybe not HATE because that’s a strong
word… but they weren’t happy with it. This led them to replace Norton with Mark
ROUGH-ALO when it came time to film The Avengers. The studio even issued a statement regarding
the new casting announcement and said they preferred an actor, and I quote, “who embodies
the creative and collaborative spirit as our other talented cast members”. The director of The Incredible Hulk, Louis
Leterrier, told Entertainment Weekly that Marvel and Norton didn’t come to an agreement
where we could’ve all worked together. Well, at least they tried right? 3) Alright guys at number 3 we have Nicolas
Cage, a very successful actor even outside the MCU. It was his role in Ghost Rider that had fans
believing he would slay the role of the badass stunt motorcyclist Johnny Blaze. Did I just say slay? That was so basic. Anyways, the first film received a lot of
negative reviews and the second one earned Nicolas a Razzie nomination for Worst Actor,
while the film was nominated as Worst Remake. It’s safe to say there won’t be a third
movie, not just because it wasn’t a success, but because Cage doesn’t want to return
for it anyways. He admitted, and I quote, “I think the ship
has sailed with that one. At least with me involved”. Don’t worry, we think the ship has sailed
too, and it seems like Marvel agrees with us. They’ve moved on to bigger and better things,
no offence Nicolas Cage. 2) At number 2 we have Jessica Alba. She’s known for a number of different movie’s
but it was Fantastic Four: Ride of The Silver Surfer that she claims made her want to “stop
acting”. During an interview she was recalling her
time while working with Tim Story. She said he often questioned her performance
by asking things like “Can you be prettier when you cry?” and that was when Alba knew
she didn’t care about the industry anymore. The movie ended up getting a reputation of
being one of the worst rebooted franchises, only receiving a 37% on rotten tomatoes. Jessica Alba has actually put a hold on her
acting career as a hold and says that she really stopped acting when she was 27 years
old. She is now focusing on her family and the
business side of a career. The way she spoke about the director Tom Story,
I don’t think any director is too thrilled to work with her again, especially for another
Marvel movie. 1) Taking the number 1 spot on our list is
Terrence Howard. He is now known for the actor who’s role
as James “Rhodey” Rhodes was given to another actor, Don Cheadle. But it isn’t just that, it’s the reason
WHY the switch happened. Apparently Howard wasn’t pleased with the
suggested pay cut for starring in the Iron Man sequel. During an interview on Watch What Happens
Live, he called out his co-star Robert Downey Jr. for stealing his spotlight. He said, and I quote, “it turns out that
the person I helped become Iron Man….. when it was time to re-up for the second one, he
took the money that was supposed to go to me and pushed me out”. He also went on to say that Marvel Executives
said the sequel will be successful with or without him and offered to pay him one-eighth
of his original salary. Howard still remains bitter, but moved on
with his acting career. I think it’s best that Marvel just moves
on too. Alright guys, there’s our list of actors
that Marvel won’t hire anymore. Share all your thoughts and comments down
below and give the video a thumbs up so I know that you liked it. For now, let’s check out some comments from
my last video Top 10 Actors Who Ruined The Movie Role. Nic Oliver says: At 6:33 you see her outfit
changes then it goes back to the outfit she was wearing throughout the video – – oops. SUE ME! Scott Baltes says: I love this channel! Keep up the great work. Can I get a shout out in a future video please? – – yes you can. Here it is. Thanks Scott! Chad Falardeau says: The Catwoman movie should
never have been made period. The studio lied to people who were expecting
the Batman version, not that piece of excrement. – – tell us how you really feel….. Dajjal Shahid says: Leto is a good actor. But that wasn’t Joker, more like a joker
wannabe. Tattoos and grills?? C’mon now – – right? That’s what I was trying to say. Okay, we’ve reached the end here guys, that’s
all I got for you today. Don’t forget to subscribe before you go. I’m your host Joce, and I’ll see ya next


  1. Nick Nice21 Author

    what are you talking about with terrance howard , he didnt know he got fired till he was on a radio show , when a caller called in cause they just heard it , his agent back doored him trying to get more money than RDJ , he fired his then agent , tried to get his role back , if he went on any rant back then after everything i cant remember

  2. Elena Andersen Author

    Ahm did you guys forget that Jessica Chastain IS in a Marvel now as she didn't appear in IronMan 3 but she just played Vuk in Dark Phoenix?! So I guess "NEVER" isn't a word you should use unless you KNOW or just keep yourself updated. Ffs.

  3. Gregory Dark Author

    Nicolas Cage was hired again. He played Spider-Man Noir in Into the Spiderverse.
    Jessica Chastain had a legit excuse. There doesn't seem to be any damaged relationship. Actors have to deal with overlapping schedules all the time.

  4. Twiggy John-John Merle Emond Gettinby Author

    Terence Howard, For Me Is The Best War Machine And Should Come Back As War Machine. Have Don Cheadle Play Another Black Superhero. Don Cheadle Did A Good Job, But I Strongly Believe That If Terence Howard Had Of Stayed On As War Machine And Not Screwed Over Like He Was, Then The Iron Man Movies And The Avenger Movies Would Have Done Much Better.

  5. Twiggy John-John Merle Emond Gettinby Author

    And Wesley Snipes Made A Video Or Was Interviewed A Few Months Back, And He Said That There Is Only One Person To Play Blade And Whistler And That's Me Wesley Snipes And Kris Kristopherson Respectfully And Marvel Has Been In Talks With Wesley Snipes Ever Since

  6. James Walker Author

    Halle Berry, Catwoman is more an anti-hero. And Berry might have been good, but other than Monsters Ball, which was more memorable due to Ledger and Thornton, she might be able to act, but I don’t know about “she can “

  7. ThirstQuencher2 Author

    Hmm… ok couple of things. (1) Wesley Snipes needs to come back as Blade; for one he is the reason the MCU actually was brought to life on the big screen, and two Snipes rocked as Blade (though I iwill admit the 3rd movie was not as good as the first two). (2) I though Howard left due to being hard to work with, but if he left due to money, thats f***ed up, he was good as Rhodes in the 1st IM. (3) Berry sucked as Catwoman, we all can agree on that. But she rocked as Storm, call a spade a spade. And (4) Maguire should get another chance at Spider Man, he was pretty good in the first 2.

  8. Duke Dixon Author

    I'm was a bit shocked at the way the host talked condescendingly about Jessica Alba until I noticed how gleefully she enjoyed dissing everyone. Not cool.

  9. Savadious Savadious Author

    "… went on to offer him 1/8th of his original salary." – ok this one… lets see… One of the biggest Marvel movies – but they want to cut your pay by over 80%… yeah… cant really blame the Actor sometimes for walking away….

  10. Reginald Andrews Author

    And yet….Marvel (defunct Fox) Had Berry play Storm for about 4 films! Never cared for her (or Alexandra Shipp tho' she was slightly better) as Storm!!

  11. Matthew Smith Author

    Tobey Maguire got that raise he wanted for Spiderman 2, and they still used him in Spiderman 3. Yes they considered getting Jake, but obviously they didn't do it.

  12. Kenny Martinez Author

    Nicolas Cage was hired by them again. He's the voice of Spiderman Noir in Into the spider-verse. Also the fantastic four with Jessica Alba wasn't a reboot, the reboot was in 2015 with an all new cast. Which did much worse then the original 2 movies.

  13. Destination Random Author

    They should reboot ghost rider, nicholas cage was a very poor casting choice for johnny blaze, now we have doctor strange in the mcu and talks of morbius appearing soon and a new blade on the horizon they could do well with that set of character and revisit the days of marvel knights

  14. White Ranger Tiger Power Author

    I can think your beautiful but I can’t like break down your door if you’re scared lol I let you be yourself 😉

  15. President GoSoSof Author

    Wow! This Joseline…She's a drag, to say the least. I wonder if Marvel is considering casting a transgender in their up coming movie. If so, Ms. Bedard would be perfect!

  16. Ani Pancake Author

    You know something? You all wouldn't have a job if these "black listed" celebs didn't have obstacles. So why don't you make a thank you video after you throw their names in the mud. At least show some appreciation for the assumptions you make. They feed & clothe you indirectly.

  17. Adrastos O Author

    Tobi maguire is the real Spider-Man! Spider-Man 3 was not his fault what so ever!they recasted Spider-Man because they were rebooting the whole series which required a new Spider-Man. Plus they wanted a younger actor. Marvel would not have any problem with hiring him, which could happen if a live action Spider-Man multiverse movie were to happen……
    I don’t think marvel has anything against Wesley snipes, they just want a younger actor and Wesley has given this decision his approval.

    Also fantastic 4 rise of the silver surfer was a sequal not a reboot like the one we got later……

  18. Ani Blair Author

    That was a very sexist comment made to Jessica Alba and needs to be revisited by Marvel. I loved the Fantastic Four and can’t wait to see what happens next.

  19. Kenroy Kentish Author

    Yeah the dude who played Whiplash was right about that Marvel did have the worst supervillains in the past and later changed with Loki, Kilmonger And Thanos he's not wrong

  20. James Knight Author

    Hey, Toby Macguire is the man, but couldn't agree with James Marco…..anyone in Seth Rogen's psuedo Jewish pot-headed click is a one way ticket to garbage.

  21. Seijosske Author

    It really doesn't matter anyway because these super hero movies are getting younger actors to play the iconic roles now .so the older ones people know won't be playing much longer on marvel movies anyway. It was fun while it lasted though

  22. SilentBob420BMFJ Author

    Can we elaborate on Tobey's illegal gambling? How would he use that to get a new contract? I'm imagining him saying let's play poker for my contract.

  23. Dreadknight2099 Author

    The problem with the Fantastic Four movie wasn't Jessica Alba, it was Doctor Doom, the actor was fine but whoever wrote the script had no idea in hell how Doom talked or acted. At one part of the movie Doom actually says "this is Fun" and he should spoke in 3rd person

  24. Jaden Korr Author

    Why did Marvel give Terrence Howard such a drastic pay cut? 1/8 of his original fee seems unfair considering how successful the first one was.


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