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Top 10 Actors Who Almost Died on Set


  1. Quaashie G Author

    The passion of Christ actor Jim Caviezel almost died multiple time in the filming of the movie but you didn't mention it.

  2. whiwhimee Author

    Wow, the early commenters were big Jackie Chan fans. Maybe you WatchMojo should do another list. That one should include Uma Thurman who nearly died in a runaway VW for Kill Bill. Cheers!

  3. mikeyb byekim Author

    2:10 worst way/time/situation for people to misunderstand you ha. i can believe they didnt have certain hand signals or codes

  4. Shane Aycock Author

    I still think Depp doesn't deserve all the hate in the world. I mean, he nearly got trampled after falling off his steed! Poor Depp, no one on this list deserves to die in general. Especially him.

  5. Gary Robinson Author

    Jackie I like. But I.Fischer and Cruise, would the world have been a better place. No malice but money could have when to better cause(not sciencentogly, spell check plz).

  6. Holly actor Author

    10. Jackie Chan
    9. Jackie Chan
    8. Jackie Chan
    7. Jackie Chan
    6. Jackie Chan
    5. Jackie Chan
    4. Jackie Chan
    3. Jackie Chan
    2. Jackie Chan
    1. Jackie Chan

  7. Darin Dominic 2 Author

    The Fast And The Fury Trilogies should be #1 list because they had multiple almost deaths and only 1 actually died during the movie PAUL WALKER

  8. Jacques Dennis Hoebeb Author

    I think y they list Jackie Chang no10 is that u have to see his failures first cos he nearly died in fact in rank no1

  9. Anita Waris Author

    Are u kidding me!? Why is Jackie Chan on the 10th spot!? Have u seen the scene in the movie "Project A" where he landed on his neck and head!?.. Jackie Chan deserved all the ten places 😒😒

  10. Frosted Tipps Author

    You guys sound ridiculous, you dont want to show stunt doubles, cause they know what they are getting into, but you will show the big stars that want to do there own stunts. The big stars know what they are getting into too so what are u guys talking about. You mean you don't want to show the stunt doubles, cause they are not relevant and nobody cares about them, and people only care about famous people. Just be honest

  11. TheUltimateLemonGuy Author

    Jackie Chan's son died on set. There was a scene where je would get shot with a real gun that was supposed to be empty, only it was loaded and he actually got shot.

  12. Antonio Fernandes Author

    Eli Wallach in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. After his character Tuco, escapes the train and uses another passing train to cut the handcuffs, he almost gets decapitated by one of the carriage's access steps.

  13. Mortal Kombat Dude Author

    10:24 watchmojo: everyone’s favorite martial artist. Me: well my favorite martial artist is Bruce lee cause he kicked a guy through a wall in one movie.

  14. Cameron Holycross Author

    The Titanic scene when they're running from the water was stunt doubles with the faces cgi'd.
    You can totally tell in the blu-ray version.

  15. samantha cameron Author

    I was thinking Jim Cavezial (sp?) would have made it for The Passion of athe Christ. He was at death's door because of what his body had to endure everyday just to get the film made.

  16. Jesus Christ Author

    you put someone who cut his hand 8 ranks higher than Jackie Chan??? don't get me wrong I like Tom Hanks, but damn! you put Jackie in last place!!!?? are you guys doing your research. Unsubbing for incompetence


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