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Top 10 Actors Who Broke Type-Casting


  1. Emilio Manuel De Pedro Author

    Wow. If Paul Thomas Anderson gave Adam Sandler a Golden Globe nomination, imagine what Christopher Nolan, James Cameron, Martin Scorsese or Steven Spielberg would do.

  2. The Observer's Fulcrum Author

    Matthew McConaughey in True Detective Season 1 should definitely take a spot in there, his performance in that series was some of his best work as an actor

  3. Emilio Manuel De Pedro Author

    ¿You know who else should break typecasting? Paul Reubens. They always see him as Pee-Wee Herman. He should break that image by starring in a thriller film or something like that

  4. Chaz Fatur Author

    Jim Carrey's Number 23 & Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind are more true to his real persona. But he should have stayed with his outlandish comedies!

  5. rondy702 Author

    Jonah Hill…please, such a stretch! He kept his stupid mouth shut! I never understood that nomination until I found out that it was his Father with so much clout he got his little fat boy into movies!

  6. Andrew Davis Author

    I want someone to explain to me why Punch Drunk Love always gets a shout out but Reign Over Me NEVER does?? Especially when Reign Over Me is 100x better.

  7. Stephy The Bride Author

    What about Justin Long?He usually stars in horror and comedy movies.For once,and the only known time,he escaped the brutal world of horror and gave action a try in Live Free Or Die Hard.Usual type casting:socially awkward guy or drug dealer.

  8. Mrmtdew78 - Author

    I don't know if it would be breaking type cast but Denzel Washington's character in Training Day shocked me. But it was a great performance none the less

  9. Timothy Hansen Author

    I think Robin Williams' characters in both "Death to Smoochy" & "Insomnia' were FAR better than his role in "One Hour Photo," & that "Death to Smoochy" showed how adept Williams was at blending genres together.

  10. Zhao Liang Author

    How far off is the video on Jim Carey?

    By the time of number twenty three (2007): jim Carrey had a golden globe win in the “lead actor in a drama” catagory for the Truman show (1999).

    He also had BAFTA, SAG and golden globe nominations for eternal sunshine (2005).

    He had also already released the majestic and man in the moon (sort of a comedy but really a bio pic).

    He should have been nominated or won an Oscar for eternal sunshine it was that good a movie.

    Also if you haven’t seen them watch eternal sunshine, the Truman show and man on the moon. They are all really really good.

    Then watch earth girls are easy, which isn’t 🙂

  11. Megazone Music Author

    I am not the biggest Adam Sandler Fan.. **BUT** I saw
    ADAM SANDLER: Reign over me
    This was his most awesome dramatic role.. at least for me..


  12. jetfire1153red Author

    You mentioned Jim Carrey, another way broke from type-casting is that he made a career of playing good guys then he turned round and played the Ridler and Batman forever The uncle in a series of unfortunate events and is also going to be playing Dr. Robotnik in the up-and-coming live-action CG movie sonic. Who I don't need to tell you are all villains

  13. Emilio Manuel De Pedro Author

    What happened in Once Upon a Time in the West, was like seeing one of these guys killing a children in a film:
    -Tom Hanks
    -Morgan Freeman
    -Adam Sandler
    -Kevin James
    -Rob Schneider
    -Dana Carvey
    -Sandra Bullock
    -Jack Black
    -Michael Cera
    -Julia Roberts
    -Rick Moranis
    -Rowan Atkinson
    -Paul Reubens
    -Tobey Maguire
    -Meg Ryan
    -Macaulay Culkin
    -Mark Hamill
    -Daniel Radcliffe
    -Michael J. Fox
    -Drew Barrymore
    -Steve Carrell
    -Fran Drescher
    -Christopher Reeve
    -Jackie Chan
    -Burt Ward
    -William Shatner

    Imagine one of those guys killing a child. Wouldn't it be surprising?

  14. Cullen Begay Author

    How about jamie foxx, he was a funny comedy man in toys and the jamie foxx show but then he was in any given sunday 7 years later

  15. deadfred821 Author

    The number 23 came out in 2007…. so how did that break type casting when Cable Guy, Truman & Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind came out long before that

  16. Austin Suttle Author

    Not technically a type cast but Jordan Peele being universally know as a comedy guy and then coming out with seriously suspenseful movies like Get Out and Us. I think should definitely make the list if they redid it in 2019

  17. Mecca Mitchell Author

    Heath Ledger did that ! One of the best roles ever played, they can't find another Joker like him.

    2 Hour Photo wasn't good at all, Robin Williams played a better role

  18. urborg74 Author

    Can't believe Keanu didn't even get a nod for getting out from under the typecast he received from Bill and Ted. I still remember when The Matrix was coming out and people were all lambasting him, saying he could never play a serious role. Granted, Bill and Ted was a short stint, but he was iconic in that role so freeing himself from that was no small feat.

  19. Dr. Johnny Author

    I'm not a big Tom Hanks fan but yes he can play any role.
    As overrated as Forest Gump is, it wouldn't be nearly as good if someone else played the role.

    Now compare Forest Gump to the Green Mile and Road to Redemption. Pure gold imo

  20. Karl Smith Author

    "Even though he played the part of a guy who sang in the bleachers in some 90's movie"

    That movie's title was "10 things I hate about you"

    It's basically a modern day adaptation of "The Taming of The Shrew'

  21. stone1andonly Author

    Actually, Robin Williams had broken type with a dark character in the film Insomnia, released months prior to One Hour Photo in 2002. Also an excellent film, with Robin playing opposite Al Pacino – he portrays a writer suspected of murder in a remote town in Alaska.

  22. Sierra Ball Author

    So we're just gonna totally disregard that Adam Sandler was in the action movie "Bulletproof" in the 90s? That was out of his character way before Punch-Drunk Love, I'm just saying.

  23. Paula Hahn Author

    Bryan Cranston so deserves a place on your list much better than just Honorable Mention. He made the transition from nice guy to criminal to insanity not just brilliantly but he did it ON CAMERA so that the audience got to watch the unraveling of a soul as it happened. Nobody else on this list has done anything as close to brilliant acting as he did.

  24. Paula Hahn Author

    Also what about Hugh Laurie, who went from playing the fool on farcical British comedies like Blackadder, to one sick, twisted, tragic and and emotionally abusive bastard on House?

  25. Edwin J. Viera Author

    5:08 I'm sorry but 'some 90's comedy'! 10 Things I Hate About You was a good movie that has a special place in the world of teen rom-com movies.

  26. Voice of REASON Author

    I must say, Joe Pesci really is a a great talent, oh and ROBIN WILLIAMS of course! Oh, and as douchey as ol CRUISE is I must say, he is a great actor!


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