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Top 10 Actors Who Can Pull Off Foreign Accents


  1. Thomas Cariola Author

    When viggo says "i am driver". He is actually using his argentine accent. He spend most of his life here and his father stayed here

  2. Claudia Bailey Author

    Peter Sellers mastered and Indian accent are you serious its was awful and bad but that was how it should have been. And Robert D Junior as a black man was beyond bad

  3. agorgedslug Author

    I'm glad you didn't bring in Don Cheadle's appalling attempt at an English accent as seemed to be threatened in the opening flashes. Also, why would you not show an example of Day Lewis' In The Name Of The Father Irish accent?!

  4. Tracy Hicks Author

    Brad Pitt's Southern (US) accent is so horrible that I almost stopped watching Inglorious Basterds halfway through. (I loved the movie so much that I was forced to let it go). Nobody here talks like that!!! And, he's from Missouri or somewhere like that, so it's not even that foreign to him!

  5. StarSaber666 Author

    Sorry but to not reference Oldmans incredible performance in Hannibal with most people who aren't nerds not knowing it was Oldman playing Mason Verger

  6. Sakeena Nazir Author

    Can there be another video like this but with my Peaky Blinders actors Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy!? Theyre both amazinggggg
    thats all.

  7. Tree hugger Author

    Renee Zelwegger did an incredible British accent in Bridget Jones Diary. (Chiwetel Ejiofor in 12 yrs a slave Amazing American accent.

  8. Goran Galinec Author

    Scott Adkins should be at least honorable mention, an English actor who can pull off Irish, American and Russian accent. The first time I watched Undisputed 2 and 3 where he played Boyka I was sure he is Russian

  9. Ed Bet Author

    Hi like the channel…
    But min 3:17 American characters? Like The continent? Or Usa?
    If you said American like Usa/ United States of America
    then check this out…

  10. Bryson Burnette Author

    DiCaprio's accent in Gangs of New York was completely fine. His character was born in Ireland but spent years on the streets of New York. It's a good blend of both accents.

  11. Jared Wignall Author

    Gary Oldman deserves the top spot, but Christian Bale should be in the top 3. DiCaprio doesn’t change his accent a whole lot, since most of the roles he takes don’t require him to change his voice.

  12. Ryan McLaughlin Author

    "American" English without regional accent is the default sound of English.

    In fact people from England were speaking like Americans before they were speaking with "posh" British accents.

  13. Venkatesh Shanker Author

    Peter Sellers pulling off an Indian guy's accent made nostalgic about Indian Weddings where men tried to show off their English, even though they were pretty much shit!!

  14. MiTmite9 Author

    Gary Oldman as Sid Vicious. Wow. I love all of these actors. It was so fun to see Viggo and Daniel and Robert. I just wish the narration would take a back seat to the actors' lines, instead of all the blather. Less blather, more of the accents.

  15. Sgt Schultz Author

    Bill Nighy is another good one. His German accent in Valkyrie fantastic (as he was really the only cast member to use one *coughcough* Tom Cruise and Kenneth Branagh **coughcough**) and I mean, as bad as the plots of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3 are, Davey Jones was the best tragic villain in the Disney repertoire, and his Glasgow brogue was the cherry on top.

  16. Polly Morphic Author

    WAY too much narration followed by 5 second sound bites of the accents. They show the actor saying literally one line then the narration starts up again. So stupid


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