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Top 10 Actors Who Disappeared From Hollywood

What’s up Youtube, welcome back to top 10
beyond the screen, I’m your host Joce. If you’re looking for me beyond THIS screen,
you can find our social media pages down below. Also, make sure you hang out with me until
the end of this video where I’ll respond to some comments. On the surface, making it big in Hollywood
is a dream come true right? The fame, the fortune, and all the other benefits
that come with it. However, being a successful actor is still
a job that requires putting in a lot of time and energy. And believe it or not, there are some actors
out there that made the decision to ghost Hollywood and its limelight. Let’s check them out with today’s list
of Top 10 Actors Who Disappeared From Hollywood. 10. Starting off our list at number 10 is Cameron
Diaz. Have you ever wondered what happened to his
hilarious and beautiful actress? At one point in time she was showing up in
pretty much every movie that was brought to the big screen, but then out of nowhere, we
just stopped seeing her. I didn’t realize until recently that she
hasn’t actually starred in anything since 2014. That was her last big year in the industry
when we saw her star in The Other Woman, Sex Tape, and Annie- all in one year, and we haven’t
seen her since. Turns out, last year she started making jokes
that she’s retired and so did her friends and previous co-stars. In March 2018, her close friend Selma Blair
did an interview and said “I would have liked to do a sequel, but Cameron’s retired
from acting. She’s like, I’m done”. This had Hollywood, and fans, wondering why
the 45 year old actress chose to retire without telling anyone. Not that she owes anyone an explanation it
just would’ve been nice to have the heads up. In 2018 it was confirmed that she has retired
from acting and is now living a very low-key life. Since seeing her on the big screen, she has
tied the knot with Benji Madden and has been putting privacy above everything else. She turned her focus to wellness and has released
a few books now on health and aging. 9. At number 9 Chuck Norris; the actor has had
a widely successful career which is probably why it’s been weird to have him missing
from the acting industry. He has been a household name for nearly 50
years, but he recently made the decision to leave Hollywood without much of an explanation. Back in 2005, he turned his focus on his martial
arts experience and debuted the World Combat League in the hopes of giving young fighters
a chance to shine. He was still finding time to act, but he took
a long break between 2005-2012. We saw him make a return in The Expendables
2 back in 2012, and then 3 years later in 2015 when he was a voice on a TV series The
Goldbergs. Some fans believed he might have been making
his return to acting, but during the 10 years he only had 2 credits to his name, and we
haven’t seen him on screen ever since. 8. Next up at number 8 is Shelley Duvall, you
might remember her for her legendary performance as Wendy Torrance in The Shining. She established herself as one of the best
actresses of her time with her extraordinary performances. However, in 2012 she disappeared out of the
public eye and no one knew what the actress was going through in her personal life. It wasn’t until 2016 that we got an explanation
for her sudden disappearance. The actress appeared on the Dr.Phil show where
she revealed she had been struggling with mental illness over the years. In her interview, you can tell that she is
mentally unstable because she was discussing the fear of the Sheriff of Bottingham, which
is a fictional character in Robin Hood. Not only that, but she was also claiming that
the late Robin Williams is alive and shape shifting. She went on to explain that she has seen him
before and that he looks good in some forms and other forms he doesn’t. Once the interview was released, Dr Phil was
heavily criticized for airing the interview which was deemed as exploitative of her mental
illness. The interview is very hard to watch because
you can see that the actress is really struggling. 7. Sliding into our number 7 spot is Jack Gleeson. The young actor played Joffrey in HBO’s
Game of Thrones. His character was one of the most hated characters
in television history for being so vile and repulsive. He played the character from 2011-2014 but
after the boy was killed off the show, Gleeson decided he wanted to step away from acting. The actor was always the first one to say
that he is nothing like his character, and left the business saying he didn’t enjoy
it as much as he used to. He was in the prime of his career but went
on to tell interviewers that he didn’t want to be in the spotlight and wanted to go back
to school. He decided to enroll himself at the Trinity
College in Dublin to study philosophy and theology. During an interview he said, I quote, “I
hate celebrity culture”. So, he returned back home to go to school
and is also part of his Dublin-based theatre company called Collapsing Horse. 6. In at number is Ariana Richards; the child
actor rose to fame with her role in the original Jurassic Park movie in 1993. She continued to pursue acting and even reprised
her role in 1997 for The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Between 1998-2013 she seemed to have taken
a break from acting as we didn’t see her taking on any new roles. Back in 2013, she showed up in a TV movie
called Battledogs which led people to believe she might be making her way back into Hollywood. But, she actually left the world of Hollywood
behind and we haven’t seen her on a screen ever since. Turns out, the actress is now a painter and
a very successful one at that. Her artwork is famously known because she
does life-like portraits where people can order them as special gifts. *insert images* I’m not going to lie I think
it’s a little refreshing for a young woman to leave Hollywood and still pursue a different
form of art, and be successful out of it. She is only 39 years old, so she still has
plenty of time to make her way back if she really wanted to. 5. Half way through the list at number 5 is Jack
Nicholson. This man is titled a legend when it comes
to acting, which is probably why it’s no surprise that he can do whatever he pleases
to do. Stepping away from the limelight was one of
his decisions that left people wondering why he just upped and left. Back when he was doing an interview with The
Sun, the actor opened up and said: I’m not going to work until the day I die, that’s
not why I started this. I mean, I’m not driven. I WAS driven – but I’m not. I don’t have to be out there anymore. In fact, there’s a part of me that never
really liked being out there. Well, I guess it’s as simple as that. We haven’t seen him acting since 2010 when
he took on the role as Charles in How Do You Know. Last year, in 2018, it was rumoured that he
would be coming out of retirement to star in the American remake of Toni Erdmann. Nothing has been confirmed. 4. Taking the number 4 spot is Jonathan Taylor
Thomas, also known as JTT, or the son of Tim Allen on the hit TV show Home Improvement. When the young actor left the show, pre-teen
hearts were shattered all around the world. At just 16 years old, the actor decided he
wanted to leave the popular television show in order to live a more normal life. Many people didn’t understand his choice,
but he says it was just something he had to do. When speaking on it back in 2013 he said:
I’d been going nonstop since I was 8 years old. I wanted to go to school, to ravel and have
a bit of a break. An education is a more surefire guarantee
that you have possibilities opened to you. JTT went to Harvard University and studies
philosophy and history, and finished his degree at Columbia University. When he left Home Improvement, he didn’t
completely disappear from Hollywood. He could be found in a few movies, doing voiceover
work, and made some guest appearances on TV shows. He couldn’t be found between the years 2006-2013,
as he declined being a part of the Home Improvement Finale. Which is why fans went crazy when he appeared
on Tim Allen’s show Last Man Standing in 2013-2015 But, his appearance was short lived
and we haven’t seen him back since. 3. Alright guys, at number 3 is Lalaine, who
you might know as Hilary Duff’s BFF in the Disney series Lizzie McGuire. The show skyrocketed the whole cast into fame
and it appeared like the world was at their fingertips. However, not long after the show stopped airing,
Lalaine completely vanished from the public eye. She didn’t even appear in the big screen
release of The Lizzie McGuire Movie, which fans were super bummed about. She did an interview with Huffington Post
where she refers to the years after Disney Channel as dark. She claims she went nuts and made bad decisions,
one of them which had her get arrested for the felony possession of crystal meth in 2008. Things got even worse for the young starlet
as she was a no-show for her court date appearance. That’s when the judge issued a $50,000 bench
warrant for her arrest. Last we heard about the case was that she
enrolled in the Asian American Drug Abuse Program. Her IMDB shows that every few years she booked
a some smaller project, but her record remains with a serious felony charge that she can’t
undo. 2. Here we are at number 2 with Rick Moranis. The actor was adored for his role as Wayne
Szalinski in Honey, I shrunk the kids. The actor’s career was a massive success,
appearing in things like The Flinstones, Brother Bear, and Gravedale High. In the 80’s and early 90’s, he was one
of the hottest comedy actors around. Unfortunately, in 1997 his wife at the time
passed away after a battle with breast cancer. The actor says he realized it was too difficult
to make movies and raise his two children without his wife. He decided to walk away from the spotlight
and focused on being a single dad; he didn’t appear in anything from 1997-2001. He then continued to do some smaller voiceover
work for the next 17 years; he was pretty much off of Hollywood’s radar. In 2018 his voice was heard in an episode
on the TV series The Goldbergs, but that’s it. The actor has opened up about it and said
he meant for it to be a short break at first, but during his break he realized he didn’t
miss the industry. He enjoyed his time off and enjoyed being
a dad. 1. Taking our number 1 spot is Amanda Bynes. The Nickelodeon star was once in the prime
of her career. She had a successful career which began in
1998 and went all the way until 2010. Through different TV shows and movies, she
had a huge fan base to support her as an actress, me being one of them. But the last movie we saw her in was Easy
A, all the way back in 2010. After that, her career came to complete halt
and no one knew why. It wasn’t until she began making headlines
and not for good reason. In 2012 she was arrested for driving drunk
and hitting the side of a cop car. Luckily no one was hurt, only minor paint
damage was done to both vehicles. After that, fans started seeing Amanda get
a little out of control. She began tweeting inappropriate comments
about other stars and even called president Barack Obama and his wife, ugly. She also pulled a Britney Spears and shaved
half of her head, and then filled both her cheeks with dermal piercings. She started walking the Hollywood streets
in crazy colored wigs, trying to hide her face from the camera. In May of 2013, she was once again arrested
but this time for possession of marijuana and reckless endangerment after she threw
a bong out of her Manhattan apartment window. Just two months later, Bynes was placed under
involuntarily psychiatric hold after she started a fire on a stranger’s driveway. It was made clear that the actress was suffering
from some mental issues. In 2018 she came back to do an interview where
she opened up about her past and she said she hopes to return to the acting industry. I’m hoping too girl; she was one of my favourites
when I was a kid. Alright guys, there’s our list for today. Give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and
also let me know what you think down in the comments below. For now, let’s check out some comments from
some other videos. Joelyn B says: I just love your intro! Classic movies – – aww I’m glad you like
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MCU. Maybe as one of the villains? I don’t know. Paul O’Dell says: sounds like the studio
system is truly back. Is this script written by Marvel PR? – – nope, just me. But I mean if Marvel wants to hire me as their
PR I’m cool with that. Bored metalhead says: Why is the intro 5 times
louder than her? – – I just thought you guys would like to
hear the nice intro song better before you have to listen to my cringy voice for 10 minutes. On that note, I’m getting out of here. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow us
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  8. Andreaes1 Author

    I think fans are some of the reason's people quit acting. Many don't know that who a person is on a show is NOT WHO THEY ARE IN REAL LIFE. Because of this many actors and actresses are taunted, hated against, and worse because morons don't know the difference. One of my favorite actors left the business because of this when he was in the prime of his career. Two more of his co-stars also suffered from interenet trolling, and bullying of these fans as well. They were so cruel to him he literally wiped his online presence from the internet all together. Because they were still trolling him literally Five years after the series ended. Talk about FANTATIC!!!

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    I don't blame alot of them for leaving Hollyweird. Let them be. So what they wanted to go on & do other things. Good for them . Getting an education is Important. So is being a single parent. That takes alot of hard work. I applaud their decisions to leave tinsel town. Hollywood isn't what it used to be

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